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Here’s What You Need to Know If You Lost Your Costco Card

Costco is one of the most popular stores to shop at, especially for those looking to buy their groceries in bulk. There are currently more than 109 million members worldwide, and most of them have lost their membership cards at some point. Here’s what to do if this happens to you. 

If you lose your Costco card, you need to go to the nearest warehouse to request a replacement. You will be issued a replacement card with a new membership number. All Costco card replacements are done in the warehouses. If you lose your Costco credit card, you need to contact Citibank directly to report it.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about replacing Costco cards, credit cards, and rewards checks. 

How To Replace a Lost Costco Card

The only way to replace a lost Costco card is to drive to your nearest warehouse. When you get to the warehouse, you will be directed to the membership counter, and an associate will ask for proof of identification. Once your membership is confirmed, they will issue a replacement card at no extra cost.

After replacing your Costco card, you can start shopping right away with the new card. Regardless of the reason, all Costco card replacements are always done in warehouses. It is the safest option to ensure the identity matches the membership number. 

When you approach the membership counter at Costco, tell the associate that you lost your card and need a replacement. Then the associate will:

  • Ask to see your ID
  • Match your ID with the membership in their database
  • Most likely, take a new photo of you
  • Print you a new Costco card at no extra charge

What If You Lose Your Costco Credit Card?

If you lose your Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card by Citi, you’ll have to contact Citibank directly. They will close your initial credit card and issue you a new one after asking you several security questions. You can report your card as lost by logging into your Citi account or calling customer service. 

The downside to replacing your Costco credit card is that you will lose the rewards you’ve accumulated so far that year.

You’ll still be able to use your rewards check from the previous year’s rewards, but your next check will likely have fewer rewards. 

Losing a credit card can also affect your credit. It’s important to report the lost credit card before anyone finds it and makes purchases on it. Fraudulent purchases will affect your credit more than just losing the card. 

Can You Replace a Costco Card Online?

You cannot replace a Costco card online. If you need a new card, you will have to go to the nearest warehouse. When you walk into the warehouse, head straight to the membership counter. They will ask for proof of ID to ensure they are giving you a new card for the proper membership. The entire process is quick and free. 

You can, however, renew your Costco membership online, but you’ll have to go to a warehouse to pick up a new card if your old one is damaged. Costco will not mail the new card to you.

If you don’t need a new card, you can renew your membership online without having to worry about picking up a new card. 

Alex Miller, a San Jose Costco employee, states that most patrons still choose to renew their membership in-store because everything can be done quickly and easily on-site.

Then, you can proceed to complete any grocery shopping immediately afterward. 

Can Someone Use Your Lost Costco Card?

It’s hard for someone to use a lost Costco card because all Costco cards have the member’s photo ID on the back of the card. Costco cashiers are cautioned to always look at the photo on the back to ensure the customer is using a card issued to them. Still, it is possible for someone to get away with using a lost card. 

Cashiers don’t always check the photo on the back of the card, even though they are supposed to. This is the only way someone would get away with using a lost Costco card. 

If you lose your Costco card, it is important that you go online or go in person to report your lost card. The Costco employee will issue you a new card with a new membership number.

This is the best and easiest way to ensure that no one gets away with using your lost Costco card.

Doing so will also relieve you from the risk of losing your membership. If Costco sees multiple people using your membership, they will likely revoke the membership completely. 

Can You Replace a Lost Costco Rewards Check?

Unfortunately, you cannot replace a lost Costco rewards check. It is a certificate given to you at your membership renewal time for all the rewards you accumulated. It is equivalent to cash and can be redeemed for most purchases. However, you cannot use your Costco rewards check for self-checkout or online purchases. 

There are certain items that you can’t purchase with your Costco rewards check, some of which include: 

  • Food court items
  • Prescriptions 
  • Alcohol 
  • Cigarettes 
  • Gas 
  • Costco online
  • Payment for Costco credit card

It’s also important to use your rewards check within the allotted time because they do expire.

You have the entire calendar year to spend your rewards check, but it’s best to use it soon after you receive it to decrease the chances of losing it before you use all the rewards. 

Sara Turner, a Costco employee in Avondale, AZ, wants members to understand that the Costco rewards check isn’t issued by Costco, which is why they can’t replace it if you lose it.

Instead, it is a certificate of the rewards you acquired throughout the year from your Costco Anywhere Visa Card from Citi Bank. If they issued replacements, they would receive a lot of scam calls regarding alleged lost certificates. 

Can You Go to Costco Without Your Card?

You can technically go to Costco without your card. All members have a digital card automatically made for them when they sign up. All you have to do is download the Costco app and sign in with your member ID. Then, you can access your digital card on the app and show it to the cashier at check-out. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a membership to shop at Costco warehouses, gas stations, or Costco online if you know someone with a Costco membership.

Simply ask them to grab a Costco Cash Card for you when they visit the warehouse. 

The Costco Cash Card works the same as a gift card but can only be purchased by existing members. It makes a great gift for the holidays if someone you know has talked about getting a Costco membership but hasn’t done it yet! 


Costco is a favorite for many households. Although you cannot replace a lost card online, you can easily do so by visiting your local warehouse.

They understand most grocery stores don’t have membership cards, so they make replacements so easy and free for customers. You can even shop at the store immediately after receiving your replacement! 

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