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H-E-B Cakes: Your Guide to Ordering Cakes From H-E-B Bakery

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The perfect birthday, graduation, or wedding celebration should have a beautiful cake as a centerpiece. If you live in Texas, H-E-B can be your go-to place to get a cake for your next special occasion.

H-E-B bakery offers graduation cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and more for every occasion. H-E-B bakeries are open between 8 am- 9 pm seven days a week. You can order a delicious premade cake or a custom cake using the H-E-B cake catalog. Additionally, H-E-B sells custom cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts.

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about ordering from the H-E-B bakery. This article makes ordering a piece of cake!

What Are the H-E-B Bakery Hours?

The H-E-B bakery hours are 8 am- 9 pm, seven days a week, while the H-E-B regular store hours are 6 am- 11 pm. You can only pick up custom cakes when the bakery is open, while some premade desserts are available during regular store hours. The H-E-B bakery hours are different on certain holidays.

On most holidays, the H-E-B bakery remains open during its normal hours. However, the entire store will be closed on Easter and Christmas Day.

Additionally, H-E-B closes early on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Most stores close at 2 pm on Thanksgiving and 8 pm on Christmas Eve, though individual stores can have slightly different hours.

Here are the H-E-B bakery hours in a typical week:

DaysH-E-B Bakery Hours
Monday8 am- 9 pm
Tuesday8 am- 9 pm
Wednesday8 am- 9 pm
Thursday8 am- 9 pm
Friday8 am- 9 pm
Saturday8 am- 9 pm
Sunday8 am- 9 pm

Here are the holiday hours for the H-E-B bakery at most locations:

HolidayH-E-B Bakery Hours
New Year’s Day8 am- 9 pm
Good Friday8 am- 9 pm
Memorial Day8 am- 9 pm
4th of July8 am- 9 pm
Labor Day8 am- 9 pm
Thanksgiving8 am- 2 pm
Black Friday8 am- 9 pm
Christmas Eve8 am- 8 pm
Christmas DayClosed
New Year’s Eve8 am- 9 pm

How to Order a Cake From H-E-B

You can order a premade cake from H-E-B in-store or online for Curbside Pickup or Delivery. To order a custom cake from H-E-B, you can call your local H-E-B bakery or place the order in person. There are also cake catalogs at H-E-B stores or online that you can browse through when ordering a custom cake.

There are a variety of premade cakes available in H-E-B stores. These options include celebration sheet cakes, 6-10” round cakes, cupcakes, a tres leches cake, and even individual cake slices. You can peruse the bakery department at your local H-E-B to find the cake you want.

You can also browse the premade cakes online. First, go to the bakery section of the H-E-B app or website to view current offerings at your local store.

Then, you can add a cake to your cart and place an online order for Curbside Pickup or Delivery. There is more information on this in the next section.

To order a custom cake from H-E-B, you must call or visit the store. It may be helpful to have an H-E-B cake catalog in front of you, which is available online and in the store.

The bakery employee will ask you a series of questions to help you figure out exactly what you want. Then, they fill out a cake order form to ensure that every detail is correct in the final product.

When you place the order, you will schedule a time and date to pick up the custom cake. H-E-B bakery requires you to order at least 24 hours in advance for custom cakes.

You can call the store even if you are not sure what you want; the H-E-B bakers are always willing to answer your questions.

To call the store, you can look up the bakery phone number for your closest location using the H-E-B store locator. Then, call the main store number, and it will play a voice message prompting you to dial a number to connect you with the bakery department. 

Can You Order a Cake From H-E-B Online?

You can order a cake from the H-E-B bakery online. All premade cakes can be added to Curbside or Delivery orders. You must have an H-E-B account to order a cake for Curbside Pickup or Delivery. All custom cake orders are placed over the phone, but you can browse the design options in the H-E-B cake catalog online.

To order a premade cake from H-E-B online, create an account if you do not already have one.

Next, choose the location from which you want to pick up your order or receive a delivery. Then, you can use the website or the app to browse all the products available at that location.

On the website or My HEB app, you will be able to look at the “Bakery & Bread” section. You can narrow this section down further to just “Cakes.”

Both the website and app have buttons to filter or sort the results. This can help you narrow down the options to figure out the perfect cake for you.

The H-E-B bakery sells cupcakes as well. H-E-B cupcakes come in a variety of delicious flavors. Depending on when you are shopping, you may even see seasonal cakes and cupcakes with special decorations.

