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20 Most Popular Hood Ice Cream Flavors

HP Hood is a Massachusetts-based dairy company famous for a variety of products, including ice cream.

Hood ice cream stands out from the crowd because its flavors range from classic to incredibly unique. Hood also uses its own high-quality milk to make ice cream, which is consistently silky and smooth.

Hood ice cream is primarily sold in New England and the northeast of the United States, but the brand has been expanding, so don’t be surprised if they reach your town one day!

Hood has dozens of ice cream flavors under its belt, which can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s the scoop on the 20 best Hood ice cream flavors that are my favorites!

20. Butter Pecan

Hood describes their Butter Pecan ice cream flavor as “sweet, salty, and creamy all at once.” I couldn’t agree more with this description.

There’s a lot going on in this pint, but all the flavors blend together for a perfectly buttery bite.

Hood’s Butter Pecan ice cream features pieces of chopped roasted pecans, which give some toasty, warm notes.

Don’t let this flavor’s last-place ranking fool you – it’s smooth, buttery, and delicious, but the other flavors that made my list are just a bit better.

19. Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a flavor that’s hard to explain – it’s super sweet but also has an extra element that’s hard to pin down.

The best way I can describe Hood’s take on the flavor is with the word nostalgic.

It’s the sweetest, most artificial-tasting ice cream flavor on the list, but that’s the point of cotton candy, right?

Bonus points to Hood for putting blue andpink swirls in this flavor. After all, everyone knows it tastes way better when there’s more color involved!

This is a limited edition flavor, though, so grab it while you can!

18. Classic Trio

Next on my list of the best Hood ice cream flavors is Classic Trio, the brand’s version of Neapolitan ice cream.

It features three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, which all happen to be one of the most popular ice cream flavors.

This trio of flavors is tried and true, and they all complement each other well.

The strawberry brightens up the sweet chocolate and vanilla, while the chocolate brings just a hint of bitterness.

All three of these Hood ice cream flavors are great on their own, so it’s no surprise that they’re just as good (or even better) when lined up next to each other.

17. Creamy Coffee

Coffee-flavored ice cream can be hit-or-miss, but I’m happy to report that Hood’s version is a hit.

For starters, it’s made with real coffee beans, so you get real coffee flavor in every bite.

It has just a hint of bitterness, which is offset by the sweet creaminess of the sugar and milk.

Hood’s Creamy Coffee ice cream flavor tastes like an iced latte that’s blended up and thrown in a pint.

The bitter-to-sweet ratio is perfection, and the coffee flavor shines through instead of getting bogged down by sugar.

16. Strawberry

Hood’s Strawberry ice cream is the real deal. It has that bright, sweet, tangy flavor that fresh strawberries have but adds a bit of extra creaminess to the beloved fruit flavor.

There are chunks of real strawberries inside, too.

I’m normally not a big fan of chunks of fruit in my ice cream, but I’m okay with them in this case.

Firstly, they’re small chunks, so you won’t bite into what feels like a rock.

Secondly, you can tell these are high-quality, fresh strawberries, which adds to the flavor of the ice cream base rather than taking it away with that artificial, syrupy flavor that some frozen fruit mix-ins have.

15. Patchwork

If my list of the best Hood ice cream flavors was based purely on aesthetics, their Patchwork ice cream would win without question.

It’s a chocolate and vanilla ice cream made in a perfectly checkered pattern. Seriously, a scoop of this stuff looks like a chessboard and is incredibly satisfying!

As for flavor, this ice cream is pretty simple – just a mix of chocolate and vanilla.

This combination is tried and true, and both Hood varieties are great on their own, so I have no complaints once they’re mixed together.

Let’s be real, though, you’re probably picking up this pint for its cool design!

14. Fudge Twister

Despite its chaotic-sounding name, Fudge Twister is a pretty straightforward flavor. It’s just vanilla ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl.

Hood’s vanilla ice cream is super rich and creamy, so it makes a perfect base.

The swirls of chocolate are rich and fudgy, and there’s enough of it that makes this flavor feel a little different and special.

The fudge swirls have just a bit of dark chocolate depth, which balances out the sweet vanilla ice cream nicely.

This is one of those ice cream flavors from Hood that’s simple enough that everyone will love it.

13. Golden Vanilla

There are so many different types of vanilla ice cream out there – vanilla bean, Madagascar vanilla, you name it.

