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Chick-fil-A Gift Cards: Where to Buy and How to Use Them

If you know someone who loves Chick-fil-A sandwiches and waffle fries, you may have thought of giving them a Chick-fil-A gift card. But you may be wondering where you can find one and how they can use it without going to a restaurant.

You can buy Chick-fil-A gift cards at a Chick-fil-A restaurant or online or from retailers like Kroger, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens. Amazon does not sell Chick-fil-A gift cards. Chick-fil-A gift cards never expire and can be used in restaurants or online once added to a Chick-fil-A One membership account. 

Chick-fil-A gift cards are an easy way to gift monetary value and earn rewards points for Chick-fil-A menu items. This article will provide everything you need to know about where to buy and how to use Chick-fil-A gift cards!

Where to Buy Chick-fil-A Gift Cards

You can buy physical Chick-fil-A gift cards and e-gift cards. Chick-fil-A gift cards can be purchased from a Chick-fil-A restaurant or online through the website or the app. In addition, physical Chick-fil-A gift cards can also be purchased at Kroger, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and Walmart stores or on their websites.  

The following table shows the major retailers and if they sell Chick-fil-A gift cards.

StoreSells Chick-fil-A Gift Cards
Dollar GeneralNo
Giant EagleYes
Sam’s ClubYes

Chick-fil-A gift cards purchased through Chick-fil-A online or from a Chick-fil-A restaurant can range in value from $5 to $100.

Both physical Chick-fil-A gift cards and Chick-fil-A e-gift cards can be purchased directly through Chick-fil-A, and both have several designs to choose from.

When purchasing a physical or an e-gift card directly through Chick-fil-A, you can choose the card’s value in $1 increments.

In addition, you can buy a physical Chick-fil-A gift card at Kroger stores or Kroger online. Chick-fil-A gift cards sold at Kroger come with a $10 value and are available for in-store pickup only.

You can also buy a physical Chick-fil-A gift card at Sam’s Club stores or Sam’s Club online. Chick-fil-A gift cards sold at Sam’s Club come with a $10 value, but they are sold in 3-card packs for a $30 total value.

Chick-fil-A gift cards at Sam’s Club may be available for shipping, pickup, or delivery.

Furthermore, you can buy a physical Chick-fil-A gift card at Walmart stores or Walmart online. Chick-fil-A gift cards sold at Walmart come with a $10 value and are available for in-store pickup or delivery.

Finally, you can buy a physical Chick-fil-A gift card at Walgreens stores or Walgreens online.

Chick-fil-A gift cards sold at Walgreens come with a $10 value, and the gift cards are available for in-store pickup only.

Other retailers and grocery stores carry Chick-fil-A gift cards as well, so if you don’t shop at any of the stores above, check with your local store.

Chick-fil-A gift cards are not sold at all major retailers, though. Retailers that do not sell Chick-fil-A gift cards include:

  • Amazon
  • Dollar General
  • Safeway

How to Use a Chick-fil-A Gift Card Online

You can use a Chick-fil-A gift card to order online through the Chick-fil-A website or the mobile app. Chick-fil-A gift cards are transferred into a digital Chick-fil-A One membership account and then can be used to pay for online orders.

Next, we’ll show you how to use a Chick-fil-A gift card online. The following steps will explain how to use a Chick-fil-A gift card on the mobile app, but the process is similar when ordering through the Chick-fil-A website.

1. Create a Chick-fil-A One account online through the Chick-fil-A website or mobile app. Registering for an account requires a name, email, and phone number. An account is needed to use your Chick-fil-A gift card.

2. Place your order for pickup or delivery. When your order is complete, click on “My Order” in the bottom right corner of the app or at the top right corner of the website.

3. Review your order and add any special requests you may have. Your total will be shown at the bottom of the screen. If everything looks correct, click on “Continue to checkout” in the app or “Checkout” on the website.  

4. Confirm that your order details are correct. Then, click on “Change” next to the selected payment option.

5. Using a Chick-fil-A gift card online requires transferring the balance on your card to your Chick-fil-A One account. To transfer a balance to your account, click on “Transfer a gift card.”

6. The next page will prompt you to enter your gift card number and the PIN located beneath the scratch-off. You may transfer gift card values up to $100. By transferring funds, the card’s balance will be reduced to $0.00, and your funds will instead be available through your account.

7. Once funds have been transferred, click on “Pay with Chick-fil-A One” to complete your order. Your available balance will be shown at the bottom of the screen, and the order total will be deducted from your balance.

Chick-fil-A gift card balance can also be added to your account before placing your order.

To add a gift card to your Chick-fil-A One account, click on “Scan” at the bottom of the app and scan the QR code on your card.

Select “Add funds,” then “Transfer a gift card,” and the value of the card will be transferred to your account.

You can also navigate to the “Add funds” button under the account menu in the app, then add funds to your account by entering your gift card number.

Chick-fil-A is available to order through third-party delivery apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Postmates, but Chick-fil-A gift cards cannot be used to pay for these orders.

Chick-fil-A gift cards can only be used to order directly from a Chick-fil-A restaurant or online.

To use a Chick-fil-A gift card online, the card’s balance must be transferred to a Chick-fil-A One account.

How to Check a Chick-fil-A Gift Card Balance

You can check a Chick-fil-A gift card balance through the Chick-fil-A mobile app, by calling 1-888-232-1864 or at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. The remaining balance of a Chick-fil-A gift card previously used to make a payment will also be printed on the bottom of the order receipt.

To check your Chick-fil-A gift card balance through the app, navigate to “Account” in the bottom menu.

Then click on “Add funds” to view your account balance. The total balance will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

You can also check a Chick-fil-A gift card balance by calling 1-888-232-1864. After choosing your preferred language, press “1” to receive your card balance, then enter the 16-digit gift card number.

