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Meijer Bakery: Your Guide to Ordering Cakes From the Meijer Bakery

If you are looking for a tasty way to celebrate an exciting event, then the Meijer bakery might have what you need. This bakery serves many communities in the Midwest by creating appealing sweet treats for everyone.

Meijer bakery offers graduation cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and more, with prices typically ranging from $5- $60. Meijer bakeries are open 7 am- 8 pm, seven days a week. You can order premade or custom cakes in-store and online using the Meijer cake catalog. Meijer bakery also sells cupcakes, cookies, and donuts.

This article will serve as your guide to ordering cakes and other desserts from the Meijer bakery. Continue reading to learn how to order the best cake for your next celebration!

What Are Meijer Bakery Hours?

At most locations, the Meijer bakery hours are 7 am– 8 pm. In certain areas, these hours are shifted by one hour to 8 am– 9 pm. All Meijer stores, including the bakeries, are open on every holiday except Christmas Day. If the bakery is not open, you can still purchase some premade cakes during regular store hours.

You can order a cake from a Meijer bakery almost any day of the year. However, the stores close on Christmas Day, so make sure you order your Christmas desserts to pick up before or after Christmas.

Of course, there may be regional differences in the hours. Individual stores can still change their hours as needed.

If you need to know whether your local Meijer bakery is open at a specific time, you can call the store to confirm.

Here is a table showing the regular Meijer bakery hours:

DayMeijer Bakery Hours
Monday7 am– 8 pm
Tuesday7 am– 8 pm
Wednesday7 am– 8 pm
Thursday7 am– 8 pm
Friday7 am– 8 pm
Saturday7 am– 8 pm
Sunday7 am– 8 pm

Here is a table showing the holiday hours at most Meijer bakeries:

HolidayMeijer Bakery Hours
New Year’s Day7 am– 8 pm
Good Friday7 am– 8 pm
Easter7 am– 8 pm
Memorial Day7 am– 8 pm
4th of July7 am– 8 pm
Labor Day7 am– 8 pm
Thanksgiving7 am– 8 pm
Black Friday7 am– 8 pm
Christmas Eve7 am– 8 pm
Christmas DayClosed
New Year’s Eve7 am– 8 pm

How to Order a Cake From Meijer

To order a cake from Meijer bakery, you can visit the store or order online. You can choose from premade cakes or speak with a decorator to design a custom cake when visiting in person. Online orders are placed through the website or the Meijer app. You can order premade or custom cakes online for pickup or delivery.

Meijer bakery offers a wide selection of premade cakes. So if you are shopping for a simple dessert that pleases a large audience, you are sure to find what you need at your local Meijer.

You can browse Meijer bakery products online with the app or website and see what is in stock.

When shopping in-store, you can ask one of the bakers or cake decorators for help in selecting the perfect cake.

These individuals are knowledgeable about delicious cake flavor combinations, and they may be able to direct you to an area featuring designs you will like.

Even if you don’t see a premade cake you like, the Meijer bakery can still help you out by creating a custom cake. These custom orders can also be placed in person or online.

In addition, if you are shopping in the store, you can ask the bakery employees to provide a Meijer cake catalog. This catalog shows all the current cake designs and flavors available to you.

The Meijer cake catalog is also visible online. When you see a design you like, you can select it to customize the details.

If you wish to place an order by phone, this online catalog can help you decide on what you want. Then, you will simply call the Meijer bakery phone number for your local store to place your order.

Whether ordering in person or online, you will complete the Meijer cake order form.

Filling out this form involves choosing a cake flavor, filling, frosting, and more. Keep on reading to see the step-by-step guide to ordering a custom cake at Meijer.

Can You Order a Cake from Meijer Online?

You can order a cake from Meijer online. Online orders are placed on the Meijer website or the app. You can also add any premade cake to your cart for a Pickup or Delivery order. Custom orders can also be placed online from the website. If you are ordering premade items, you can also add Meijer cookies and donuts to your cart.

To begin your online Meijer cake order, you will need to visit the Meijer website.

The website may choose a default location to shop at, so make sure the page displays the correct location that you want to shop at (written in the upper right corner).