But Hood’s Golden Vanilla? You’ve probably never tried anything quite like it before.

This ice cream flavor has that nostalgic, old-timey vanilla feel you know when you taste it.

It’s the kind of ice cream made to pair with a slice of apple pie or birthday cake.

It has just a hint of that artificial vanilla taste, but in the best way possible.

12. Chocolate Chip

This next Hood ice cream flavor is simple yet effective. Just like Fudge Twister, it’s one of those safe flavors you know everyone will enjoy.

Hood’s Chocolate Chip ice cream starts with a vanilla base (more modern vanilla than the Golden Vanilla above) and is dotted with milk chocolate chunks.

Since this flavor uses chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips (even though the pint is named Chocolate Chip, which is confusing), each piece of chocolate will be slightly different in size and shape.

This makes for a texturally interesting mouthful of ice cream, and there’s plenty of crunch to go along with the creamy, smooth vanilla base.

11. Boston Vanilla Bean

All the vanilla ice creams I’ve listed so far are good options, but the best vanilla-based Hood ice cream flavor is Boston Vanilla Bean.

It’s made with creamy vanilla ice cream and real ground vanilla bean, which introduces a whole new depth of flavor to the ice cream.

Since there are no real mix-ins or swirls, you can truly taste everything the vanilla beans have to offer, making it a fragrant and perfectly sweet dessert.

The texture of this ice cream is also creamy and fluffy at the same time, adding to that luxurious feel you already get from the flecks of vanilla bean.

10. Cookie Dough

Hood’s Cookie Dough ice cream starts with a rich, creamy vanilla base, which includes bits of chewy cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips.

I’ve tried many cookie dough ice creams that skimped on the cookie dough itself, but that’s not the case here.

There are plenty of cookie dough chunks present, so you’ll likely get at least one with every bite.

The chocolate chips are scattered generously, which adds some crunch to the pint.

I’ve also noticed that Hood is more generous with their mix-ins than many other popular ice cream brands, which cements them as one of the better options for chunky ice cream lovers like myself.

9. Coffee Cookies and Cream

This one is like regular cookies and cream flavor but with a jolt of caffeine.

Hood’s Coffee Cookies and Cream ice cream flavor has the same creamy coffee base I mentioned earlier, but it also includes a generous helping of chocolate sandwich cookies throughout.

This flavor is sweeter than their Creamy Coffee flavor, making it ideal for anyone who loves their coffee on the sweeter side.

As a cookies and cream lover, I found this twist on the flavor to be refreshing and fun.

The chocolate and vanilla of the sandwich cookies take away some of that natural bitterness from the coffee, but the coffee flavor is still front and center.

8. Martha’s Vineyard Black Raspberry

I would’ve never ranked a berry flavor so high on any list this time last year, but I’ve started to appreciate berry-based ice creams in the last few months.

Something about the mix of a bright, tangy flavor with a rich, creamy base just appeals to me.

That said, even if you’re not a fan of berry ice cream, I think Hood’s Martha’s Vineyard Black Raspberry flavor is worth a try.

This ice cream starts with a black raspberry base, which is a bit tart but mostly juicy and sweet.

Throughout the ice cream are chunks of chocolate, which add crunch and a depth of flavor.

The darker chocolate flavor contrasts nicely with the brighter fruit flavors, making this ice cream rich yet light and refreshing at the same time.

7. Mt. Washington Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Reese’s lovers, listen up! This Hood ice cream flavor is made with chocolate ice cream, chopped peanut butter cups, and my favorite element, a peanut butter swirl!

The frozen peanut butter is perfectly salty and creamy, contrasting well with the dark, rich chocolate flavor from the ice cream’s base.

The peanut butter cups add to the experience, and you’ll get a piece in almost every bite.

Peanut butter and chocolate are an incredibly popular combo for a reason, and this Hood ice cream flavor just proves why.

Many peanut butter chocolate ice creams tend to lean heavily on the chocolate and use peanut butter as a background flavor, but they’re pretty equal in this pint.

6. Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee

Okay, if Checkers got my number one spot for the most aesthetically pleasing Hood ice cream flavor, then Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee is a very close second.

That’s because this flavor features the most adorable little chocolate espresso lighthouses throughout its base of coffee ice cream.

The lighthouses have a dark chocolate flavor with a good hit of espresso.

