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How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

With the increasing rate of people ordering their meals through DoorDash every day, it’s important to know how far DoorDash delivers and how the delivery distance on DoorDash is determined.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash has a default delivery radius of 5 miles but can deliver up to 30 miles.
  • Restaurants can change their delivery distance on DoorDash, but most deliveries are within a 5-mile radius.
  • Most Dashers do not accept long-distance delivery orders unless there is a high tip amount.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into getting delivery from DoorDash, including their delivery distance, estimated delivery times, and more.

What Is the Maximum Delivery Distance for DoorDash?

While DoorDash has a default delivery radius of 5 miles, the maximum delivery distance is limited up to 30 miles depending on the location and the partnership structure between the restaurant and DoorDash. The DoorDash algorithm assigns delivery range in each market based on the market specifics.

The DoorDash algorithm calculates many factors when calculating the delivery distance in a market.

For example, in a densely populated area like New York City, the delivery distance will be shorter than in a suburban area.

Restaurants and stores can opt-in to expand their delivery distance on DoorDash by switching to a different partnership structure.

The “Basic” partnership will allow the restaurants to access DoorDash’s standard delivery range within that market.

By upgrading to the “Plus” partnership, restaurants can increase their delivery distance by 10% compared to the “Basic” partnership.

And with the “Premier “partnership, the delivery range can be increased by 15%.

By enabling restaurants and stores to set their delivery ranges, DoorDash allows them to have better control over their customer base.

This also provides businesses to choose the optimal delivery range depending on the location.

For example, most restaurants in NYC choose a delivery distance of 10-15 blocks from their location, whereas a restaurant in the suburbs may need a minimum 5-10 miles delivery range to get close to their customers.

It’s also worth mentioning that most DoorDash drivers prefer to get orders within a 5-7 miles delivery range unless there is a high tip amount to cover the additional expenses and time.

Delivery and service fees will also be higher for long-distance delivery orders.

Why Does DoorDash Say” Too Far”?

“Too Far” message is displayed on DoorDash when a restaurant changes its delivery radius and falls out of the delivery range or because of a glitch that randomly happens on the DoorDash app. To fix this issue, you can restart the app or place your order on the DoorDash website.

Sometimes, when ordering from your favorite restaurants on DoorDash, you may get a “Too Far” message displayed, which can be frustrating.

There are usually a couple of reasons for this to happen. First, it’s possible that the restaurant changed its delivery distance based on customers’ feedback.

A longer delivery distance may impact the quality of the food delivered. If a restaurant gets bad customer reviews or frequent refund requests on DoorDash, it may change its delivery distance to improve customer satisfaction.

Another common reason is a glitch in the DoorDash app. Many users reported that this glitch randomly happens when ordering on the app.

To fix this issue, you can restart the app or order on the DoorDash website instead. The issue doesn’t seem to happen often on the website.

If none of these solutions work, you can contact the restaurant or DoorDash Customer Service to find out if the restaurant changed its delivery radius or if there’s another problem in your area. 

Does DoorDash Deliver Anywhere?

DoorDash delivers in more than 7,000 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan. So if you live in the US, DoorDash most likely delivers in your area. In addition, DoorDash delivery is available in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

DoorDash is one of the most used delivery services in the U.S., and they are available in many areas.

DoorDash is also available in over 80 cities across Canada and major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in Australia.

In addition, DoorDash constantly looks for opportunities to expand its services in other regions. According to Reuters, DoorDash is looking to enter 20+ new markets in Europe, including Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

To find out if DoorDash delivers in your area, you can enter your delivery address on their website and find local restaurants available in your area.

Does DoorDash Estimate the Delivery Time?

DoorDash provides an estimated delivery time and the driver’s status once the order is confirmed. DoorDash orders can also be tracked using the DoorDash app or the website. According to a national study, the average DoorDash delivery time is 42 minutes and 1 second.

The average DoorDash delivery time was measured in a national study by See Level with over 1,400 shoppers in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Dallas.

In this 2017 study, DoorDash was not the fastest to deliver orders compared to Uber Eats or GrubHub. However, it was the most accurate by delivering 92% of orders early or on time, based on the estimated delivery times.

Does Doordash Deliver 24/7?

DoorDash delivers 24 hours, 7 days a week; however, delivery times vary depending on your location and the restaurant hours. If you have open restaurants in your area and available Dashers to deliver, you can get delivery from DoorDash any time of the day.

DoorDash is a 24/7 service, but you may not always have open restaurants in your area to match their 24/7 service.

Many restaurants close before midnight; however, there are some fast-food restaurants you can find on DoorDash that are open 24 hours.

DoorDash also delivers on holidays, but deliveries may take longer due to high demand and fewer Dashers being available to deliver.

When you get a long estimated delivery time for an order, DoorDash Pickup is always a great alternative.

Can You Track Your Order on DoorDash?

You can track your order on the DoorDash app or website once the order is confirmed. After order confirmation, DoorDash will give you an estimated delivery time. DoorDash also allows you to get notifications on order status and the Dasher’s location.

Once the order is confirmed, you can view order details on the app or website, including the estimated delivery time and Dasher’s location when they are on the way to you.

To track your order on DoorDash, you can follow the steps below on the DoorDash app:

  1. Find your order under the tab called “Orders.”
  2. Here, order details will include estimated delivery time and one of three possible statuses: “In the process of being confirmed,” “At the restaurant,” or “The Dasher is on the way to you”.
  3. If a Dasher has accepted your order, a map will appear under the “Orders” tab. This map indicates the location of your Dasher, the restaurant, and your delivery address.
  4. To contact your Dasher, tap the phone or message icon next to the Dasher’s name at the bottom of the “Orders” screen.

To track your order on the DoorDash website, find your order and click the “Help” option. Then, under the “Help” section, click on “Order Status.”

Similar to the DoorDash app, you can view the estimated delivery time and the location of your Dasher on the DoorDash website.

How to Order DoorDash

You can order delivery or pickup from DoorDash using the DoorDash app or the website. First, create an account and enter your address. Then, DoorDash will display the available restaurants near you and the deals in your area. Finally, add the items to your cart and place your order.

You can place a DoorDash order 24 hours, 7 days a week, as long as delivery drivers are available in your area.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to order DoorDash using the app:

1. First, sign in to your account or create a new one.

2. Enter your delivery address on top of the screen.

3. View all restaurants and deals available in your area.

4. Add items to your cart and tap on “Continue” to checkout.

5. Choose the delivery time, payment method, and the optional tip and tap “Place Order.”


If you live in an area where DoorDash delivery is available and you’re within 5 miles of your favorite restaurants, you can comfortably order on DoorDash knowing that you’re in the delivery radius, and the fees will be reasonable.

For those who live further than 5 miles from the restaurants, delivery is still possible if restaurants choose to expand their delivery radius but expect additional fees to be added.

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