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The Best Southern Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Southern food is one of the most beloved regional cuisines. Many Southern fast food chains in the US combine ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques from different cultures and includes sub-genres like barbecue, soul food, Cajun, and Tex-Mex food.

These restaurant chains are quick, convenient, inexpensive, and, best of all, capture the diversity and delicious flavors of Southern cuisine.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Southern fast food chains in America.

If you’re in a hurry but are still looking for a delicious Southern meal, these fast food chains are sure to please!

21. KFC

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is the second-largest fast food chain in the world and one of the most popular fried chicken restaurant chains.

There are nearly 4,000 KFC locations in all 50 states, plus many more internationally.

The first KFC location was opened in 1930 by Harland Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky.

Sanders, who would later be dubbed “Colonel Sanders,” developed the original KFC fried chicken recipe, which incorporates a modified pressure fryer and eleven secret herbs and spices.

Various celebrities played a fictionalized version of Colonel Sanders in KFC’s commercials, including Rob Lowe, Ray Liotta, Reba McEntire, and Mario Lopez.

One of the most popular items on KFC’s menu is the bucket, a bucket full of fried chicken served with your choice of sides.

Each piece of fried chicken at KFC is carefully inspected, rolled seven times in KFC’s Eleven Herbs and Spices, and pressure cooked at a low temperature for the highest quality result.

In addition to perfectly seasoned fried chicken, you’ll be able to choose from an array of sides, including fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese, biscuits, coleslaw, and corn.

KFC also serves its own version of the iconic Chicken Sandwich, which can be prepared as classic or spicy.

Each sandwich is made of an extra crispy chicken filet, pickles, and mayonnaise served between halves of a brioche-style bun.

20. Jack’s

Jack’s is an Alabama-based fast food chain specializing in burgers, fried chicken, and fries.

There are over 200 Jack’s locations in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The first Jack’s location was opened in 1960 in Homewood, Alabama.

In the beginning, Jack’s sold sodas for 10 cents, fries for 15 cents, and milkshakes for 20 cents.

The Jack’s slogan is “All About the South,” and the restaurant dedicates itself to epitomizing the ideals of Southern hospitality.

The Jack’s menu features a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and fried chicken items.

One of the most popular burgers at Jack’s is the Big Bacon, an extravagant burger made with two juicy all-beef patties, two slices of crispy bacon, American cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, and mayonnaise, all served in a toasted homestyle bun.

If you’re not a big burger person, you might want to try Jack’s Fried Chicken Dinner, which comes with two or three pieces of hand-battered, breaded fried chicken, a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit, and your choice of two Southern sides.

Jack’s Southern sides include mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, fries, green beans, and coleslaw.

19. Burger Street

Burger Street is a Texas-based fast food chain famous for its hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.

There are 18 Burger Street locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

The first Burger Street location was opened by restaurant entrepreneur Bill Waugh in Lewisville, Texas, in 1985.

Before Bill Waugh founded Burger Street, he founded the Taco Bueno fast food chain in 1967.

One of the most popular burgers from Burger Street is the Double Double Cheeseburger, made with two beef patties, American cheese, pickles, tomato, red onion, and lettuce on a hamburger bun.

Another popular menu item from Burger Street is their chicken strips, which come with a side of honey mustard or gravy.

Burger Street also offers a variety of delicious sides, including curly fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, and onion rings.

18. Golden Chick

Golden Chick is a Texas-based fried chicken restaurant chain specializing in chicken strips.

There are over 30 Golden Chick locations, most of which are in Texas, two in Oklahoma, and one in Louisiana.

The first Golden Chick location was opened by Howard and Jacque Walker in San Marcos, Texas, in 1967.

In the beginning, Golden Chick charged 49 cents for two pieces of Golden Fried Chicken and a biscuit.

In 1985, Golden Chick introduced their marinated, hand-battered Original Golden Tenders to the menu, quickly becoming their most popular menu item.

