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Ranking Quesadillas at Chipotle From Worst to Best

Chipotle’s quesadillas are one of their most divisive menu items. Some people love the cheesy, melty treats that are only available through online ordering, while others condemn their small size and high prices.

Chipotle offers eight quesadillas, available through online ordering only. Each quesadilla consists of a single folded flour tortilla filled with Monterey Jack cheese and your choice of protein and pressed using a special oven.

Quesadillas range from 650 to 860 calories, and they’re smaller and more expensive than other menu items, such as burritos and bowls.

Unlike other Chipotle menu items, the only way to customize quesadillas is by adding sides.

In this article, we’ve ranked all of Chipotle’s quesadillas from worst to best. For more information on each quesadilla and to find out where your favorite ranks, read on!

8. Sofritas

Chipotle’s vegan and vegetarian protein option, sofritas, is made from non-GMO tofu shredded and braised with bell and poblano peppers, tomato paste, roasted tomatoes, red wine vinegar, and oregano.

It’s spicy, tangy, and savory.

Chipotle’s sofritas is a delicious protein option, but it’s the most expensive and highest-calorie vegetarian quesadilla on this list, which is why we’re ranking it last.

A sofritas quesadilla is 800 calories, and unlike the other two vegetarian quesadillas, guacamole is not included in the price.

Depending on the location, a sofritas quesadilla costs around $8.35 to $11.05.

The texture of sofritas is crumbly and a little chewy, which makes it better suited for a bowl than for a quesadilla.

Although it can be messy, if you want protein in your quesadilla, a sofritas quesadilla is a healthier option than many meat quesadillas.

7. Pollo Asado

Chipotle’s pollo asado is made from responsibly raised chicken thighs seasoned with guajillo peppers and garlic, grilled on the plancha, then tossed with a cilantro-lime marinade.

Pollo asado is bright and flavorful but not overly spicy.

It is pressed in a folded flour tortilla along with Monterey Jack cheese to create a pollo asado quesadilla.

There’s nothing wrong with Chipotle’s pollo asado quesadilla; it just doesn’t rank as high as some of the other quesadillas for a few reasons.

Pollo asado is one of the highest calorie quesadillas on Chipotle’s menu, along with the carnitas.

It’s also one of the more expensive quesadillas on the menu.

In addition, the flavor is better suited for a burrito or a bowl, along with other fresh, bright ingredients, than for a cheesy quesadilla.

If you want chicken in your quesadilla, the standard chicken quesadilla is 30 calories less and around $0.50-$1.00 cheaper than a pollo asado quesadilla.

The smoky flavors of the chipotle adobo marinated chicken also work better in a quesadilla than the brighter flavors of the pollo asado.

6. Fajita Veggie

Chipotle’s fajita veggies are made of sliced bell peppers, and onions sauteed on the plancha and tossed with a pinch of salt and oregano.

The veggies are then pressed in a folded flour tortilla along with Monterey Jack cheese.

While the fajita veggies are a great way to add an additional helping of veggies to any of Chipotle’s burritos or bowls, the flavor on its own is just okay in a quesadilla.

If you want a vegetarian quesadilla, you’re better off ordering a plain cheese quesadilla and piling it high with salsas and toppings.

A fajita veggie quesadilla contains 670 calories, and a side of guacamole is included in the price.

5. Barbacoa

The barbacoa quesadilla at Chipotle is made from the responsibly raised beef shoulder that’s been marinated in a chipotle adobo marinade and slowly braised.

The beef is then hand-shredded and pressed on a folded flour tortilla along with Monterey Jack cheese.

The difference between Chipotle’s barbacoa and steak is both the cut of beef and how it is prepared.

Barbacoa is made primarily with beef shoulder, whereas steak is made from various cuts, often beef round.

Both types of beef are first cooked sous vide and marinated overnight in a chipotle adobo marinade, but the barbacoa is then braised and hand-shredded, whereas the steak is grilled and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Barbacoa is one of the most flavorful proteins at Chipotle, but when pressed on a quesadilla, it tends to be a little on the dry side.

It’s also one of the most expensive quesadillas costing around $9.95 to $12.65, depending on your location.

A barbacoa quesadilla contains 820 calories.

