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20 Best Häagen-Dazs Flavors to Try

Häagen-Dazs is one of the best ice cream brands that offers many delicious flavors, but it’s not just another pint at the grocery store; it’s an experience.  

The brand uses high-quality and simple ingredients, which means you’re in for a smoother, richer, and silkier bite of ice cream than most other options on the shelves. 

With over three dozen flavors in its lineup, Häagen-Dazs certainly caters to every preference and taste.

To help you narrow down your choices on your next grocery store run, here are my picks for the best Häagen-Dazs flavors worth trying. Let’s get into it!

20. Butter Pecan

I’m kicking off our list of the best Häagen-Dazs flavors with a classic: Butter Pecan.

This pint is made with sweet cream-flavored ice cream and buttery roasted pecans.

For all my fellow lovers of chunky ice cream out there, you won’t be disappointed by the amount of buttered pecans you’ll get in each scoop of this flavor.

The nuts are buttery, toasty, and caramelized.

The sweet cream ice cream base used in this pint is simple and perfectly sweet with just a hint of butter, allowing the buttered pecans to be the star of the show.

Some butter pecan ice creams tend to taste overly sweet or artificial, but Häagen-Dazs’ version doesn’t fall into any of these traps.

If butter pecan is your go-to ice cream flavor, this will quickly become a favorite.

19. Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a flavor that almost every ice cream brand has a variation of. Häagen-Dazs’ version is pretty straightforward.

It starts with a creamy chocolate base filled with roasted almond pieces and gooey marshmallows.

The chocolate ice cream here is the same as their best-selling chocolate pint, so you can be sure it will be rich and creamy with a bold chocolate flavor.

The marshmallow is more of a syrupy or goopy consistency than actual marshmallows, which I actually prefer.

There’s a decent amount of nuts and marshmallows in each pint, though some reviews I’ve read have complained about inconsistent amounts of mix-ins varying by pint.

18. Strawberry

In my many years of ice cream consumption, I’ve found that it’s more difficult than you’d think to find a decent strawberry ice cream at the grocery store.

Out of all the brands I’ve tried, Häagen-Dazs’ version is definitely in my top three.

This pint is smooth, creamy, and perfectly sweet.

It tastes like real strawberry rather than that overly sweet flavor that sometimes comes when an ice cream has artificial flavoring.

With actual pieces of strawberry, you’ll also get some fruity tang in each bite.

I’m usually not the biggest fan of fruit chunks in ice cream, but it works in this case because they’re the perfect size and taste as fresh as frozen fruit can possibly taste.

17. Mint Chip

This Häagen-Dazs flavor begins with their classic sweet cream ice cream, which is infused with mint flavoring.

The pint features chocolate chips throughout.

Overall, this version of Mint Chip is one of the milder you’ll find on the market.

If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream but are particular about how much mint you want there to be, this might be the perfect flavor for you.

Conversely, if you love a super minty ice cream, this flavor probably will be a bit disappointing.

16. Bourbon Praline Pecan

I’m not a fan of bourbon, but if I had to choose a way to consume it, I would absolutely go for an ice cream version.

Häagen-Dazs’ Bourbon Praline Pecan ice cream has a bourbon brown sugar base, which tastes like a rich, deep vanilla with a hint of bourbon.

Mixed throughout the ice cream are chunks of crunchy praline pecans.

If you’ve never had a praline, it’s a Southern specialty made with nuts, sugar, and cream, similar to a brittle but even more buttery and decadent.

As I said earlier, I don’t like the taste of bourbon, but all the other elements of this ice cream are so good that I actually don’t mind the bourbon notes.

The pecan pralines are undoubtedly the star of the show in this pint.

15. Creamy Mango

When you think of a mango-flavored dessert, you probably think of a sorbet or popsicle rather than a creamy ice cream.

But Häagen-Dazs’ take on the tropical fruit dessert is surprising and delightful. It manages to be creamy and rich while still being refreshing and light.

With bits of mango throughout the ice cream, real mango puree, and orange and lemon juice in the ingredient list, this pint is bright and tart.

It’s a true taste of summertime, and I love picking up this flavor to enjoy on a summer day or in the winter when I’m missing the sunshine.

14. Irish Cream Brownie

I’m back with another boozy pick on our list of the best Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors.

