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What To Know About Applebee’s Happy Hour (Time, Menu, and Specials)

Applebee’s is a family-friendly restaurant with affordable and delicious menu options for everyone. One of Applebee’s fun menu specials is their daily happy hour. Applebee’s happy hour lets you unwind from the long day with a cocktail and a tasty app for half the price.

Key Takeaways

  • Applebee’s happy hour is from 9 pm to close every day in most locations. Some locations also have happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm.
  • During happy hour, Applebee’s offers half-price apps and drink specials.
  • Applebee’s happy hour specials are for dine-in only and cannot be ordered for pickup, Carside To Go, or delivery.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look into Applebee’s happy hour, including the happy hour menu and some of its other promotions and specials.

What Are Applebee’s Happy Hour Times?

Applebee’s happy hour is from 9 pm to close every day in most locations. Some locations also have happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Happy hour deals are usually offered at the bar, while some locations offer them through the whole restaurant.

This can vary depending on the area, so check with your local Applebee’s to confirm.

DayApplebee’s Happy HourApplebee’s Late Night Happy Hour
Monday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Tuesday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Wednesday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Thursday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Friday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Saturday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Sunday3 pm – 6 pm9 pm – close
Applebee’s Happy Hour Time

In other bars and restaurants, happy hour is usually Monday through Friday, but Applebee’s has happy hour on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Most Applebee’s restaurants open at 11 am and close at 11 pm or midnight, depending on the location.

To find an Applebee’s near you and their hours, you can use the restaurant locator on the Applebee’s site or mobile app.

To use the locator on Applebee’s website, find the “Locations” tab on the top menu and enter your zip code.

Depending on your location settings, the map of your area and the closest Applebee’s locations may automatically appear.

The Applebee’s location finder on the mobile app is a similar process, and you can find the instructions below:

Step 1. Download the Applebee’s app and find “Restaurants” in the bottom right corner.

Step 2. From here, you can either enable your phone’s location settings or manually type in your location.

Step 3. Now, you can scroll the list of nearest locations or explore the map.

Step 4. After selecting a location, their business hours and contact info will appear.

What Is Applebee’s Happy Hour Menu?

The Applebee’s happy hour menu features some of their signature appetizers half-off and drinks specials.

The happy menu includes Applebee’s favorite apps like spinach and artichoke dip and mozzarella sticks.

The drink menu offers deals on select beer, wine, and cocktails like margaritas and long island iced teas.

Half-Price Appetizers on the Applebee’s happy hour menu include:

  • Boneless buffalo wings
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Chicken wonton tacos
  • Cheese quesadilla
  • Brew pub pretzels and beer cheese dip
  • Crispy cheese bites
  • Breadsticks
  • Nachos

Some of the drink specials on the Applebee’s happy hour menu are:

  • $3 Miller Lite and Bud Light
  • $4 House Margaritas and Select Wines
  • $4 Well Drinks
  • $5 Craft Beer
  • $5 Top Shelf Long Island

Keep in mind that the Applebee’s happy hour menu items and prices can vary by location.

Is Applebee’s Happy Hour Dine-In Only?

Applebee’s only offers happy hour prices for dine-in customers, so you cannot order happy hour specials to go. To take advantage of Applebee’s half-off appetizers and drink specials, you will need to dine in during the happy hour.

Applebee’s online services offer promos to make ordering take-out or delivery more affordable; however, these do not include happy hour deals like half-price apps or drink specials.

You can place an online order using Applebee’s website or app for Carside To Go and delivery.

Some third-party delivery services, such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash, offer free trials and promos to help you save money on delivery orders as well.

Another cost-efficient option is Applebee’s 2 for 20 or 2 for 22 menus.

Applebee’s 2 for 20 or 2 for 22 Menus

Applebee’s 2 for 20 or 2 for 22 menus let you choose one shared appetizer and two entrees for one price.

This is perfect for a date night or having dinner with a friend while staying budget-conscious.

When you place an order from Applebee’s 2 for 20 or 2 for 22 menus, you can choose between the following appetizers:

  • Boneless wings
  • Crispy onion rings
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Two side salads

Next, you can choose two of the following entrees:

  • 6 oz. top sirloin ($2.50 upcharge)
  • 8 oz. top sirloin ($4.50 upcharge)
  • Bourbon street chicken and shrimp ($4.50 upcharge)
  • Classic cheeseburger
  • Chicken tenders
  • Fiesta lime chicken
  • Southwest steak bowl
  • Broccoli chicken alfredo ($2.50 upcharge)
  • Half rack double-glazed baby back ribs ($2.50 upcharge)
  • Three cheese chicken penne ($2.50 upcharge)

Be aware that some items, like the sirloin, may have an upcharge from $2.50 to $4.50.

It is important to mention that some locations offer this special menu at different prices, and some don’t offer it at all.

Be sure to contact your local Applebee’s or find your location on their website or app to confirm pricing.

Does Applebee’s Have $1 Drink of The Month?

Applebee’s has $1 drinks and drink-of-the-month specials and announces them on their website along with other promotions running that month.

To find out the latest Applebee’s promos, specials, and coupons, you can visit their website or social media accounts and sign up for Club Applebee’s.

An easy way to be one of the first to know about the latest Applebee’s specials signing up for Club Applebee’s.

To sign up, go to Applebee’s website and fill out the sign-up form with your name, email, phone number, date of birth, and zip code.

After 24 hours, you will receive a welcome email with a free item coupon.

Another way to find the latest Applebee’s specials is by downloading their mobile app.

Applebee’s app also allows you to order online and apply coupons at checkout.

Applebee’s also uses its social media accounts to make announcements about any drink and food specials.

You can find Applebee’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Does Applebee’s Offer Military and Senior Discounts?

Applebee’s does not officially offer military or senior discounts; however, some participating locations offer a 10% discount to active duty and veterans and a 10-15% senior discount for those over 60.

On Veterans Day (November 11th), Applebee’s runs a Veterans Day special for active duty and veterans. With proof of service, they will receive a free meal.

Senior discounts can be between 10-15%, but this will vary by location and policies since Applebee’s restaurants are franchise-owned.

To be eligible for a senior discount, you must be over 60 years old. In addition, some restaurants may require an ID or AARP card to receive any senior discounts.

Contacting your local Applebee’s is the best way to find out the type of discounts and specials they run and their discount policies.


Unwinding from a long workday or getting ready to start the weekend doesn’t have to break the bank. Applebee’s happy hour menu features some of their most popular appetizers half-off and drinks at discounted prices.

Even if you miss out on their happy hour specials, Applebee’s always has offers and promos, making it budget-friendly for everyone to have a delicious meal.

If you’re looking for more tips about Applebee’s, check out these articles below.

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