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What to Know About Starbucks Inside Kroger Stores

Kroger is one of the most widespread and popular grocery stores in the US. At many Kroger locations, you can enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up from an in-store Starbucks to give you the energy to accomplish your grocery shopping.

Key Takeaways

  • Kroger licenses the Starbucks brand name to sell drinks and snacks to Kroger shoppers.
  • Most Kroger Starbucks locations are open from 6 am to 8 pm.
  • If you have Starbucks Rewards, you can get free refills on select drinks while shopping at Kroger. In addition, you can use Starbucks gift cards to pay for your Kroger Starbucks order.

Keep reading to learn more about Starbucks inside Kroger stores!

Is Kroger Starbucks a Real Starbucks?

Starbucks in Kroger stores are not owned and operated by Starbucks and therefore are not actual Starbucks locations.

Kroger licenses the Starbucks brand name, and the people who work at Kroger Starbucks are Kroger employees.

The same rule applies to other Starbucks locations in Target, Barnes & Noble, and Meijer stores.

Starbucks inside Kroger stores will offer the same food and drink items as a regular Starbucks, barring location-specific inventory shortages.

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, you can use the Starbucks app to pay for your order at a Kroger Starbucks.

However, if you want to redeem some of your stars for a free drink or food item, you may not be able to do so at your local Kroger Starbucks.

Starbucks Rewards redemption eligibility varies from store to store.

To check if you can redeem rewards at your local Kroger Starbucks, go to the Starbucks store locator, enter your zip code, select a specific location, and look under the Amenities section to see if it says ‘Redeem Rewards.’

At regular Starbucks stores, the Rewards redemption program is tiered, allowing you to trade in 25 stars for free drink customization, 50 stars for a free hot coffee, tea, or bakery item, and 150 stars for a free handcrafted drink, hot breakfast, or parfait, etc.

At some Kroger Starbucks locations, even if they allow you to redeem points for free drinks or food items, you may only be able to access the 150-star redemption tier, not the 25, 50, 200, or 400-star redemption tiers.

You also cannot use Starbucks’ Mobile Order and Pay service at Kroger Starbucks locations.

This means that you can only order in person at the Kroger Starbucks counter, not on your phone.

As an employee, you will not actually be working for the Starbucks corporation but rather for Kroger.

Kroger Starbucks baristas are not Starbucks employees and therefore do not receive the same training or benefits as their Starbucks counterparts.

However, Kroger Starbucks baristas are eligible for Kroger’s benefits, including health insurance, a 10% discount on Kroger store-brand products, eligibility for paid time off, vacation leave, and a retirement plan after working for one year.

Wages at Kroger and Starbucks vary by location, but according to several baristas who worked at both companies, Kroger Starbucks baristas are not paid as much as their Starbucks counterparts.

Also, unlike regular Starbucks baristas, Kroger Starbucks baristas are prohibited from accepting tips.

Are Kroger and Starbucks the Same Company?

Kroger and Starbucks are not the same company. However, Kroger licenses the Starbucks brand name to open in-store cafes that serve Starbucks drinks and food items.

Kroger and Starbucks have a partnership through which Kroger licenses the Starbucks brand name.

Under this agreement, Kroger can sell licensed Starbucks products inside their grocery stores.

This partnership also enhances customers’ grocery shopping experience.

This way, you can enjoy a refreshing drink or snack with the Starbucks quality you’re used to while running your weekly errands at Kroger!

What Are Kroger Starbucks Hours?

Kroger Starbucks hours vary from store to store, but generally, they are open from 6 or 7 am until 8 pm.

Individual Kroger Starbucks hours vary slightly depending on the location.

However, most Kroger Starbucks locations close a few hours before the Kroger store itself closes.

In addition, if a Kroger store is closed, the in-store Starbucks will also be closed.

Most Kroger locations are closed on Christmas Day and may have reduced hours for other holidays, like New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve.

To find out when your local Kroger is open, you can enter your zip code into the Kroger store locator.

Additionally, some Kroger Starbucks open later on weekends.

For example, your local Kroger Starbucks may open at 6 am on weekdays, but it may not open until 7 am on Saturday and Sunday.

You can see the hours of your local Kroger Starbucks using the Starbucks store locator, which is also available on the Starbucks app.

Below is an example of a Kroger Starbucks’ hours on a typical week.