One of the best Golden Chick menu items is their Golden Combos, which allows you to order Golden Tenders, Golden Fried Chicken, Golden Roast Chicken, or Southern Fried Catfish, plus your choice of a side, yeast roll, and drink.

In addition, you’ll get to choose a side of dipping sauce, like Golden Chick’s signature Homemade Lotta Zing Sauce, BBQ, Homemade Honey Mustard, or Buttermilk Ranch.

Finally, Golden Chick’s Southern-inspired sides include mashed potatoes, fries, green beans, dirty rice, mac and cheese, coleslaw, fried okra, and lettuce salad.

17. Krystal

Krystal is a Southern fast food chain specializing in hamburger sliders.

There are over 300 Krystal locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

The first Krystal location was opened by Rody Davenport Jr. and J. Glenn Sherrill in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932.

In 1954, Krystal made national news when Elvis Presley and radio DJ “Daddy-O” Dewey Phillips ordered 100 sliders from Krystal during Elvis’ first radio broadcast.

In 2021, Krystal sold its whopping 10 billionth slider!

The menu at Krystal revolves around Krystals, hamburger sliders, and Chiks, fried chicken sliders.

The most popular hamburger slider at Krystal is the Original Krystal, made with a mini beef patty, diced onions, dill pickles, and mustard in a mini steamed bun.

Krystal’s most popular chicken sandwich slider is the Chik, made with a mini lightly battered, fried, all-white whole breast chicken fillet, mayonnaise, and a dill pickle in a steamed bun.

Krystal also offers a variety of combo meals, which allow you to combine multiple of your favorite sliders with drinks and sides.

16. Cook Out

Cook Out is a Southern fast food chain specializing in barbecues, burgers, hot dogs, and shakes.

There are over 300 Cook Out locations in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The first Cook Out location was opened in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1989.

In 1999, Cook Out established its Cook Out Meat Commissary, allowing each restaurant to receive freshly ground meat each morning, ensuring peak quality.

The Cook Out menu features a variety of char-grilled hamburgers, barbecued meats, hot dogs, and chicken items.

One of the most popular menu items at Cook Out is their Cook Out Trays, a combo meal that allows you to combine an entree with two sides and a drink.

The Cook Out Tray entrees include burgers, hot dogs, chicken or beef quesadillas, Cajun chicken sandwiches, spicy chicken sandwiches, BBQ char-grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, and barbecue sandwiches.

The Cook Out Tray sides include white cheddar cheese bites, chicken nuggets, fries, hush puppies, onion rings, slaw, and chili.

Finally, Cook Out serves over three dozen unique flavors of milkshakes!

15. Popeyes

Popeyes is one of the largest and most popular fried chicken restaurant chains in the United States.

There are almost 3,500 Popeyes locations in 46 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

The first Popeyes location was opened in 1972 by Al Copeland, Sr., in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Surprisingly, Popeyes was actually not named after the popular cartoon character “Popeye the Sailor,” but rather after a character from the movie The French Connection named Detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle.

The Popeyes menu revolves around fried chicken, including classic bone-in fried chicken, chicken tenders, and chicken sandwiches.

Popeyes’ most iconic menu item is its Signature Chicken, which can be ordered as a two-piece meal, three-piece meal, four-piece meal, eight-piece meal, ten-piece meal, twelve-piece meal, and even a gigantic sixteen-piece meal!

You can customize your Signature Chicken meal to have white meat (breast and wing) or dark meat (leg and thigh), as well as to be spicy or mild.

As part of your meal, you can also choose from Popeyes’ delicious Southern-inspired sides, including Cajun fries, red beans and rice, mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, coleslaw, and mac and cheese.

Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is also one of its most famous menu items.

A few years ago, the sandwich went viral for its generous size, affordable price, and arguably, for being the best fast food chicken sandwich in the US.

Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich also comes in mild and spicy versions, both of which are served in a pillowy bun, spread with spicy mayo sauce, and layered with pickles.

14. Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana is a Texas-based Mexican fast food restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine.

