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Can You Use Store Loyalty Cards and Ibotta With Instacart?

We’re living in the age of online grocery shopping and home delivery. With the high demand for this convenience, grocery delivery services like Instacart gained a lot of popularity. Many consumers use their loyalty cards to receive store benefits and Ibotta accounts to earn cash back for in-store purchases.

As consumer behavior changes from in-store shopping to online, it would be great to receive those benefits on Instacart purchases as well! But, can you add store your loyalty cards and an Ibotta account to Instacart?

Luckily, you can add your store loyalty or membership cards to Instacart and continue to receive store benefits. You can also link your Ibotta account with Instacart and earn cash back on items purchased on Instacart. 

In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions on linking your store loyalty cards and Ibotta account with Instacart. This will allow you to get the same benefits of in-store shopping for delivery orders!

So let’s get started!

How to Add a Store Loyalty Card to Your Instacart Account

Adding a store loyalty card to Instacart is an easy task. You can find the instructions below on how to do it using the Instacart app:

  1. Open the Instacart app and tap the profile icon on the top left corner
  2. Tap “Your account settings” and then tap “Loyalty cards”
  3. Tap on a retailer to enter your card/membership number
  4. Enter your loyalty card or membership number
  5. Tap “Add” to save your card

It’s worth mentioning that Instacart cannot confirm loyalty card integration on their end. If you have issues adding your loyalty card, contact the grocery store directly with your Instacart receipt.

Another important callout is that you may not receive the promotional prices associated with your loyalty card. It’s because each grocery store has its own pricing policy on Instacart. Consumers often pay higher than in-store prices on Instacart in addition to the delivery and service fees.

I published a separate article on how to save money on Instacart purchases. Check out that article to learn some great tips!

How to Link Your Ibotta Account and Earn Cashback With Instacart

Ibotta is my favorite app to save on groceries! It’s a rebate system with many offers to help you save money on groceries, household items, and more.

If you haven’t downloaded the Ibotta app yet, you can download it here.

Ibotta recently announced that you could earn cashback for items purchased on Instacart.

It is great news for grocery shoppers because it brings the two powerhouses together and increases grocery savings!

You can follow the instructions below on linking your Ibotta account with Instacart on mobile devices:

  1. Open your Ibotta app and type Instacart in the search box
  2. It will bring up Instacart under the “Retailers” section
  3. Tap the Instacart logo and open the Instacart page
  4. Tap “Link Instacart Account”
  5. Enter your Instacart e-mail and password
  6. Allow Ibotta to receive purchase history by sliding the “Share purchase history?” toggle to the right
  7. It may take a few minutes or a few hours to link your accounts – An e-mail confirmation is sent when the accounts are linked.
  8. Once the accounts are successfully linked, you can browse offers on Ibotta under the Instacart gallery (Make sure to add offers in Ibotta app under the Instacart gallery to earn cashback)
  9. You can now shop using the Instacart app or on their website.
  10. Your cashback will be added to Ibotta within 24 hours of Instacart delivery.

Does Instacart Offer a Loyalty or Rewards Program?

Unfortunately, Instacart does not offer a loyalty or rewards program. However, they have a good referral program. You can refer up to 5 friends to earn a maximum of $50. Instacart pays you $10 for every referral who signs up for an account and places their first order.

Here’s how you can refer your friends to Instacart and earn money:

  1. Open the Instacart app and tab the profile icon on the top left corner
  2. Tap “Invite Friends”
  3. Tap “Find Contacts” to send invites to friends on your contacts list OR
  4. You can share your referral link via text message, Facebook, or e-mail

7 Grocery Store Loyalty Cards You Should Add to Instacart

If you shop at one of these stores using Instacart, we highly recommend adding your store card and continuing to receive membership benefits.

1. Kroger

Kroger expanded its grocery delivery by partnering with Instacart and made the service available at over 1,600 stores. 

If you already have Kroger’s Shopper’s Card, you can add it to your Instacart account and continue to receive store points for items purchased on Instacart.

You can use those points toward gas purchases.

2. Costco

Costco started its partnership with Instacart back in 2016. Costco offers same-day delivery at all clubs in the US.

Instacart announced in June 2020 that its partnership with Costco expanded to include 76 clubs in Canada.  

If you have a Costco membership card, you should add it to your Instacart account. It allows Costco to track your purchases through your membership card.

It is easier to return an item to Costco if you add your Costco membership card to Instacart at the time of purchase. This way, Costco can see a record of you purchasing that item.

If you are an Executive Costco member, you may be eligible for a 2% cashback on Instacart purchases. 

3. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club and Instacart joined forces back in 2018. Instacart offers same-day delivery to Sam’s Club customers in 1,000 zip codes across the US.

If you already have a Sam’s Club membership, you can add your card information to Instacart and start saving money.

Sam’s Club members who add their membership card to Instacart pay lower prices than non-members.

4. Publix

Publix first announced its partnership with Instacart in July 2016. Publix plans to bring same-day delivery to all stores in 2020.

If you have a Club Publix loyalty card, you can add it to your Instacart account and redeem most of the BOGO deals Publix offers.

Printed and digital coupons are not redeemable through Instacart at this time.

5. Stop & Shop

One of the largest grocery stores in the Northeast, Stop & Shop, recently expanded its partnership with Instacart and now offers same-day grocery delivery from its 321 locations. 

If you add Stop & Shop loyalty card to your Instacart account, you can receive points for items purchased on Instacart. You can use these points towards gas purchases.

6. ShopRite

ShopRite’s Price Plus Club Card is another loyalty card that you should add to your Instacart account.

It allows you to receive points on Instacart purchases and be eligible for special offers from Shoprite, such as free holiday items.

7. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club announced its partnership with Instacart in March 2018. BJ’s offers same-day delivery from all its clubs on the East Coast.

If you have a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership, you can add your card information to Instacart.

It allows BJ’s to start tracking your Instacart purchases through your membership card.

If you have BJ’s Perk Rewards membership, you may be eligible for a 2% cashback on Instacart purchases. 


Instacart is one of the grocery delivery services worth trying! Their delivery service is now accessible to more than 85% of US households across 50 States. The company has partnerships with more than 400 national and regional grocery chains with over 30,000 stores in the US and Canada.

It is convenient to have same-day delivery from major supermarket chains like Kroger, Albertsons, Costco, Publix, and Aldi. Instacart also partners with local retailers to deliver specialty items to your home.

If you have a loyalty, rewards, or membership card from your favorite grocery store, I recommend checking the Instacart app first to find out if you can add your card. This way, you can continue to receive store benefits for items purchased on Instacart.

You can also link your Instacart account with Ibotta to earn cashback. Ibotta always has great offers available, and they update the app regularly to include the latest deals!

For more information about Instacart, check out the articles below.

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