DayKroger Starbucks Hours
Monday6 am – 8 pm
Tuesday6 am – 8 pm
Wednesday6 am – 8 pm
Thursday6 am – 8 pm
Friday6 am – 8 pm
Saturday6 am – 8 pm
Sunday6 am – 8 pm
Kroger Starbucks Hours

Note that your local Kroger Starbucks hours may vary slightly.

Does Kroger Starbucks Give Free Refills?

If you are a Starbucks rewards member, you can get free refills of select drinks at Kroger Starbucks.

There are some limitations on Starbucks’ free refill policy, which also apply to Kroger Starbucks.

You must be a Starbucks Rewards member, meaning that you have a registered Starbucks card or account on the Starbucks app.

If you are not a Starbucks Rewards member, you can still get refills for a discounted price, just not for free.

The free refill can only be of hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, hot tea, or iced tea (not including lemonade).

This means that if you previously bought a frappuccino or a Caramel Macchiato, you would not be able to get a free refill of that drink.

The free refill period only applies to the duration of your store visit.

So if you leave the Kroger store and come back later in the day, you are no longer eligible for a free refill, and you must purchase another drink.

Is Kroger Starbucks Menu Different?

Kroger Starbucks locations generally offer the same food and drink items as regular Starbucks stores.

The Kroger Starbucks menu is typically the same as a regular Starbucks menu.

However, the offerings at a specific Kroger Starbucks location may vary due to supply chain shortages and seasonal or company-wide menu changes.

If you’re looking for a snack, most Kroger Starbucks locations serve oven-warmed food items, including breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

To check if your local Kroger Starbucks offers oven-warmed food items, you can visit the Starbucks store locator, select a specific location, and look under the amenities section to see if it says ‘Oven-warmed Food.’

Can You Use Starbucks Gift Cards at Kroger Starbucks?

Yes, you can use your Starbucks gift card to pay at Kroger Starbucks.

Like regular Starbucks stores, Kroger Starbucks locations also accept Starbucks gift cards as a payment method.

Starbucks’ Rewards program is also applicable to Kroger Starbucks stores.

You can sign up for the Starbucks Rewards program on the Starbucks website or mobile app.

Once you’ve created a Starbucks account, you can link an existing Starbucks gift card, Apple or Google Pay, PayPal, or a credit or debit card to your account.

You’ll earn 1 star per dollar spent if you pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or a credit or debit card.

However, if you use a Starbucks gift card to pay, you’ll earn 2 stars per dollar spent.

Once you earn 150 stars, you’ll be able to redeem them for a free handcrafted drink, hot breakfast, or parfait.

Do You Tip at Kroger Starbucks?

Because Kroger Starbucks baristas are employed by Kroger and not Starbucks, they cannot accept tips.

Unfortunately, Kroger employees are prohibited from accepting tips.

You can only tip your Starbucks barista at a regular Starbucks location, not a Kroger Starbucks.

If you received exceptional service from your Kroger Starbucks barista, you could express your appreciation by praising their service to a supervisor or manager.

Do Starbucks Prices Vary by Location?

The prices of drinks and food items at Starbucks vary by location, depending on factors like employee wages, real estate prices, and tax rates.

Starbucks stores located in areas with a higher cost of living often charge slightly higher prices.

However, the price of a single item between stores generally does not vary by more than $1.

For example, a grande Cafe Latte costs $4.95 in Manhattan, New York. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, the same drink costs $4.45.

The higher price of the latte in New York reflects the higher cost of living.

Although it’s not ideal to have to pay more for your order in some locations, you can take advantage of the higher prices by becoming a Starbucks Rewards member.

Starbucks Rewards stars are granted based on the cost of your order, so you’ll earn stars faster if you live in an area where Starbucks prices are higher.

Once you rack up 150 stars, you can trade them for a free handcrafted drink, hot breakfast item, or parfait.


Kroger Starbucks is the perfect way to enjoy a little pick-me-up as you do your weekly grocery shopping.

Kroger Starbucks locations offer the same menu as regular Starbucks stores, so you can expect the same delicious, handcrafted drinks and snacks.

You can also take advantage of the Starbucks Rewards program at Kroger Starbucks. You can pay with a Starbucks gift card or the Starbucks app, earn stars, and even redeem 150 stars for a free drink, hot breakfast item, or parfait.

Lastly, if you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you can get free refills of hot coffee, hot tea, iced coffee, cold brew, or iced tea during your Kroger visit!

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