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The Best Coffee at Tim Hortons

For some people, Tim Hortons is practically a way of life. The Canadian-born coffee and donut chain has been around since the 1960s and has amassed a considerable cult following.

Tim Hortons coffee drinks are some of the most popular items on the menu, and when it comes to popularity, the classics reign supreme.

While the chain does release seasonal and specialty drinks throughout the year, for the most part, the best coffee at Tim Hortons are the simple classics.

In this article, we’ve compiled the 17 best Tim Hortons coffee drinks. Read on to see our top picks and where your favorite ranks!

17. Dark Roast Coffee

The Dark Roast Coffee at Tim Hortons is bolder and slightly less caffeinated than their original blend (though it may taste “stronger” to many people).

If you want your coffee to have more of a “coffee” taste, especially if you take milk and sugar in it, you’ll probably like the darker roast.

On its own, a Dark Roast Coffee contains just 4 calories, 0g of sugar, and 0g of fat.

You can customize your coffee by adding milk, sweetener, flavored syrup, or a shot of espresso.

16. Caramel Cold Brew With Cold Foam

The Caramel Cold Brew With Cold Foam is one of Tim Hortons’ most beautiful drinks, but it’s very sweet.

It combines cold brew’s bold, smooth flavor with creamy, frothy milk foam and sweet caramel.

It is made from cold brew coffee, which is slowly steeped in cold water and is less acidic than traditional iced coffee.

The cold brew is sweetened with caramel-flavored syrup and topped with more caramel drizzle and cold foam made from nonfat milk.

While it’s smooth and satisfying, the Caramel Cold Brew with Cold Foam may taste too sweet for many cold brew drinkers.

It is one of the sweeter iced coffee drinks Tim Hortons offers.

A medium size contains 57g of sugar along with 19g of fat and 424 calories.

You can modify the drink by adding your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk, flavored syrup, sweetener, or espresso.

15. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee may be simple, but it’s one of the most popular beverages from Tim Hortons – and die-hard fans drink it year-round, regardless of the weather.

It’s made with 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are brewed hot and then chilled before being served over ice.

The Iced Coffee can be customized to your liking with your choice of milk, sweetener, flavored syrup, and toppings.

If you order a “classic” Iced Coffee, it will be made with cream and liquid cane sugar.

14. Peppermint Mocha Latte (Seasonal)

The Peppermint Mocha Latte is a festive, seasonal winter drink from Tim Hortons.

It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit and makes the perfect caffeinated accessory to accompany you on your shopping and errand running.

This latte is made with a combination of fresh, bold espresso, velvety steamed 2% milk, and rich, festive chocolate peppermint syrup.

It’s available hot or iced and topped with whipped topping and crunchy peppermint pieces.

13. Caramel Iced Capp

The Caramel Iced Capp is a creamy, frosty caramel treat. It’s a blended frozen coffee drink that’s sweet and refreshing.

One thing to note is that it tastes more like caramel than coffee, so if you want a drink that’s more balanced between the two flavors, you may want to add a shot of espresso.

The Caramel Iced Capp is made from Tim Hortons’ signature iced capp base, which is frozen in a slush machine and blended with cream and caramel syrup.

It contains 622 calories, 136g of sugar, and 28g of fat.

If you’re looking for a lower-calorie alternative, order a Caramel Iced Capp Lite made with 2% milk instead of cream.

12. Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

The Vanilla Cream Cold Brew is a creamy, dreamy way to drink your iced coffee at Tim Hortons.

It’s smooth and sweet but very well-balanced.

If you like to balance out some of the bitterness of black coffee but don’t want all the bells and whistles of an Iced Capp or fancy latte, this is an excellent option.

It is made with cold brew iced coffee that’s been slowly steeped over 16 hours.

The coffee is sweetened with vanilla syrup and served on ice with a splash of cream.

The Vanilla Cream Cold Brew contains 238 calories, 26g of sugar, and 14g of fat.

You can request to substitute any of Tim Hortons’ dairy or non-dairy milk for the cream.

11. Mochanut Iced Latte

Tim Hortons’ Mochanut Iced Latte is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

It’s a sweetly satisfying combination of chocolate, coconut, and espresso flavors.

It tastes like a glorious combination of an iced coffee and a candy bar.

This latte is made from 2% milk combined with espresso, chocolate, and coconut-flavored syrup.

It’s served on ice and topped with whipped topping and chocolate syrup.

You can customize your Mochanut Iced Latte by switching the type of milk used, adding flavored syrups, or extra espresso shots.

10. Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee

The Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee is a delicious, dairy-free iced coffee drink.

Tim Hortons combines iced coffee with almond milk and a splash of vanilla syrup to create this creamy, subtly nutty beverage.

If you’re calorie-conscious, substituting almond milk for regular milk or cream in your iced coffee is a great way to decrease the calories.

9. Cappuccino

Unlike the Iced Capps, which are made from a mix, Tim Hortons’ Cappuccino is made from freshly pulled espresso and frothy steamed milk.

