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16 Best Wendy’s Sides on the Menu

Wendy’s has a variety of sides on the menu to complement their burgers and chicken sandwiches, ensuring that there’s an option for every appetite.

From savory baked potatoes loaded with toppings to crisp apple bites that are lite and healthy, there’s a Wendy’s side to go with any meal and diet.

Wendy’s sides include French fries, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, chili, and apple slices.

Some are lite snacks, while others are filling enough to stand as a meal on their own.

Fries are the default side that comes with Wendy’s meals, but multiple sides can be ordered to create your own combo.

Read on to learn more about Wendy’s sides on the menu, including nutritional values and what you can expect when ordering.

16. French Fries

French fries are a standard side item on most fast-food menus, but each restaurant has its take on these bite-sized potatoes.

Wendy’s took a natural approach to their fries, making them great for those who like hearty potato bites.

Wendy’s fries are natural-cut and have their skin on. They’re served hot and have a crisp bite, and the sea salt tops them off perfectly.

In October 2021, Wendy’s announced their Hot & Crispy Guarantee, which promises a free replacement without questions if your fries aren’t hot and crispy to your satisfaction.

This is after changing their fry recipe, which includes a new battering system and a new cut intended to retain heat and crispiness.

You can order Wendy’s fries in four sizes: junior, small, medium, and large.

The smallest junior size has 210 calories with 9g fat, 28g carbs, and 3g protein.

If you opt for the large size, it has 470 calories and 21g fat, 63g carbs, and 7g protein.

Wendy’s fries aren’t made with common allergens; however, they are cooked in the same oil as other menu items, some of which are made with wheat, milk, egg, soy, or fish.

15. 6 PC. Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets have become a standard fast-food item, and Wendy’s rendition is certainly worth trying.

They’re breaded and crispy and come with your favorite Wendy’s dipping sauce.

As a 6-piece order, this side is filling enough to make a light snack.

Wendy’s chicken nuggets are made with 100% white meat chicken and a delicious outer breading that includes wheat.

Dipping sauce options include Buttermilk Ranch, BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, or Ghost Pepper Ranch.

Note that Wendy’s chicken nuggets are cooked in the same oil as other menu items that contain wheat, milk, egg, soy, and fish.

Each 6-piece order of chicken nuggets has 270 calories, which is relatively low compared to some of Wendy’s other sides.

14. Plain Baked Potato

One of the unique side items at Wendy’s is their baked potato, and anyone can enjoy this plain version.

It’s hot and fluffy and pairs perfectly with chili or as a side of carbs with your favorite Wendy’s salad.

Each plain baked potato has 270 calories with 61g carbs and 7g protein.

No fat or common allergens are found in this Wendy’s side, but you can request a side of butter or sour cream if you’d like to add some flavor.

13. 6 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets

A 6-piece order of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets is for those who like some heat.

These bites of all-white-meat chicken are covered in a fiery marinade made of peppers and spices.

If that’s not enough flavor, you can also choose your favorite Wendy’s dipping sauce to pair with them.

Don’t hesitate to order when you see them, though, because this Wendy’s side is only featured on the menu for a limited time.

Each 6-piece order has 280 calories with 18g fat, 13g carbs, and 15g protein.

12. Cheese Fries

Wendy’s has several French fry sides to choose from, but sometimes the only topping you need is cheese.

Although you aren’t shaving off any calories by leaving off the bacon, cheese fries are creamy, yummy, and sometimes worth the splurge.

Cheese fries are made with Wendy’s natural-cut fries topped with a generous portion of creamy cheese sauce.

Like the other topped French fry sides on Wendy’s menu, the cheese fries can only be ordered in one size.

Each order has a total of 470 calories with 27g fat, 44g carbs, and 12g protein.

11. Pub Fries

Wendy’s pub fries take the original potato side to another level.

They’re cheesy and extra savory, like something you could imagine being served in a bar.

We love the white cheddar flavor of the beer cheese sauce, so they’re worth the occasional splurge.

Pub fries start with Wendy’s natural-cut, skin-on French fries.

Then, they add warm beer cheese sauce, cheddar, and Applewood smoked bacon to create a decadently cheesy side.

Pub fries aren’t for everyone as they contain the common allergens milk, soy, and wheat.

They come in one size that has 470 calories with 26g fat, 43g carbs, and 15g protein.

10. Cheese Baked Potato

Cheese sauce simply makes everything tastier, and there’s no shortage of it on Wendy’s cheese baked potato.

It’s topped with shredded cheddar cheese and creamy cheese sauce, resulting in a soft, creamy side that makes a fantastic snack.