Choosing the right location is important to ensure that item availability is displayed accurately.

Next, you will need to create a Meijer account if you do not already have one. It is free and easy to create an account.

Not only will this let you place an online order, but the account will also open new opportunities to save on your groceries with digital coupons and deals.

Finally, you will be able to add items to your cart. It is simple to browse the selections online and add any Meijer cake to your cart.

There is no minimum amount for online orders, so feel free to order just what you need. Online orders can be picked up at a Meijer store, or they can be delivered right to your home.

While this online ordering method is perfect for premade cakes, you will need to use a different approach for custom cakes.

There is a separate web page for ordering custom cakes from Meijer bakery. Here, you will be able to view the entire Meijer cake catalog and design the perfect cake for you.

Some people prefer alternate desserts rather than cake. Meijer bakery can still satisfy your sweet tooth with cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and more.

Meijer cupcakes are prepared and sold daily. These include classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, special holiday cupcakes, and mini cupcakes. Many stores sell gluten-free cupcakes as well.

Meijer donuts are another customer favorite. Multiple varieties of donuts are made fresh every day. A few examples include glazed donuts, powdered donuts, cake donuts, and fritters.

Finally, Meijer cookies might just be a hit at your next celebration or just to have around the house.

Like their other desserts, Meijer bakeries sell a wide variety of cookies, including seasonal cookies, like the sugared pumpkin cookies sold around fall.

Does Meijer Bakery Make Custom Cakes?

Meijer bakeries make custom cakes for nearly any occasion. They offer a simple, step-by-step process to design a custom cake. Many aspects of a cake are customizable, including the design, size, shape, flavors, and colors. Meijer bakeries can even create cakes with an edible photograph printed on top.

Custom cakes are a delicious centerpiece to a celebration. Try ordering a custom cake for your next special event (or if you just need a fun pick-me-up).

Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering a Meijer custom cake:

  1. Choose the local bakery that you want to order from. You must ensure that the location is correct before you start your order. This information is in the upper right corner of the screen on the website.
  2. Select a design from the Meijer cake catalog.
  3. Choose the size and shape of the cake (sheet cake or round cake).
  4. Select a cake flavor from the options available for your design.
  5. Pick out a filling and frosting.
  6. Choose the colors of your frosting border. You can pick two different colors for the top and bottom borders.
  7. Add a piped message (optional). If you want a special message written on the top of your cake, you will type in the exact message to be written. You can also choose the color of the message’s icing.
  8. Review all order details, provide contact information, and add a payment method. Then, you will be ready to submit your order. If ordering in person, you will follow a similar process.

Selecting a design can take some time because Meijer bakery offers so many great cake styles.

You may want to look online for this part because the online Meijer cake catalog has a search function. Additionally, you can filter the results by certain categories.

Some designs are only available seasonally. For example, you can order a Halloween custom cake at the time this article is being written.

However, the designs for the most common celebrations, such as weddings and birthdays, are available year-round.

As mentioned before, you can filter the online results to search for specific examples, like looking at just the Meijer birthday cake catalog.

Meijer bakery makes graduation cakes as well. There are plenty of graduation designs to choose from, and many of them can even include an edible photo of the graduate.

When you customize the colors of the cake, try and match the school colors for an even better design.

It is important to order any custom order at least a few days in advance. When shopping online, you will see that different designs have requirements for how much in advance you will need to order.

You can simply ask a bakery employee about these requirements if you are ordering in the store or over the phone.

After you narrow down a design, you will need to choose the size you want, and then you can move on to the flavors.

Sizing is simple because the Meijer cake catalog provides an estimated number of servings for each cake size. The sizes range from a 1/8-sheet cake to a full-sheet cake.

You can also order an 8-inch round, and some tiered cakes even have two round layers (5-inch and 8-inch).

You have a few options to choose from when selecting a cake flavor. The Meijer cake flavors are chocolate, white, yellow, confetti, and marble for most designs.

However, the marble flavor is only available in round cakes, while the confetti flavor is only for sheet cakes.

