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Chick-fil-A Catering: Your Go-to Guide for Easy Event Planning

By Lana Kisner | November 11, 2023

Most Chick-fil-A fans probably already know the basics: they’re closed on Sundays, serve delicious sandwiches, and have one of the best fast-food sauces of all time. But did you also know that Chick-fil-A offers a pretty extensive catering menu?

Fast food may not be the first to come to mind when you think of catering, but if you’re looking for a caterer for your next event, Chick-fil-A can bring Southern charm and delicious flavors to your party. Here’s everything you need to know about the catering services the restaurant chain offers.

How to Order From Chick-fil-A’s Catering Menu

You can order from Chick-fil-A’s catering menu on their website and mobile app or call the restaurant you would like to cater from. Chick-fil-A catering orders are available for pickup or delivery, but you should allow at least 24 hours to prepare your order.

I’ll show you exactly how to order on their mobile app below:

Step 1. Log in to the Chick-fil-A app and click on “Order Catering” at the bottom of the screen, just above the menu.

Step 2. Choose pickup or delivery, then enter your address to find the nearest restaurant location. If you choose to order pickup, select between “Carry-out” or “Drive-thru.”

Step 3. It’s time to select your catering order from the menu. You can scroll through the top menu or search for items by diet and allergens.

Step 4. Select the items you’d like to order, including any sides, sauces, or other additional items.

Step 5. Click on the bag icon at the top right corner. Here, you can confirm that your order is correct or make changes by clicking on the “Edit” or “Remove” buttons next to each item. You can also confirm the date, time, and location of the order.

Step 6. The order total will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If everything looks correct, click on the “Proceed to checkout” button.

Step 7. You will be asked if you need any paper goods. If you do, select how many guests you are serving, then click on “Continue to contact information.”

Step 8. Enter your contact and payment information on the next two screens to finalize your order.

Remember to allow Chick-fil-A at least 24 hours to prepare your catering order. If you need to cancel your order, I’d recommend calling the restaurant directly.

What Is on the Chick-fil-A Catering Menu?

Chick-fil-A offers plenty of options on its catering menu, including breakfast items, entrees, trays, packaged meals, and salads. The availability varies by location, but here’s a quick overview of their popular offerings:

Breakfast Items

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Craving something on Chick-fil-A’s breakfast menu? These are the items available for catering orders:

  • Biscuits: Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit, Spicy Chicken Biscuit, Bacon Biscuit, Sausage Biscuit, Buttered Biscuit
  • Chicken: Chick-n-Minis Tray (20 or 40 pieces)
  • Sides: Greek Yogurt Parfait, Fruit Cup


Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

You can choose from the following trays:

  • Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  • Chick-n-Strips 
  • Grilled Chicken Bundle
  • Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich
  • Spicy Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich
  • Cool Wrap
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap
  • Garden Salad  
  • Kale Crunch Side
  • Mac & Cheese 
  • Fruit 

If you love desserts, Chick-fil-A also offers sweet treats with trays:

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Mix of Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Fudge Brownie

Packaged Meals

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

If you want to order packaged meals for your guests, they offer five different options:

  • Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • 8-count Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  • Cool Wrap
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap

A La Carte Items

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

If you want to order something different for everyone in your party, you can choose from these individual items:

  • Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  • Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich
  • Spicy Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich
  • Spicy Southwest Salad
  • Cool Wrap 
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap
  • Market Salad 
  • Cobb Salad
  • Sides


Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A’s sauces are what make their meals so special, and some catering menu items like Chick-n-Strips and Nuggets include them on the side. You can also buy 8-ounce bottles if you think you’ll need more.  


Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

You probably need drinks to wash down all that food, right? These are the available options to choose from:

  • Gallon-sized drinks: Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (sweetened, unsweetened, or mixed), Sunjoy (sweetened, unsweetened, or mixed), Chick-fil-A Lemonade (diet, regular, or mixed)
  • Individual drinks: Water, Honest Kids Apple Juice, Simply Orange Juice, Milk, and Chocolate Milk
  • Catering Coffee (96-ounce)
  • Bag of ice

What Are Chick-fil-A’s Catering Menu Prices?

Prices will vary by location, but you can check pricing for each item on the Chick-fil-A app, as I showed in the previous section. You can also call your local restaurant to confirm. Here are the average prices you can expect for some of their most popular catering items:

  • Medium Nugget Tray: $72
  • Medium Chick-n-Strips Tray: $72
  • Medium Cool Wrap Tray: $48
  • Small Fruit Tray: $37
  • Gallon Chick-fil-A Lemonade: $12
  • Small Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray: $21
  • 8-ounce Chick-fil-A Sauce: $2.75
  • Small Chick-n-Minis Tray: $37
  • Coffee (96-ounce): $16

Do You Earn Chick-fil-A Rewards on Catering Orders?

If you’re a member of the Chick-fil-A One program, you can earn rewards on every qualifying catering order. Just remember that you must be logged in to earn rewards when ordering online. If you’re ordering at the restaurant, just ask the associate to scan your membership code.

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