There are almost 150 Taco Cabana locations in the United States, most of which are in Texas.

Many of Taco Cabana’s locations are recognizable by their vibrant, hot pink color scheme.

The first Taco Cabana location was opened by Felix and Mike Stehling in San Antonio, Texas, in 1978.

Taco Cabana restaurants have become beloved in Texas for their convenient drive-thru windows, open-display cooking, open-air patios, and of course, their classic, high-quality Tex-Mex menu items.

The Taco Cabana menu contains various Tex-Mex foods, including burritos, bowls, chalupas, enchiladas, flautas, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas.

Some of the best menu items at Taco Cabana are their Cabana Combos, which allow you to combine your favorite entree with chips and queso and a drink of your choice.

The entrees available in Cabana Combos include their shredded chicken tacos, steak fajita tacos, Beyond Meat tacos, and ground beef burritos.

Finally, Taco Cabana also offers nearly a dozen frozen margaritas, including lime, strawberry, and mango.

13. Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is another highly popular Southern fried chicken fast food chain.

There are nearly 900 Church’s Chicken locations in 26 states, plus Washington DC.

The first Church’s Chicken location was opened in 1952 by George W. Church in San Antonio, Texas, across from the infamous historical location, The Alamo.

This first restaurant was so tiny that it didn’t even offer in-restaurant seating, just a walk-up window where customers could order chicken.

At the very beginning, Church’s Chicken charged only 49 cents for two pieces of fried chicken and a roll.

Then, in 1955, Church’s Chicken began selling fries and fried jalapenos in addition to fried chicken.

Nowadays, the Church’s Chicken menu specializes in various kinds of fried chicken, including bone-in fried chicken, chicken tenders, and chicken sandwiches.

One of the most popular menu items at Church’s Chicken is the two-piece mixed combo, which comes with two pieces of bone-in fried chicken, either spicy or original, your choice of a regular side, and a made-from-scratch honey butter biscuit.

Another popular menu item from Church’s Chicken is the chicken sandwich combo, which comes with a hand-battered chicken filet, mayo, and pickles on a honey butter-brushed brioche bun, plus a regular side and drink.

The delicious Southern sides at Church’s Chicken include jalapeno cheese bombers, corn, fries, baked mac & cheese, fried okra, jalapeno peppers, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes.

12. Dat Dog

Dat Dog is a New Orleans-based fast food chain specializing in hot dogs.

There are three Dat Dog locations, all of which are within New Orleans, Louisiana.

The first Dat Dog location was a 475-square-foot hot dog stand that opened in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2011.

The restaurant quickly grew to serve a variety of gourmet sausages and hot dogs, award-winning fries, and premium beers and spirits.

The menu at Dat Dog revolves around extravagant, high-quality sausages and hot dogs served with a variety of toppings.

One of the unique menu items at Dat Dog is the Crawfish Special, made with crawfish sausage, crawfish etouffee, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, and Creole mustard.

If you’re just looking for a classic, no-frills hot dog, Dat Dog also offers the Basic Beefy, made with a Vienna all-beef frank, ketchup, and yellow mustard.

Finally, you can also build your own custom hot dog, choosing from different sausages, like Vienna all-beef, Polish kielbasa, smoked bratwurst, Italian sausage, alligator sausage, crawfish sausage, and duck sausage.

You can add toppings to your custom hot dog, including andouille sauce, bacon, chili, cheddar cheese, dill relish, grilled onions, guacamole, and sauerkraut.

11. Milo’s Hamburgers

Milo’s Hamburgers is an Alabama-based fast food chain famous for its burgers and sweet tea.

There are over 20 Milo’s Hamburgers locations, all of which are in Alabama.

The first Milo’s Hamburgers location was opened by former US Army mess cook Milo Carlton in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1946.

Milo’s Hamburgers is famous for its secret hamburger sauce.

During the restaurant’s first years, Milo Carlton was constantly testing and tweaking the recipe and asking customers for feedback.