If you like the flavor of Chipotle’s barbacoa and want to order it in a quesadilla, consider adding sides that will keep it from tasting too dry.

The tomatillo salsas, guacamole, and sour cream will all add moisture to your quesadilla.

4. Carnitas

Carnitas is one of the most delicious meats at Chipotle, but carnitas quesadillas tend to be a little dry, just like the barbacoa.

Chipotle’s carnitas is also one of their least-spicy meats.

Many prefer the milder flavor, but it may mean your quesadilla is a little plain tasting.

If you order a carnitas quesadilla, you’re definitely going to want to pile on the salsa!

Chipotle’s carnitas is made from responsibly raised pork slowly braised with crushed juniper berries, ground bay leaves, thyme, salt, and pepper.

The pork is then shredded by hand and pressed in a folded flour tortilla along with Monterey Jack cheese.

A carnitas quesadilla at Chipotle contains 860 calories.

3. Cheese

Sometimes all you need is melty cheese sandwiched inside a warm, toasty quesadilla.

Chipotle’s cheese quesadilla ranks in the top three because it really is hard to mess with a classic.

It’s made with the generous helping of Monterey Jack cheese and does tend to be somewhat plain, so choose your sides strategically.

You’re going to want at least one topping or sauce to dip your cheese quesadilla in, so take advantage of that free included guacamole!

The one major issue with the cheese quesadilla is its size.

For something that costs around $8.35 to $11.05 (depending on location), you’re receiving more of a snack than a meal.

If you’re planning on enjoying your quesadilla as a meal, you can opt for a side of rice or beans to make the meal more filling.

All the other quesadillas on Chipotle’s menu are essentially cheese quesadillas with proteins or fajita veggies added to them.

That means that Chipotle’s cheese quesadillas have the least calories of any of their quesadillas.

A single cheese quesadilla contains 650 calories, which is over 200 calories less than the highest-calorie quesadilla.

2. Chicken

Chicken quesadillas are a classic, and for a good reason — they’re delicious!

Chipotle’s chicken quesadilla is made from responsibly raised chicken thighs marinated overnight in a chipotle adobo marinade and then grilled.

The chicken is then chopped into bite-sized pieces and pressed on a folded flour tortilla with melty Monterey Jack cheese.

Chicken is Chipotle’s most popular protein, and the smoky flavor of the chicken is perfect for a crispy, cheesy quesadilla.

Chicken quesadillas are among the highest-calorie quesadillas on Chipotle’s menu, but they’re also one of the cheapest.

A Chipotle chicken quesadilla is 830 calories and costs around $8.35 to $11.05, depending on the location.

Just like all of Chipotle’s other quesadillas, you can’t order a chicken quesadilla in-store unless you’re at a particularly slow location and employees are willing to bend the rules.

Chicken quesadillas are available through online ordering only, either through Chipotle’s website and app or through a third-party delivery service such as GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Postmates.

If you want to enjoy a chicken quesadilla in a Chipotle restaurant, order it online for pickup.

1. Steak

Chipotle’s steak quesadilla ranks number one for several reasons.

Steak is Chipotle’s lowest-calorie meat option, and it’s also very filling.

A steak quesadilla contains 47g of protein, which is important since Chipotle’s quesadillas are fairly small.

The smoky and charred flavor of the steak also pairs well with the melty Monterey Jack cheese and crispy tortilla in a quesadilla.

Chipotle’s steak starts with the responsibly raised beef round cooked sous vide and marinated overnight in a smoky chipotle adobo marinade.

The steak is then grilled until it’s charred on the outside and medium-rare inside and cut into bite-sized pieces.

A Chipotle steak quesadilla is made from their grilled steak and Monterey Jack cheese and is pressed together between a folded flour tortilla until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy.

Steak quesadillas are 800 calories and cost $9.95 to $12.65, depending on the location.

They are one of the most expensive quesadillas on Chipotle’s menu but they are worth it!


Chipotle’s quesadillas are a delicious menu item available for online ordering only.

All quesadillas at Chipotle are made from a pressed flour tortilla filled with Monterey Jack cheese and the protein of your choice. You can also choose three sides to go along with it.

Make sure you choose any salsas you may want for your quesadilla, or add a side of rice or beans to make your meal more filling.

If you’re looking for more tips about Chipotle, check out the articles below.

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