In addition, a Chick-fil-A restaurant associate can check the balance of your gift card in-store. Simply ask the employee helping you to run a balance check.

If the value of your gift card is greater than the cost of your order, the remaining gift card balance will be printed at the bottom of your order receipt.

Keep in mind that Chick-fil-A gift cards don’t expire and can be reloaded once the funds run low.

You can reload a physical gift card purchased from a Chick-fil-A restaurant by asking an associate at participating restaurants. However, Chick-fil-A gift cards purchased at other retailers are not reloadable.

Chick-fil-A e-gift cards cannot be reloaded, but you can add funds to your account by navigating to your account in the Chick-fil-A app and clicking on “Add funds.”

You can add funds to your Chick-fil-A One account by using a credit or debit card, Google Pay, or PayPal.

How to Send a Chick-fil-A Gift Card

You can send a physical Chick-fil-A gift card or an e-gift card as a gift. Chick-fil-A e-gift cards can be purchased on the Chick-fil-A website or the app and emailed to the recipient. In addition, Chick-fil-A physical gift cards can be purchased online from participating retailers and delivered to your recipient.

Only e-gift cards are available to purchase at Chick-fil-A online, but it is still possible to choose from the same selection of gift card designs.

To send a Chick-fil-A e-gift card to someone, choose a gift card value between $5 and $100 on the Chick-fil-A website, then enter your name, the recipient’s name and email, and a personal message to send with the card.

Choose to send the card now or schedule a date to send it later, then add the card to your cart.

To send a physical Chick-fil-A gift card to someone, purchase the card online through a participating retailer like Walmart or Sam’s Club.

Remember that delivery is not available for gift cards from all retailers who sell Chick-fil-A gift cards.

Physical gift cards can also be purchased in-store at participating retailers and sent via USPS.

Do Chick-fil-A Gift Cards Expire?

Chick-fil-A gift cards do not expire. In addition, Chick-fil-A gift cards do not have any fees, and the physical Chick-fil-A gift cards purchased at restaurants can be reloaded and used again. Also, you can request cash back for the remaining small balance on Chick-fil-A gift cards in some states.

Chick-fil-A gift cards cost only the amount put onto a card and will never have any additional fees. Chick-fil-A gift cards are accepted at participating restaurants and online at Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A gift card value can be transferred to an online account and be used when purchasing at Chick-fil-A online.

However, gift card values cannot be exchanged for cash except as required by applicable law.

Some states require restaurants to give cash back to customers on remaining small gift card balances.

Below are the states that have this gift card cash-back law and their thresholds:

  • California – $10
  • Colorado – $5
  • Connecticut – $3
  • Hawaii – $5
  • Maine – $5
  • Massachusetts – $5 for reloadable cards or 10% of the original face value for non-reloadable cards
  • Montana – $5
  • New Jersey – $5
  • New York – $5
  • Oregon – $5 for gift cards used at least once
  • Rhode Island – $1
  • Texas – $2.50
  • Vermont – $10
  • Washington – $5

If you want to get cash back on your Chick-fil-A gift card, you can do one of the following:

  1. Request your cash back from a Chick-fil-A associate at a participating restaurant in any of the above states with a cash-back law.
  2. Download and fill out the Chick-fil-A Gift Card Cash Back Request Form. Return the completed form with your gift card number on it to [email protected]. You can also call (404) 305-7700 for other ways to return the form.

How to Get a Free Chick-fil-A Gift Card

Chick-fil-A does not have any promotions to give away free gift cards, but they offer ways to earn points for free menu items. Rewards points are awarded to Chick-fil-A One members for eligible purchases, and these points can be redeemed for free menu items like desserts, sides, and drinks.

Chick-fil-A offers a membership program called Chick-fil-A One. Members receive 10 points per $1 spent, and they have the chance to earn more points through bonus points challenges.

Points are not given for purchasing a gift card, but orders purchased with a Chick-fil-A gift card will still accrue points.

The membership program has several tiers where members can unlock special offers.

Chick-fil-A One members also receive a free item for their birthday, and they are always the first to know about new menu items.

Once members reach Silver Status, they have the option to gift points to friends and family.

Members also receive access to other VIP benefits and more points per $1 as they achieve higher tiers.

You may come across free Chick-fil-A gift cards through promotions such as radio giveaways and other sponsored events, but there is no evidence of any regular promotions.

You may also find some survey sites, such as Prize Rebel, that offer free Chick-fil-A gift cards for participating in their studies.

What if Your Chick-fil-A Gift Card Is Lost or Damaged?

If your Chick-fil-A gift card is lost or damaged, you can submit a form to request a replacement. Replacements require a copy of the sales receipt for the gift card or the activation receipt. However, Chick-fil-A gift card replacements are determined case-by-case and not guaranteed.

To submit a gift card replacement request, fill out the Chick-fil-A Gift Card Replacement Form. Then, return the form along with the supporting documentation.

You can send your replacement request via email to TreasuryCare[email protected] or mail your request to the following address:

Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Treasury Department

Attention: Gift Card Replacement

5200 Buffington Road

Atlanta, GA. 30349-2998

Note that only Chick-fil-A gift cards with a remaining balance can be replaced, and it may take 6-12 weeks to get a response.

If you are missing a Chick-fil-A gift card purchased at a participating retailer, then you can take your receipt to that retailer for assistance.


Chick-fil-A gift cards make great gifts for anyone who frequently craves Chick-fil-A’s delicious sandwiches. Gift cards can be loaded into a Chick-fil-A One membership account, where they can be stored.

In addition, Chick-fil-A has physical and e-gift cards available, and both can be used to order in restaurants or online.

If you’re interested in finding out more tips about Chick-fil-A, check out the related articles below.

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