The Milo’s Hamburgers menu features a variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches.

One of the most popular burgers on the Milo’s menu is the original cheeseburger, made with a 100% ground beef patty, cheese, onions, pickles, and Milo’s sauce on a grilled bun.

If you’re extra hungry, try one of Milo’s thick-style burgers, which are made with an extra-thick, 5.5 oz. 100% ground beef patty.

The traditional thick-style burger also comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Finally, you’ll definitely want to try Milo’s famous sweet tea, brewed fresh every day.

10. Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno is a Texas-based fast food chain specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine.

There are almost 150 Taco Bueno locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The first Taco Bueno location opened in 1967 in Abilene, Texas.

Taco Bueno dedicates itself to preparing authentic recipes made from fresh, never processed, or frozen ingredients.

Taco Bueno’s menu offers a variety of Tex-Mex classics, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and salads.

One of the most popular and unique menu items from Taco Bueno is the Muchaco, a taco made with pita bread instead of a traditional tortilla or taco shell.

Then, the Muchaco is filled with your choice of all-white meat chicken or seasoned ground beef, slow-cooked refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes.

Another popular Taco Bueno menu item is their Big Freak’n Burrito.

It’s a gigantic burrito made from a fresh flour tortilla, your choice of seasoned ground beef, fajita steak, or all-white meat chicken, spicy chili sauce, grated cheddar and pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and sour cream.

9. Tudor’s Biscuit World

Tudor’s Biscuit World is a West Virginia-based fast food chain specializing in biscuit sandwiches.

Most of the 70+ Tudor’s Biscuit World locations are in West Virginia, although a select few are in Ohio and Kentucky.

Tudor’s Biscuit World was founded in 1975 by husband and wife duo William and Mae Tudor, who claim to have invented the biscuit sandwich.

The Tudor’s Biscuit World menu primarily features a variety of delicious biscuit sandwiches, although they also offer other breakfast platters, non-biscuit sandwiches, and dinner platters.

There are nearly 20 different kinds of biscuit sandwiches offered at Tudor’s Biscuit World.

One of the most popular is the Duke, a hearty, filling biscuit sandwich made with bacon, potato, egg, and cheese.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, try the Apple Biscuit, a biscuit sandwich filled with fried apples.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more substantial breakfast, try the Country Breakfast, a platter made with two eggs, apples or potatoes, bacon or sausage, and a fresh-baked buttermilk biscuit!

8. Waffle House

Waffle House is one of the most popular breakfast restaurant chains in the United States and a Southern culinary icon.

There are over 2,500 Waffle House locations in 25 states, mostly in the southern half of the United States.

The first Waffle House location was opened by Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner in Avondale Estates, Georgia, in 1955.

The first Waffle House location is now home to the Waffle House Museum, full of Waffle House memorabilia from the past 70+ years.

Waffle House specializes in waffles and offers four delicious waffle flavors: plain, pecan, chocolate chip, and peanut butter chip.

If you’re looking for something a little more savory, another classic Waffle House menu item is their hashbrowns.

Waffle House has its own special lingo to describe how its hashbrowns can be prepared.

These include smothered (with onions), covered (with cheese), chunked (with ham), diced (with grilled tomatoes), peppered (with jalapenos), capped (with mushrooms), topped (with chili), or country (with sausage gravy).

Another of Waffle House’s largest and most popular menu items is the All-Star Special.

This enormous breakfast platter consists of your choice of waffle, bacon, sausage, ham, eggs done any way, toast, grits, hash browns, or sliced tomatoes.

7. Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits

Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits is a Southern, Cajun-inspired fast food chain specializing in Cajun fried chicken.

There are almost 800 Bojangles locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The first Bojangles location was opened by Jack Fulk, Sr., in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977.

Even now, North Carolina still has the most Bojangles locations. Nearly half of all Bojangles restaurants are in North Carolina.

The Bojangles menu revolves around Cajun-style fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and Southern-inspired sides.