If none of these options suit your palate, the Meijer bakery also sells scoop cakes in unique flavors. These flavors include Lemon Lovers, Triple Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Additionally, there are a few flavors in the “dessert cakes” section, including the Meijer carrot cake.

There are numerous options for cake fillings at Meijer bakery. You can choose from Bavarian cream, cherry, lemon, raspberry, or strawberry fillings.

You can also elect to have the filling be the same as the frosting, or you can have no filling at all.

However, there are only two options for the frosting: white buttercream and whipped.

After you have all the flavors figured out, you can customize your design even further. Nearly every Meijer cake has a frosting border along the top and bottom edges of the cake.

You can choose a color from their wide selection that goes beyond the basic colors of the rainbow. For example, the top border can be a different color than the bottom border.

You also have the option to add a message piped on the top of your cake. There is no additional charge for this, and you can have whatever you want to be written.

When ordering Meijer cakes online, you can type the message into the text box provided.

Keep in mind the size of your cake since the cake decorator may have limited space to write a message. Simple phrases work best, such as “Happy birthday, Kate!”

Perhaps this whole process sounds great, but you don’t want to order a cake. This is not a problem because you can follow the same approach to ordering custom cupcakes.

Custom Meijer cupcakes can be ordered by the 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack. You can choose from special designs and choose flavors, and colors that meet your needs.

What Are Meijer Cake Prices?

The Meijer cake prices start at $5 for small premade cakes, ranging up to $60 or more. Many of the premade cakes are affordable since they are easy to design. Even custom cakes can work with a tight budget, as they are much cheaper than an upscale or artisan bakery without sacrificing the quality.

Meijer sells some delicious cakes for only $5. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you may enjoy the Meijer Chocolate Glazed Creme Cake.

It’s 20 ounces, and it serves 6-7 people. A unique option is the 7UP Lemon Lime Creme Cake, which is the same size and only $5.

You can browse all the premade cake options available at your local Meijer store while shopping in person, or you can see what is in stock online.

Even the larger premade cakes are still reasonable prices. For example, you can purchase various ¼ sheet cakes are under $20. Select stores also sell a ½ sheet cake, which costs around $30.

Custom cakes are more expensive than premade cakes because they are made to order. The extra cost goes towards a cake decorator creating your order with your choice of flavors and decorations.

In addition, some designs are more expensive than others, and you can estimate the total cost of your custom cake using the cake order form online.

Sheet Cake SizeServingsMeijer Price
⅛ Sheet8-10$16.99
¼ Sheet20-25$23.99
½ Sheet40-50$34.99
Full Sheet80-100$51.99
8-inch Round20-25$20.99
* Meijer cake prices may vary by location

Does Meijer Make Wedding Cakes?

Meijer makes wedding cakes, though there are only a few custom wedding cake options. The Meijer bakery offers a few two-tiered cake designs and sells sheet cakes with classic wedding decorations. You can even customize a photo sheet cake, which can feature an edible image of the happy couple on the top.

Two-tiered cakes at Meijer bakery are usually made with a 5-inch round cake stacked on top of an 8-inch round cake.

Each tier is made with a double layer. In total, these two-tiered cakes typically serve up to 20 people.

If you are planning a wedding with closer to 80-100 guests, a full-sheet cake is your best option.

As mentioned above, you can choose from a few different designs that include beautiful decorations and an edible picture of the couple getting married.

Does Meijer Bake Their Own Cakes?

Meijer mostly does not bake their own cakes. Many of the premade cakes are made by other companies and distributed to local Meijer stores. The cake portions of custom orders are premade and arrive at the Meijer bakeries. Then, these are assembled with other ingredients and decorations according to the custom order.

Some of Meijer’s other desserts are made fresh in the bakery. However, the main function of a Meijer bakery is to add decorations to premade desserts.

Meijer bakers fulfill all custom orders in-store. They also may decorate premade sheet cakes to create some of the more standard cake options sold in stores.


Meijer bakery is an excellent place to order from when you need a cake. The customization process for any order is easy, and it can be done online or in person.

So if you live in the Midwest, contact your local Meijer bakery to see how they can help you craft the perfect dessert for your next celebration!

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