Irish Cream Brownie’s base is a blend of whiskey, coffee, and cocoa flavors. There’s a rich chocolate swirl throughout, as well as chunks of fudgy brownie.

The brownie chunks are super chewy, chocolatey, and rich – they’re the best part of this pint, hands down.

The chocolate swirl adds even more chocolate flavor.

This flavor is dense and super rich but so good that you’ll be tempted to keep eating long after you’re full.

The alcohol flavor is less pronounced here than in the Bourbon Praline Pecan flavor, which I appreciate.

It’s more of a coffee chocolate ice cream with the slightest hint of whiskey.

13. Double Belgian Chocolate Chip

Made with real Belgian Chocolate, this Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavor is probably the most indulgent on our list.

It’s a chocolate lover’s dream, with a rich, super creamy chocolate base. Flecks of melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate are in every bite.

The ratio of ice cream to filling in this pint is unbeatable.

The Belgian chocolate here isn’t in your typical chip form but instead is in smaller, thinner flecks.

 This makes for a smoother experience where the chocolate literally melts in your mouth.

12. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is a Häagen-Dazs flavor that nails the fruitiness-to-creaminess ratio.

It starts with white chocolate ice cream that’s velvety and rich without becoming too dense.

The chunks in this flavor come in the form of rich cocoa truffles, which melt in your mouth right away.

Seriously, I wish I knew where they get these truffles because I would order them sans ice cream and eat them by themselves!

The ice cream also features ribbons of raspberry flavoring, which has a consistency somewhere between a puree and a jam.

The raspberry adds some nice tang and true raspberry flavor that brightens up all the rich chocolate flavors throughout.

11. Chocolate

When it comes to Häagen-Dazs’ chocolate flavor, they found what works and have stuck with it over the years.

This pint has a bit of a cult following and has been ranked #1 on countless lists of the best chocolate ice creams.

Why? Because Häagen-Dazs chocolate is incredibly simple and focuses on high-quality ingredients rather than all the bells and whistles.

It has just five ingredients: cream, sugar, cocoa, and egg yolks.

Each ingredient plays a vital role in creating the ice cream, and there’s nothing extra to bog down the taste.

This pint has a great mix of bold cocoa flavor and creamy, sweet ice cream.

10. Peppermint Bark

Häagen-Dazs’ Peppermint Bark ice cream tastes like wintertime in a pint.

It’s made with white chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate peppermint bark and peppermint candy.

This pint really does taste like actual peppermint bark.

The white chocolate ice cream brings that sweet, almost caramelized flavor that comes with real white chocolate.

The peppermint bark scattered throughout is made of dark chocolate, which brings some depth of flavor and pairs well with the refreshing pieces of candy cane.

Peppermint Bark is a seasonal Häagen-Dazs flavor, so if you become a fan (once you give it a try, you probably will), be sure to stock up in December so you can have some holiday cheer year-round!

9. Honey Salted Caramel Almond

Salted caramel is a great flavor, but it’s a bit overdone. You can find multiple versions of it from pretty much any ice cream brand.

That’s why Häagen-Dazs branched out a little when making the next flavor on our list: Honey Salted Caramel Almond.

With a rich honey ice cream base, swirls of salted caramel, and pieces of toasted almond, this flavor is unlike any salted caramel ice cream you’ve tried before.

Honey has a unique, pleasant taste that lends itself quite well to a creamy, cold treat like ice cream.

Salt and sugar complement each other nicely, so the salted caramel amps up the honey ice cream here and vice versa.

The toasted almonds add a cozy, earthy crunch to this unique and fun pint, making it one of the most popular Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors out there.

8. Cookies and Cream

Next up on our list of the best Häagen-Dazs flavors is a classic: Cookies and Cream.

The vanilla base for this ice cream is rich, thick, and tastes like actual vanilla.

Most importantly, the chunks of cookies in this pint are substantial, and you’ll get a great ratio of cookie-to-cream.

The texture of Cookies and Cream is unbeatable, with some bites giving a satisfying crunch while others are smooth with tiny crumbs of creamy sandwich cookies.

I’m usually disappointed when an ice cream brand uses generic sandwich cookies instead of Oreos for their cookies and cream flavor.  

But I actually prefer whatever cookies Häagen-Dazs uses here, which is saying a lot. These are crispier and more chocolatey. 