Mix that with the fudge swirls in this ice cream, and you’ve got Hood’s version of a mocha latte.

Since the lighthouse chocolates have a strong espresso flavor, I found this to be the strongest tasting of the coffee ice creams from the Hood brand.

Still, it’s not overpowering or overly bitter, so you can give it a try.

5. Green Monster Mint

An important context for the next two Hood ice cream flavors on my list: Hood is the official dairy of the Red Sox, which is Boston’s major league baseball team.

So, that explains why you’ll find little chocolates shaped like socks in the Green Monster Mint ice cream.

As you may have guessed from the name, Green Monster Mint has a minty green ice cream base.

Besides the chocolate sock pieces, there’s a fudgy chocolate swirl throughout, making this flavor essentially a classic mint chocolate chip but way more fun because of the sock addition.

Thanks to that fudge swirl, it also has a little more chocolatey flavor than your average mint chip ice cream.

4. Fenway Fudge

Fenway Fudge is another ice cream flavor from Hood dedicated to the Red Sox.

This one is almost the same as Green Mint Monster but with a fudgy chocolate base instead of mint ice cream.

With a chocolate base, milk chocolate bits (shaped like socks, of course), and a fudgy swirl throughout, this is probably the most chocolate-heavy ice cream flavor Hood offers.

The gooey fudge swirl, smooth ice cream, and crunchy chocolate pieces contrast with each other so that each bite is different, even though all the flavors in the pint are chocolate-based.

Again, there’s just something about those little chocolate socks that’s irresistible!

3. Bear Creek Caramel

If Fenway Fudge is made for chocolate lovers, then Bear Creek Caramel is made for caramel lovers.

This Hood ice cream flavor starts with a sweet cream base, which tastes similar to vanilla but is a bit richer in texture.

Bear Creek Caramel ice cream has swirls of caramel throughout and caramel-filled chocolate cups.

The caramel swirls in this flavor are incredibly generous, and their gooey texture adds some decadence to the pint.

The caramel chocolate cups are essentially peanut butter cups with caramel rather than peanut butter.

When you bite into these cups, you get an extra burst of caramel flavor that ties everything together.

The caramel isn’t overly sweet here, and its buttery notes fit in perfectly with the sweet cream base.

2. Cape Cod Fudge Shop

If you couldn’t tell from my description of the Bear Creek Caramel flavor above, I love sweet cream ice cream.

I think it’s one of the most underrated flavors and should be considered as classic as chocolate or vanilla.

But I digress – let’s discuss Hood’s Cape Cod Fudge Shop ice cream flavor.

It has that delicious, sweet cream base, plus fudgy chocolate swirls and fudge truffles.

As much as I love sweet cream, those rich, dense fudge truffles steal the show with this pint.

They’re hard on the outside but melt in your mouth pretty much immediately, and they’re so full of chocolate fudgy flavor.

The swirls of chocolate bring the whole “fudge shop” feel full circle while still allowing for that sweet cream base to be tasted.

1. Cow Chow

I love creative ice creams, and that’s why Cow Chow wins the number-one spot on my list of the best Hood ice cream flavors.

The base of this ice cream is corn cereal flavored, which sounds odd but makes so much sense when you actually taste it.

It has that cereal milk flavor that’s been all the rage in the last decade, with just a hint of sweet corn flavor that you’d find in cornflakes or puffs.

The mix-ins for this flavor include chocolate sugar cone pieces, peanut butter swirl, and chocolate cookie crumbles.

The peanut butter swirl has a dash of salt in it, cutting through any excess sweetness from the sugar cone pieces.

Speaking of the cone, it’s perfectly crispy and crunchy despite being enrobed in ice cream.

Of course, the chocolate cookie crumble is another welcome addition, bringing even more texture and chocolate notes to the mix.

Cow Chow is one of those kitchen sink ice creams that has a little bit of everything.

I never thought I’d enjoy a corn cereal-flavored ice cream this much, but Hood has definitely created a fantastic flavor.  


Hood clearly has no shortage of delicious and unique ice cream flavors.

The Cow Chow and Cape Cod Fudge Shop are my top two recommendations, but you can’t go wrong since they consistently use high-quality ingredients.

So, next time you’re in New England, do yourself a favor and pick up a Hood ice cream pint at the grocery store.

Happy scooping!

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October 4, 2023