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Does Uber Eats Have Pickup? (Yes, Here’s How It Works)

Although many consumers using food delivery services see the benefit of getting food delivered to their door, fewer consumers take advantage of the pickup option. While you may be thinking, “why would I want to pick it up myself?” there are several benefits to picking up your order if the food delivery services are offering it.

So, does Uber Eats have pickup?

Yes, Uber Eats has a pickup option available. To pick up your order, you simply need to change the app’s setting from delivery to pickup. The pickup feature is ideal to use when there are no drivers available or when you want to save money on the delivery fee or increase the speed of getting your order.

If you’re interested in learning how to use the pickup feature on Uber Eats or need more information about when to use it, this article will break down everything you need to know before placing your first pickup order through the app!

How Does Uber Eats Pickup Work?

After logging into your Uber app and selecting to place a food delivery order, you will set your location, and the available restaurants will pop up. Right above the restaurant list, you’ll see different items to filter by. Here you’ll see a pickup button.

Once you press that, you are set to pick up the order, and Uber Eats will further customize the search based on restaurants that support this action.

You can then pick out your food, add it to the cart, and place the order as usual.

You will receive notification updates on your order’s progress, and once it’s almost ready, you will be able to head to the location to do the pickup.

The pickup process is just like if you were to order directly from the restaurant.

The restaurant will have your order ready with your name on it when you arrive, and you’ll just have to tell them who you are to receive the food.

Although some cannot pick up their order (hence why they chose a food delivery service), having the ability to pick up your order adds convenience and further gives consumers options.

Does Uber Eats Charge for Pickup?

One of the most rewarding benefits of using the pickup feature of Uber Eats is that you do not have to pay a delivery or pickup fee. This charge is completely left off the order since there is no delivery driver to pay or tip. Therefore, you will not see any extra charges on your bill.

This is ideal for those looking to order food but wants to stick to a budget and pay as little fees as possible.

The pickup option will usually save you around $5, which can add up to be significant, especially if you order from Uber Eats frequently.

When Should You Use Uber Eats Pickup?

Although you can use Uber Eats at any point in time, some of the top reasons for using this service are to save money, to save time on your order, and if there are no delivery drivers available at the time you place the order.

It is no secret that ordering through delivery services can sometimes take a few extra minutes. This is primarily because there are several parties involved in the process of your food being delivered.

First, it’s the restaurant making your food, then the delivery driver who has to drive to the restaurant to get your order and finally deliver it to your home.

Because this process has multiple steps and sometimes delivery drivers can be slowed down on previous orders or traffic, your food can take longer than it would if you were to pick it up yourself.

Therefore, if you’re on a tight schedule and can get yourself to the restaurant you’re ordering from, this will save you time.

As mentioned in the last section, there is also no delivery or pickup charge, which saves you money on the order total.

Finally, if you’re looking to get food delivered and continue getting notified that there are no couriers available at the moment, this is a way to troubleshoot that problem.

In certain areas and times of day, all delivery drivers may be busy with other orders, or there may be no drivers signed on and working at the time.

This is common in certain areas and leaves you simply with the option of picking up your own order.

Does Uber Eats Charge Restaurants for Pickup?

Uber Eats typically charges restaurants a 30% service fee for delivery orders, but they only charge the restaurant a 15% fee for pickup orders. Keep in mind restaurants can negotiate a different rate, and therefore this may not be consistent for every restaurant you encounter on the app.

However, if you are to pick up your order from the restaurant but order through the Uber Eats app, the restaurant will still have to pay Uber Eats a fee for the order.

Since Uber Eats directs customers to restaurants with their delivery app, they still take a commission to make a profit from the business.

Therefore, while the fee may vary, the pickup service through Uber Eats doesn’t charge restaurants the full 30% commission on orders.

What’s the Difference Between Uber Eats Pickup and Ordering Through the Restaurant?

There is no difference between ordering with the Uber Eats pickup service and ordering directly from the same restaurant. The only difference is on the restaurant’s end because they have to pay Uber Eats a fee on every order they fulfill that comes from the Uber Eats app.

If you order through the restaurant directly, Uber Eats makes no profit, and the restaurant keeps 100% of the order profit.

If you order through Uber Eats and select the pickup option, then Uber Eats earns 15% on your order, and the restaurant keeps the rest of the profit.

Nothing will be different on your end besides the means you use to put through the order.

Therefore, you can choose the way you want to order based on your convenience or how you want your money from the order to be allocated.


The Uber Eats pickup function is yet another convenient way to order food without having to deal with extended wait times and fees. There are several benefits to using the pickup feature for those who are willing to get their food on their own.

With no delivery fees or extra charges for your driver, the pickup option is cheaper than having your food delivered. This is especially relevant for those using delivery services such as this one frequently. If you are using the service multiple times a week, this could save you upwards of $30 a week!

Additionally, some customers may experience a “no couriers nearby” message when trying to order food through Uber Eats. Using the pickup feature offers a new way to get all your favorite foods without having to wait on a delivery driver to accept your order.

This gives you, as the customer, more options and ensures that you will almost always be able to get food regardless of your budget, time limitations, and Uber Eats delivery drivers working.

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