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Publix BOGO: What You Should Know About Publix BOGO Sales

Saving money while grocery shopping is one of the best ways to cut down your weekly expenses. However, if you’re not shopping at the right stores and finding the right deals, reducing your grocery cost may be harder than it sounds! That’s where Publix BOGO comes in.

Publix offers BOGO sales on several items to give its customers the best deals possible. Publix releases new deals and BOGO items twice a week, allowing customers to shop at the best prices in-store or delivered through Instacart. The easiest way to get notified of Publix deals is to get on their mailing list.

Whether you’re already a loyal shopper of Publix or new to their BOGO deals, there is a lot to know about how their weekly ads work.

This article will cover how to access the deals, the schedule you should be familiar with, and the rules and regulations for each of the deals offered through Publix!

How Does Publix BOGO Work?

Publix BOGO deals are a great way to save money and stock up on some of your favorite items. The way it works is quite simple. Each item included in the BOGO deals will have a ticket on the price to show that you can purchase two items for the price of one.

The items available on the BOGO will shift twice a week to bring more variety to shoppers.

When shopping for a deal, be sure to grab two of the items listed on the BOGO to get the deal, and at checkout, you will see the price adjustment on your receipt.

If you want to preview which items are being featured as BOGO, you can see all the current weekly ads and deals on the Publix website.

Is Publix BOGO Half Price?

When shopping the Publix BOGO, you are, in a way getting your items half-priced since the second item is free. In this case, you’re getting two of the same item for the price of one. However, for logistical purposes, it’s important to remember that the item is not half-priced.

The terminology here is important because the deal is only valid in pairs of two of the same items. Whereas if the item were half off, it would apply to each item rather than a grouping of the two same items.

For example, if you purchase ice cream on the BOGO and the normal price of a pint is $4, you are getting two for $4 because the second pint is free.

However, if you buy a third pint, it will be an additional $4 because the item itself is not half-price. This is also an important distinction as many states enforce only taking advantage of each BOGO deal once.

Meaning you will not be able to buy ten items on BOGO and only pay for five. If you’re taking advantage of the BOGO, you are limited to one item. Alternatively, if an item is listed as half off, you will usually not have a deal limit.

Keep in mind that when you ring up your BOGO deals at the register, it will appear on your receipt that the two items were half off.

This is because the register can more easily display this function than ringing up an item for $0. Therefore, don’t get surprised when you check your receipt and be aware of it to avoid confusion.

What Day Does Publix Change BOGO?

All of the Publix weekly ads, including the BOGO, are on the following schedule:

  • For any ads that you see posted around midnight EST on Wednesdays, you will be able to shop that deal Wednesday through Tuesday.
  • For any deals posted around midnight EST on Thursdays, the deal will be effective Thursday through Wednesday.

By keeping this schedule in mind, you can ensure not to shop the same deals twice a week and can better time your shopping trips to get the items that are on the weekly deals.

Instacart BOGO

Publix is available through Instacart and allows BOGO deals to be delivered through Instacart. However, if you are shopping with any Publix digital coupons, those cannot be applied to third-party food delivery services like Instacart.

Any digital coupons added to your order need to be coming directly from Instacart. With that said, any deals that Publix has in place that do not require coupons or in-store purchases can be ordered through Instacart.

This will allow you to get the same savings delivered straight to your door through Instacart.

How to Get Publix Weekly Ad

To get notified of all the weekly deals offered through Publix, joining their weekly email list is the best way to go. By getting on the mailing list, all of the weekly ads will come straight to your inbox so you can review what is on BOGO and deals that week.

If you cannot join the mailing list for any reason, you can also find all of the weekly ads and BOGO deals by going to the Publix website and typing in your local store.

Once you locate your store, a complete list of the BOGO deals and weekly ads will display so that you can explore what is available at your Publix store.

If you are previewing the deals through the website, be sure you select the correct store, as the BOGO deals may be different depending on your preferred shopping location.

Since there are several Publix stores in certain cities, double-check your selection before heading out for your grocery shopping.

Why Is Publix so Expensive?

With all grocery stores, you are paying for the quality you receive when shopping. The same goes for Publix, which is why it is more expensive than lower-end grocery stores that cannot offer the same selection or freshness in their prepared foods.

However, when comparing Publix to a store like Whole Foods, it is not expensive. Therefore, the perception of expense for each grocery store is dependent on the quality you expect to find!

Publix offers high-end prepared foods and bakery items, so while you will pay more for these items than you would at a lower-end store, you will be getting a higher-quality item.

When Does Publix Restock?

To keep up with the demand for Publix BOGO items and weekly ads, Publix stores are restocked daily. This ensures that high-demand items will never be in low stock or completely out of stock.

This is also good news for shoppers as there is no bad day or a bad time to go grocery shopping at Publix.

By restocking every day, Publix ensures there are no low inventory days, and shoppers don’t need to try to get to the store first thing in the morning or in the evening to grab their items!


Shopping the Publix BOGO deals every week can cut back on the amount of money you’re spending at the store and can help you to stock up on some of your favorite items.

With daily restocks, you do not have to worry about missing out on a BOGO item, and with the convenience of Instacart delivery, you can get these deals delivered straight to your door.

If you’re interested in finding out more tips about shopping at Publix, check out the related articles below.

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