It is the light, fluffy, and one of the least sweet coffee drinks on the Tim Hortons menu.

A medium size contains 122 calories, 11g of sugar, and 5g of fat.

If you prefer your Cappuccino sweeter, you can always modify it by adding sweeteners or flavored syrup.

8. Caramel Latte

There’s no cure for bad weather quite like a Caramel Latte. It’s a rich, comforting coffee drink with enough buttery sweetness to brighten a gloomy day.

Tim Hortons’ Caramel Latte is made by combining velvety warm 2% milk, caramel-flavored syrup, and fresh espresso.

Despite the addition of caramel, lattes are one of the less sweet coffee drinks at Tim Hortons.

This latte is well balanced as served, but you can always customize your drink by asking for more or less caramel syrup, a different type of milk, extra espresso, or additional sweeteners or flavored syrup.

7. Iced Capp

The Iced Capp is one of Tim Hortons’ most popular signature drinks.

It’s a refreshing blended coffee drink that’s frosty, creamy, and very delicious.

Iced Capps are made with the Tim Hortons iced capp base, a coffee-flavored mixture made from water, sugar, coffee extract, and natural and artificial flavors.

The base is mixed in a slush machine and then combined with a splash of cream.

Iced Capps are somewhat calorie-dense, especially once you add flavored syrups.

A medium plain Iced Capp contains 296 calories, 29g of sugar, and 18g of fat.

6. Iced Mocha Latte

The Iced Mocha Latte is decadent and indulgent, and at 227 calories for a medium size, it’s one of the lower-calorie mocha-flavored drinks on the Tim Hortons menu.

It is made with espresso, 2% milk, and chocolate syrup combined and served on ice.

It’s then finished off with whipped topping and more chocolate syrup.

The Iced Mocha Latte is rich and well-balanced. It’s an energizing way to get your daily dose of both caffeine and chocolate.

5. Oreo Iced Capp

The Oreo Iced Capp is a creamy, dessert-like treat and is the ultimate solution to a midday slump.

It tastes like a cookies and cream milkshake with an added kick of coffee.

It also has enough caffeine, sugar, and good vibes to fend off even the worst afternoon crash.

This drink is made from Tim Hortons’ signature capp base mixed with cream, cookies and cream flavored syrup, and Oreo cookie crumbles.

It’s then finished off with whipped topping and more cookie crumbles.

The Oreo Iced Capp is one of the higher-calorie coffee drinks at Tim Hortons. It contains 500 calories, 160g of sugar, and 22g of fat.

4. Coffee Mocha

The Coffee Mocha from Tim Hortons is a unique drink that you’re more likely to make at home than find on a competing coffee chain’s menu.

It’s made by combining freshly brewed drip coffee with hot chocolate.  

It is a rich, creamy, and no-fuss way to enjoy your coffee, especially on a cold winter day.

The Coffee Mocha is different from a Mocha Latte because it’s made with drip coffee rather than espresso.

It also contains fewer calories than a Mocha Latte.

A medium Mocha Latte from Tim Hortons contains 225 calories, whereas the Coffee Mocha contains only 144 calories.

3. Iced Caramel Macchiato

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is like a deconstructed and layered vanilla latte with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

It’s made by layering espresso and caramel syrup on top of ice and milk mixed with a splash of vanilla syrup.

The layers are beautiful, but unless you want to finish your drink with several big gulps of milk, it tastes better after you’ve mixed it a bit.

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is an excellent complex coffee drink.

The creamy, sweet, bold, and bitter flavors play off one another to make a perfectly balanced drink that feels special but contains far fewer calories than a Caramel Iced Capp.

A medium Iced Caramel Macchiato contains 220 calories, 33g of sugar, and 5g of fat.

2. Tim Hortons Original Blend

Tim Hortons Original Blend is one of their most popular coffee drinks, and for good reason.

The 100% Arabica coffee is smooth and bold with no bitterness or burnt flavors.

It’s available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, or you can take some home to brew yourself.

The Original Blend coffee is delicious black, but you can always customize it with milk, sweetener, or flavored syrup.

One of the most popular ways to order this Tim Hortons coffee is “double double,” with two creams and two sugars.

1. Vanilla Latte

The Vanilla Latte from Tim Hortons is a creamy, frothy combination of steamed 2% milk, fresh espresso made from 100% Arabica beans, and vanilla-flavored syrup.

It’s velvety and decadent but isn’t as sweet as many other Tim Hortons flavored coffee drinks.

A medium Vanilla Latte contains 224 calories, 145g of sugar, and 6g of fat.

As always, you can modify your drink by substituting a different type of milk, adding sweeteners, flavored syrups, or extra espresso.


Whether you have a new favorite coffee drink every week or you’re a die-hard Original Blend Double Double purist, Tim Hortons will be waiting for you with open arms and hot or iced coffee.

As one of the most popular coffee chains, Tim Hortons boasts a welcoming coffee menu that’s accessible, customizable, and unfussy.

Let’s face it, who wants to deal with anything too complicated before they’ve had their coffee?

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