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Kroger Cakes: A Complete Guide to Ordering Cakes From Kroger Bakery

If you’re shopping for the perfect cake for your next special occasion, the Kroger bakery has everything you could possibly need. With Kroger birthday cakes, graduation cakes, cupcakes, and even wedding cakes for every budget, you won’t have to break the bank to celebrate your next event.

Kroger bakery offers affordable graduation cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and more for every type of occasion. Kroger also creates delicious custom cakes with countless flavors, icing options, and designs to choose from. Plus, unlike most supermarkets, Kroger offers licensed cakes with trademarked designs.

Let’s take a look at Kroger’s cake-ordering process, prices, and how to order your own custom cake from your local Kroger bakery department.

How to Order a Cake From Kroger

To order a cake from Kroger, you can either visit your local bakery during Kroger bakery hours or place an online order. When you visit the bakery counter, you’ll be able to fill out a cake order form, check out the available customization options, and discuss your options with a cake decorator.

When filling out your cake order form, you’ll be able to choose between different flavors, icing colors, and more.

If you’re not sure what size cake you need, let your cake decorator know how many people you’re planning to serve, and they’ll help you make the right choice.

Whether you’re ordering a custom cake online or in-store, be sure to place your order 48 hours before your planned pickup date.

If your cake decorator has any questions about your order, they’ll contact you using the information you listed on the cake order form.

This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your cake decorators are doing all they can to bring your dream cake to life.

On the other hand, if you’re not shopping for a custom cake, you can visit your local bakery department and choose a premade cake.

If you choose a premade cake, you can still add a personalized message to the cake without any upcharge.

So, even if you’re short on time or forget to place a custom order, you can still bring home a special cake from Kroger!

Kroger’s cake case typically includes Kroger red velvet cake, Kroger cookie cake, Kroger carrot cake, classic chocolate and vanilla cakes, and other customer favorites.

With that said, availability will vary depending on the store, so it’s always best to call before coming in. If your store isn’t too busy, you might even be able to set a cake aside to pick up later.

Can You Order a Cake Online From Kroger?

With Kroger’s online order-ahead options, ordering a custom cake online is convenient and simple. All you need to do is visit Kroger’s website, enter your location, and choose how you’d like to shop. Kroger offers in-store pickup, delivery, and shipping options.

When you order a custom cake online from Kroger, you’ll be able to choose your desired cake flavor, icing type, icing colors, and more.

Unlike other grocery stores, Kroger makes it easy to personalize your cake with a special message or add specific design instructions when you’re placing an online cake order.

Kroger offers free in-store pickup for orders over $35, as well as delivery starting at $9.95.

If you’re not shopping for a custom cake, you can also order premade Kroger birthday cakes, cupcakes, and even the customer-favorite Kroger strawberry crunch cake through third-party delivery platforms like Instacart.

Although Instacart offers free delivery of over $35, you’ll still have to pay applicable service fees, taxes, and tip your driver.

Does Kroger Make Custom Cakes?

When you order a custom Kroger cake, you’ll be able to choose the cake size, flavor, and icing type. Kroger offers more customization options than most bakeries, with options to customize your cake’s border and icing colors. Plus, you can even add a personalized message to complete your cake design.

Kroger offers a wide range of cake flavors and icing options, with cake flavors ranging from classic Kroger chocolate cake and vanilla cake to marble cake.

You’ll also be able to choose between buttercream or whipped icing, along with unique design options like roses and balloons.

Unlike other grocery store bakeries, Kroger bakery allows customers to order custom cakes with licensed and trademarked images, including Disney-themed and Nintendo-themed cakes.

Like Kroger special occasion cakes, Kroger licensed cakes are available in various sizes, with prices ranging from $23.99 to $49.99.

If you have any special design requests in mind, you can add instructions while placing an online order.

If you’re aiming for a specific design, it’s always a good idea to visit your local store during Kroger bakery hours to discuss options with an experienced cake decorator.

If you’re planning to order a custom cake from Kroger, you’ll need to visit your local Kroger bakery or place an online order at least 48 hours in advance.

This way, the cake decorations at your local bakery will have enough time to perfect your design.

What Are Kroger Cake Prices?

Kroger bakery offers birthday cakes, graduation cakes, and cupcakes for every budget, with prices ranging from $16.99 to $44.99. If you’re in the market for a fully customizable cake, shopping at Kroger can help you cut costs compared to other grocery store bakeries like Publix and Whole Foods.

Kroger licensed cakes and Kroger special occasion cakes, including the Kroger unicorn cake, are priced individually, and prices may vary depending on your specific location.

Meanwhile, Kroger cupcake prices start at $2.99 for a 12-count of mini Kroger cupcakes.

Kroger cake prices are as follows. If you’re planning to order a custom cake, keep in mind that these are base prices, and customizations may come with an upcharge.

Cake SizeKroger Price
8” Double-Layer Round Cake$16.99
¼ Sheet Cake$18.99
½ Sheet Cake$29.99
Full Sheet Cake$44.99
*Kroger cake prices may vary by location.

Does Kroger Make Wedding Cakes?

If you’re shopping for the perfect wedding cake for your big day, Kroger might be the ideal solution. Although every Kroger location doesn’t make cakes, most Kroger bakery departments offer beautiful custom wedding cakes.

Kroger wedding cake prices are significantly lower than local bakeries, making them a great option for budget-friendly weddings.

However, because your local Kroger store needs to order any custom wedding cake from their Designer Kit Cakes catalog, you’ll need to place your order at least one month before your planned pickup date.

Kroger’s wedding cake options include delicious two-tiered and three-tiered traditional wedding cakes with white frosting.

Alternatively, you can place a custom order with personalized frosting colors and designs to match your wedding’s themes.

If you’re thinking about ordering a wedding cake, visit your local Kroger bakery to talk about your options and make your vision come to life.

To top it all off, Kroger also offers affordable party supplies and cake toppers.

This way, you’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your big day while you leave the cake and decorations to Kroger.

Does Kroger Bake Their Own Cakes?

Like most other grocery bakeries, Kroger does not bake their own cakes. Instead, Kroger sheet cakes are pre-baked by a third-party supplier and sent in frozen. After arriving at the store, cake decorators defrost each cake to build their Kroger graduation cakes, birthday cakes, and other creations.

Although Kroger cakes and Kroger cupcakes aren’t made in stores, bakery team members make fresh frosting and icing at the stores daily.

In addition, cake decorators pay careful attention to best-by dates when defrosting cakes to ensure light, soft, and flavorful cakes.


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party or planning for your wedding, nothing beats the convenience and affordability of Kroger cakes. So next time you’re visiting Kroger for a grocery run, be sure to swing by the bakery counter for a delicious cake!

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