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Target Gift Cards: Where to Buy and How to Use Them

Gifts cards have been a novelty gift item for decades. They are great for any occasion, regardless of if you’ve known the person your entire life or just met them. Target gift cards are especially great because of the variety of items the stores offer. Whether you shop at Target often or not, a Target gift card is not hard to spend. 

You can buy Target gift cards at Target stores, through their app, or the website. Target gift cards are also sold at Kroger, Safeway, CVS, and Rite Aid. Target gift cards never expire and can be used to purchase almost anything, including alcohol. If you lose your card, you can call 800-544-2943 to get a replacement.

There are many places to purchase a Target gift card, including eGift cards and mobile gift cards. In this article, we’ll discuss where to buy Target gift cards, how to use them, and what you can purchase with them.

Where To Buy Target Gift Cards

You can buy Target gift cards at every Target store location, online at, or through the Target app. You can also purchase them at other retailers, including Kroger, CVS, Safeway, and Rite Aid. However, you cannot buy Target gift cards on Amazon.

The fastest and easiest place to purchase a Target gift card is through their website or in-store.

If you buy them in-store, you are only given the option to have a physical gift card. However, buying online gives you the option of a physical card via mail delivery or an email or text copy of the gift card code. 

Wherever you buy your Target gift cards, employees highly encourage you to keep the original receipt so you always have proof of purchase just in case something happens.

The original receipt is the only way customer service can help if you lose or damage your physical card.

How To Buy Target Gift Cards

You can buy Target gift cards at any Target store, online, using the app, and at other select retailers nationwide. Purchasing in-stores is done at the register or online via the gift cards page. If you buy Target gift cards online, you can choose the card design, amount, and delivery method. 

You can follow the steps below to purchase a Target gift card using their app. Whether you are buying through the Target app or the website, the steps outlined below are the same. 

1. Open the Target app and type “target gift card” in the search box or scroll down and select “Gift Cards” in the Category section, then select Target Gift Cards.

2. You will see the list of occasions that you can buy gift cards for. These gift cards will have messages printed on them appropriate for the occasion.

3. Tap on the occasion, and you’ll see the list of available card designs.

4. Tap on the card design you prefer, and you will see the list of available delivery options and pre-set card values.

5. Select the delivery method and card value, and add the gift card to your shopping cart.

6. Go to checkout and complete the payment process.

When purchasing a Target gift card online, you are given a few card value options, but you can also set a custom amount between $5 and $500.

When purchasing in-store, all cards are given a custom amount between $5 and $500. 

If you have a physical Target gift card that you would like to reload, you must go to a Target store. Customers are not given the option to reload a previously purchased gift card online. 

How to Use Target Gift Cards Online

To use a Target gift card online, you need to choose the gift card option at checkout and enter the access code found on the back of the card to complete your purchase. You can use up to ten Target gift cards for a single purchase. To use a Target gift card with a credit card, you must purchase in stores.

Target gift cards can be used in Target stores, on, Starbucks inside Target stores, and CVS pharmacies inside Target stores.

To purchase an item from Target with your gift card, you will need the access code located underneath the silver strip on the back of the card.

To use your Target gift card online, you’ll need to scratch off the silver strip to reveal the code. 

You can follow the steps below to use a Target gift card online:

1. Sign into your Target account using the app or the website.

2. Add items to your shopping cart as you normally would and go to checkout.

3. At the checkout screen, confirm your delivery address and then click “Add gift card”

4. Enter your gift card number into the “Card Number” field and click “Apply”

5. Your Target gift card amount is now deducted from your order total.

Keep in mind that if you received the gift card via email, the access code is attached to the email. 

You can also use third-party visa gift cards at Target stores or on their website. All you will do is type in the card number as if it were a credit card payment, as well as the code on the back of the card. 

How To Send a Target Gift Card

You can send a Target gift card online or via mail. After purchasing the gift card, you can choose to mail them a physical gift card, send an email or text them a digital gift card. The fastest way to send a Target gift card to someone is doing it online.

If you choose to have a physical card mailed to someone, you should expect the delivery to be between five to seven business days.

Text and email delivery options are usually instantaneous but can sometimes take up to four hours. 

If you want the physical card to be mailed to you so you can hand it to the recipient yourself, simply put your mailing address in the “shipping address” section. 

What Can You Buy With Target Gift Cards?

You can use Target gift cards to buy nearly anything from the Target store, website, or the app. If it is a Target product, you can buy it. Whether it is clothes, food, or alcoholic beverages, the Target gift card will work. However, there are a few items Target won’t let you buy with your gift card. 

The items you cannot purchase with your Target gift card are: 

  • You cannot purchase another Target gift card with your Target gift card.
  • You cannot purchase gaming, music, or restaurant gift cards with your Target gift card.
  • You cannot purchase other American Express, Visa, or Mastercard gift cards with your Target gift card. 

If you have a Target eGift card, the same rules apply. You can use your Target eGift card to purchase anything at any Target location across the U.S. or Target online.

The only things you cannot purchase with your Target eGift card are the same items listed above. 

Do Target Gift Cards Expire?

Target gift cards never expire and can be used anytime in Target stores or online using the Target app or the website. In addition, Target gift cards do not lose their value over time.

If you don’t usually shop at Target and received a Target gift card as a present, there’s no need to worry.

You have your entire life to spend that gift card, but it won’t be that hard to spend it anyway. Target offers a nearly endless selection of goods and services, including grocery items! 

Can You Return a Target Gift Card?

You cannot return a Target gift card or Target eGift card. Target gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash either. Most Target stores now offer groceries as well as clothes and home decor products. At the very least, you can find something in the grocery section to spend the gift card.

Those who have gift cards to other places can exchange them for a Target gift card. It is called the Target trade-in program and is only available in stores at participating locations. 

According to a previous Target employee in Jacksonville, Florida, Stacey Burnham, Target will not disclose how much they offer per gift card because the amounts will vary and are dependent on product value.

You will also not receive the entire value when exchanged for a Target gift card, but it’s still a great program to help you get rid of unwanted gift cards and turn them into Target gift cards! 

What If You Lost Your Target Gift Card?

If you lose your Target gift card or it gets damaged, you can call 1-800-544-2943 to issue a replacement. However, you will need the original receipt to get a replacement card. If there is a partial balance on the card, the customer service rep will replace the remaining balance.

Target’s gift card customer service will be able to see the gift card balance and know how much was left on the card before it was reported lost or damaged. 

There are certain situations when the card can also be replaced in-store. Specifically, if the card was damaged but the barcode is still intact, the local Target store can scan and replace the card as long as the access code is still legible. 


If you want to buy a Target gift card for yourself or someone else, the company makes the process extremely easy. They also understand that accidents happen, which is why their customer service will work with customers to ensure they get the help they need with any gift card-related questions. 

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