One of Bojangles’s most popular menu items is the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit, made from a fried chicken breast marinated in a unique combination of Cajun seasonings, sandwiched between halves of a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit.

For a more substantial meal, try Bojangles’ Signature Bone-In Chicken Meal, which comes in Two-Piece Leg and Thigh, Three-Piece Leg and Two Thighs, Two-Piece Breast and Wing, and Three Wing versions.

With each Signature Bone-In Chicken Meal, you’ll also get a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit and your choice of two sides, including seasoned fries, Bo-Tato Rounds (like mini hash browns), dirty rice, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, Cajun Pintos, cole slaw, and green beans.

6. Whataburger

Whataburger is a Texas-based fast food chain specializing in, of course, burgers.

There are over 900 Whataburger locations, most of which are in Texas.

The others are in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

The first Whataburger location was opened by Harmon Dobson in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950.

Whataburger’s hamburgers were substantially larger than any other local restaurant. In fact, they were so large that customers had to hold them with two hands!

Dobson hoped that when customers took their first bite of his gigantic, high-quality hamburgers, they would be so delighted that they’d exclaim, “What a burger!”

To this day, Whataburger’s menu still revolves around its signature burgers.

Whataburger’s signature burger is called the Whataburger. It’s made with a large beef patty, tomato, lettuce, pickles, diced onions, and mustard on a large bun.

Whataburger also serves different variations on the classic Whataburger, including the Jalapeno and Cheese Whataburger, the Bacon and Cheese Whataburger, and the Avocado and Bacon Burger.

All burgers at Whataburger can be upgraded to Whatameals, including a side of fries and a drink.

5. Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is a Southern fast food chain famous for its chicken wings, chicken tenders, and chicken sandwiches.

There are over 900 Zaxby’s restaurants, all located in the Southeastern United States.

The first Zaxby’s location was opened by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley in Statesboro, Georgia, in 1990.

From the start, Zaxby’s has been famous for its fried chicken and signature dipping sauce, the Zax Sauce.

One of the most popular items on the Zaxby’s menu is their Signature Sandwich, made with a double hand-breaded white meat chicken breast fillet, pickle chips, and Zax Sauce, all on a potato bun.

Another of Zaxby’s signature menu items is their chicken fingerz, which are hand-breaded on the outside and tender on the inside.

You can order Zaxby’s chicken fingerz classic or Buffalo-style.

Zaxby’s Buffalo Chicken Fingerz can be tossed in the following sauces: Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Nuclear, Insane, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet and Spicy, Teriyaki, Barbecue, or Buffalo Garlic Blaze.

Finally, Zaxby’s is famous for its Zax Sauce, designed specifically to pair with their chicken fingerz.

In addition to the regular Zax Sauce, there’s also a spicy version for those looking for a little extra kick!

4. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a Georgia-based casual dining restaurant chain famous for its stone-baked pizza, salad, and wings.

There are over 200 Mellow Mushroom locations in the United States.

The first Mellow Mushroom location opened in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1974.

All Mellow Mushroom’s pizzas are made with their signature Mellow dough, which is made from unbleached wheat flour, Appalachian spring water, and no refined white sugar.

The Mellow Mushroom menu offers eleven signature stone-baked pizzas, many of which are vegetarian or gluten-free.

Mellow Mushroom’s signature stone-baked pizza is the House Special, topped with Mellow red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham, applewood smoked bacon, mushrooms, black olives, Roma tomatoes, green peppers, and onions.

If you’re a vegetarian, you might want to try the Veg Out, which is topped with Mellow red sauce, mozzarella, spinach, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, sweet onions, black olives, and Roma tomatoes.

The Veg Out pizza can even be prepared vegan, in which case the mozzarella cheese will be replaced with dairy-free Follow Your Heart vegan cheese.

3. Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is a fast food chain famous for its chicken fingers.

There are over 550 Raising Cane’s locations in 31 states.

The first Raising Cane’s location was opened by Todd Graves in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1996.