Each order of cheese baked potato at Wendy’s has 450 calories with 14g fat, 65g carbs, and 15g protein.

9. Chili

Chili is one of Wendy’s most popular menu items made with ground beef and chili beans.

Wendy’s chili can be ordered in a small or large size, each of which comes with an optional side of crackers.

It comes with the 560-990% daily value of potassium, thanks to the mix of pinto and red kidney beans.

A small-sized chili has 240 calories with 11g fat, 22g carbs, and 16g protein.

If you step it up a size, the large has 340 calories with 15g fat, 31g carbs, and 22g protein.

8. Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato

Wendy’s sour cream and chive baked potato has that classic flavor that pairs perfectly with their chili or chicken nuggets.

It’s simple yet creamy and flavorful, and it’s our favorite comfort food on Wendy’s menu.

The name says it all regarding what’s included in this side item.

It starts with a hot and fluffy baked potato that’s topped with sour cream and chopped chives.

Each sour cream and chive baked potato has 310 calories with 2.5g fat, 63g carbs, and 8g protein.

7. 4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets

If you want some spice in your food but you’re not ready to commit to a full order, the 4-piece order of spicy chicken nuggets is perfect for you!

Made with all-white meat chicken and marinated with peppers and spices, this Wendy’s side has the right amount of heat to add to your meal.

Each 4-piece order has 190 calories, including 12g fat, 9g carbs, and 10g protein.

Like other chicken nugget orders at Wendy’s, this side also comes with your choice of dipping sauce.

6. Baconator Fries

Wendy’s baconator fries are a lot like pub fries, but they leave the beer out of the recipe.

That’s good news for anyone with gluten intolerance because there’s one less allergen in this side.

Baconator fries are made with Wendy’s natural-cut and skin-on French fries.

Like the pub fries, they’re topped with shredded cheddar and Applewood smoked bacon, but they swap out the beer cheese sauce with a different creamy, beer-free sauce. 

Although there’s no gluten, these fries are made with milk and soy.

Baconator fries only come in one size and contain 460 calories with 26g fat, 43g carbs, and 14g protein.

5. Bacon Cheese Baked Potato

When we think of a classic baked potato, we envision something like Wendy’s bacon cheese baked potato.

This version of their baked potato is topped with their decadent creamy cheese sauce, more shredded cheese, and some Applewood smoked bacon.

It’s hot and savory, and it could be a meal on its own.

The bacon cheese baked potato has a total of 440 calories with 13g fat, 64g carbs, and 13g fat.

4. Chili Cheese Fries

The best addition to Wendy’s natural-cut fries is their famous chili.

Wendy’s chili cheese fries can be a meal on its own, and it even comes with all the toppings.

Wendy’s chili cheese fries start with their skin-on and sea-salted French fries.

These are topped with their deliciously hearty chili and finished with creamy cheese sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.  

Chili cheese fries can only be ordered in one size, each of which has 520 calories with 27g fat, 53g carbs, and 17g protein.

3. Chili & Cheese Baked Potato

Wendy’s chili & cheese baked potato delivers two of their signature menu items together in one delicious side.

They take a fluffy baked potato and top it with the famous chili that includes meat and beans.

To top it off, they add a creamy cheese sauce and some shredded cheese, turning this spud into one of the most decadent Wendy’s sides on the menu.

Despite the abundance of toppings on this baked potato, milk and soy are the only common allergens present.

Each order of this side has a total of 500 calories, the highest of all baked potatoes on the menu.

2. 4 PC. Chicken Nuggets

The 4-piece order of chicken nuggets is the right amount of food and protein to add to any meal as a side.

It’s enough to enjoy these bite-sized pieces of real chicken, but not so much that you can’t eat anything else.

As with all Wendy’s chicken nuggets, these are made with 100% white meat chicken and a crispy bread coating.

Each 4-piece order of Wendy’s chicken nuggets has 180 calories with 12g fat, 9g carbs, and 10g protein.

Depending on your choice of dipping sauce, each packet can add an extra 10-100 calories.

1. Apple Bites

Wendy’s offers a variety of healthy selections on their menu, and apple bites are great for adults and little ones alike.

They include a selection of crispy apple pieces that make an easy snack for when you’re on the go or a healthy dessert after your favorite meal.

Apple bites are simply slices of fruit, so there are no common allergens present in this side.

Each portion has a total of 35 calories with 8gr carbs and no fat or protein.


Wendy’s menu features a variety of side items that range from lite and healthy snacks like apple bites to loaded baked potatoes, large enough to be a meal on its own.

Whether you are health conscious or ready to indulge, there’s sure to be a side item on Wendy’s menu to pair with your favorite meal.

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Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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