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

With the same signature vanilla ice cream base as Cookies and Cream, Häagen-Dazs’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor is perfectly sweet and indulgent.

The cookie dough chunks are buttery with a sweet brown sugar flavor and feature mini chocolate chunks.

The chocolate chunks throughout the ice cream and the cookie dough aren’t too sweet and have more of a semi-sweet vibe.

Similar to Rocky Road, this Häagen-Dazs flavor can be a bit inconsistent with the amount of mix-ins it has, but I’ve almost always gotten a pint with a solid amount of dough chunks.

6. Vanilla Bean

Like Häagen-Dazs’ chocolate flavor, their Vanilla Bean is loved for its simplicity and high-quality ingredients.

In my opinion, this is the best vanilla ice cream you can buy at grocery stores.

Its ingredient list contains only a few key elements: cream, milk, cane sugar, egg yolk, vanilla beans, and vanilla extract.

The type of vanilla used to create this flavor is Madagascar vanilla, which has a deep, complex flavor and sweet creaminess.

The texture of this pint is hard to describe, but it’s incredibly buttery and velvety smooth.

I love chunk-filled ice cream, but something about this pure vanilla flavor is unbeatable.

5. Coffee Chocolate Brownie

We’ve made it to the top five Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors, so it’s getting pretty serious now!

Coffee Chocolate Brownie is a flavor whose name tells you all you need to know.

The base is Häagen-Dazs’ classic coffee ice cream (more on that in #4), and it’s jam-packed with espresso chocolate sauce, espresso chocolate chips, and gooey brownie chunks.

The chocolate-to-coffee ratio here is perfection – it tastes pretty much equal to me.

The chocolate brings out the best in the espresso and vice versa.

The espresso here is strong, and the chocolate is rich, making for a decadent pint that tastes like it’s for special occasions only (except you can eat it anytime!).

4. Coffee

Coffee was one of the original three flavors released by Häagen-Dazs back in 1960.

It’s one of the brand’s most popular flavors of all time, with plenty of people eating it for decades.

Like most other Häagen-Dazs classic flavors, there are only five ingredients here: cream, skim milk, cane sugar, egg yolks, and coffee.

The coffee flavor truly shines in this pint, with the cream and sugar flavoring acting as supporting characters but not overshadowing it.

Häagen-Dazs’ coffee ice cream has a strong flavor with enjoyably bitter and milky notes.

You know that disappointing feeling when you order a coffee, and within the first sip, you can tell it will either be way too sweet or bitter.

Well, you’ll never, ever have that issue with this pint!

3. Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie

As its name suggests, Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie has three forms of chocolate in it.

The first is the base of the pint, which is Häagen-Dazs’ classic and creamy chocolate ice cream.

The second comes in the form of a rich, fudgy chocolate swirl, and the third is a dark chocolate cookie crumble.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie has everything that I love about Cookies and Cream, but with the chocolate dial turned up to one thousand.

The fudge swirl adds that extra bit of richness to skyrocket this to my top three Häagen-Dazs flavors (and I’m sure I’m not alone!).

2. Caramel Cone

Caramel Cone is one of the best Häagen-Dazs flavors of all time, and I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t agree!

The base of this pint is very similar to the brand’s Dulce de Leche flavor.

Inside the ice cream, you’ll find ribbons of caramel and chunks of chocolate-covered waffle cones.

These cones stay perfectly crispy even when surrounded by ice cream, making the texture of this pint unbeatable.

Waffle cones are an unsung ice cream vessel, so getting some of their vanilla flavor throughout this pint is nice.

Plus, the little bits of chocolate add some intrigue.

The classic combination of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla appeals to everyone, so I feel confident saying that anyone would like this pint!

1. Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is like caramel but so much better! It originated in Latin America and is made by heating milk and sugar until it forms a smooth, sweet confection.

By far, this is the best Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavor ever produced!

The ice cream itself is uber-creamy, caramelized, and buttery. It’s filled with thick ribbons of dulce de leche.

These gooey little pockets of heaven add even more dulce de leche goodness and bring the smooth, decadent consistency to perfectly velvety ice cream.

From texture to flavor and everything in between, Dulce de Leche is the best of the best.

If you’re considering trying any flavor from Häagen-Dazs, you should start here!

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