The restaurant is named after Graves’ pet yellow labrador, Raising Cane, who was the first official mascot.

Since Raising Cane I passed away in 1998, two other yellow labs, Raising Cane II and III have taken his place as the official Raising Cane’s mascot.

Raising Cane’s has always had a limited menu, serving only chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches, fries, Texas Toast, coleslaw, and drinks.

One of the most popular menu items at Raising Cane’s is The Three Finger Combo, which comes with three hand-breaded chicken fingers, a side of crinkle-cut fries, one serving of Cane’s Sauce, one slice of Texas Toast, and a fountain drink or sweet tea.

Another popular order is The Sandwich Combo, which comes with three chicken fingers, Cane’s Sauce, and lettuce, served within a toasted bun along with a side of crinkle-cut fries and a fountain drink or sweet tea.

Finally, Raising Cane’s signature dipping sauce, Cane’s Sauce, is a beloved part of their brand.

However, the recipe is top secret — only general managers at Raising Cane’s have access to it, and they’re sworn to secrecy when they get hired.

2. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is one of the largest and most popular fried chicken fast food chains in the United States.

There are nearly 3,000 Chick-fil-A locations in 47 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

The first Chick-fil-A location was opened by S. Truett Cathy in Hapeville, Georgia, in 1946.

Chick-fil-A’s iconic “EAT MOR CHIKIN” billboards, which feature mischievous cows imploring customers to eat more chicken, have been around since 1995.

The Chick-fil-A menu revolves around different kinds of chicken, including chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and chicken strips.

One of the most popular menu items at Chick-fil-A is the iconic chicken sandwich.

It’s made with a boneless, seasoned, battered, fried chicken breast and dill pickle chips on a white buttered bun.

You can also order a spicy version of the Chicken Sandwich or spring for the Deluxe version, which additionally comes with lettuce, tomato, and American cheese.

Another fan-favorite Chick-fil-A menu item is their chicken nuggets, chunks of boneless chicken breast seasoned, battered, and fried in 100% peanut oil.

For a healthier option, you might want to try the grilled nuggets, which are bite-sized pieces of boneless, marinated chicken breast grilled to juicy perfection with a slightly smoky taste.

Chick-fil-A’s dipping sauces are also a major part of the restaurant’s brand, especially the eponymous Chick-fil-A Sauce, which is half honey mustard and half barbecue sauce.

The other two popular sauces at Chick-fil-A are their Polynesian Sauce, a tangy version of the sweet and sour sauce, and their Barbecue Sauce, seasoned with spices, onion, and garlic.

1. Biscuitville

Biscuitville is a Southern breakfast restaurant chain famous for its delicious homemade biscuits.

There are over 65 Biscuitville locations in Virginia and South Carolina.

The first Biscuitville was opened by Maurice Jennings in Burlington, North Carolina, in 1966 under the name “Mountainbrook Fresh Bread & Milk.”

In 1967, Jennings changed the restaurant’s name to “Pizzaville” and its specialty to pizzas.

In addition to pizza, Pizzaville also sold freshly baked biscuits made using a Jennings family recipe.

Pizzaville’s biscuits quickly became more popular than their pizzas, and the Biscuitville we know and love was born.

Each Biscuitville location bakes a fresh batch of biscuits every 15 minutes.

Plus, each restaurant has its own “biscuit window,” where you can see the biscuits get made.

Of course, biscuits are the foundational menu item at Biscuitville.

Some of the most popular biscuits on the Biscuitville menu are the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, the spicy chicken and honey biscuit, the sausage and egg biscuit, and the fried chicken biscuit.

For a more substantial breakfast, Biscuitville also offers a breakfast platter, which comes with a freshly baked biscuit, two fresh eggs, your choice of sausage, bacon, or country ham, and a side.


As you can see, the South has a ton to offer in the way of delicious fast food chains.

Whether you’re hungry for biscuits, waffles, fried chicken, barbecue, or even pizza, there’s sure to be a Southern fast food chain on this list that will satisfy your cravings.

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