Some people aren’t huge fans of cake, so H-E-B has other sweet offerings. H-E-B cookies are a delicious option. The bakery makes fresh sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and thumbprint cookies.

The H-E-B cookies can even be turned into a custom cookie cake. So instead of buying a tray of cookies, you can order a custom cookie.

This is a 12” chocolate chip cookie decorated with frosting and any message you want to be written in icing.

H-E-B also sells custom cookies with logos from your favorite Texas universities for your next football watch party or graduation celebration.

Once you find the perfect cake or another dessert, add it to your cart online. You can also order anything else you may need, such as beverages or serving tools.

Then, complete the normal checkout process for Curbside Pickup orders or Delivery orders. H-E-B Curbside is free, while Delivery orders cost $5 plus tip.

Does H-E-B Make Custom Cakes?

H-E-B makes custom cakes for special days in your life. To order a custom cake, you can select a design from the H-E-B cake catalogs. Then, you will call your local H-E-B bakery phone number to place an order from the catalog, describing any custom details you want. Finally, pick up your finished cake in the store.

To begin your custom cake order, you will need to pick out one of the design choices from the H-E-B cake catalog. You can ask to see one at the bakery if you are shopping in the store.

H-E-B also provides a cake catalog online. You can use this guide to maximize your shopping experience.

Here are the basic steps to ordering a custom cake from H-E-B:

  1. First, choose the size and flavor of your cake. H-E-B sells both round cakes and rectangular sheet cakes.
  2. Select a filling. There are 8 different choices, including various fruits and cremes.
  3. Pick out an icing flavor. You have 7 choices for this component.
  4. Choose a design. There are different designs for round cakes versus sheet cakes, so you may want to choose the design first to help figure out the exact size and shape you will need.
  5. Tell the baker taking your order about any other custom details you want on your cake. These details can include colors, written messages, or other decorative elements.

Determining which size you need may be tricky, especially if you haven’t ordered many cakes before. Luckily, the H-E-B cake catalog shows diagrams of each cake size.

These diagrams depict exactly how the cakes would be cut and how many servings they would produce. The smallest custom cake size is a 6” round cake (serves 10), and the largest size is a full sheet (serves 96).

In the catalog, all cake flavors are listed under each size that you can order them in. For example, a full sheet cake can be ordered as a white, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, Italian, or German chocolate cake.

On the other hand, 10” round cakes are only available in white and chocolate flavors.

Fillings can bring a lovely taste to the cake while also keeping it moist. If you are unsure what would taste best with your selected cake flavor, ask the baker to provide a recommendation.

The cake catalog shows brief descriptions of the flavors and textures of the icings. Again, ask the baker to recommend a flavor if you are unsure about what to choose.

When it comes to picking a design, there are plenty of options. The H-E-B bakery can make basic round cakes, basic sheet cakes, theme cakes, and “Texas proud” cakes.

There are many different designs for birthday cakes in the H-E-B catalog since the cake is an important part of any birthday celebration.

There are also special cake designs available at select times of the year. For example, the H-E-B graduation catalog shows a huge variety of other designs for grad parties. You may also order special cakes around the holidays, so check with your local bakery.

Finally, you will need to let your baker know of any other custom details you want.

Many cake designs have a relatively blank surface so the baker can pipe a special message with icing. Simple phrases such as “Happy birthday, John!” or “It’s a girl!” work well.

After following all these steps, you will have a wonderful custom cake ordered from H-E-B. You will then let the bakery know when you plan on picking up the order so it can be made fresh.

The cake will be waiting for you at the bakery in the store, and then you will check out just as you would with other groceries. 

What Are H-E-B Cake Prices?

H-E-B cake prices range from $5 to $60, depending on the order. Premade cakes are cheaper than custom cakes, but they are not sold in sizes bigger than a ¼ sheet. H-E-B custom cake prices start at $10 for a basic ⅛ sheet cake and vary depending on your customization and the location from which you order.

Premade cake prices are generally $5- $30. Most 6” cakes cost around $15, and these will serve 10 people.

The largest size that you can find premade is a ¼ sheet cake, and it costs about $24. ¼ sheet cakes serve 24 people.

The most expensive premade cakes include 10” cakes (serve 30) and the tres leches ¼ sheet cake; these each cost around $27.

H-E-B custom cake prices can vary depending on the size of your cake. However, they start at a little over $10, which is the price of a basic ⅛ sheet or bar cake.

As the size of the cakes increases, the prices increase as well. Additionally, any decorations or flavor customizations you make will add to the cost.

You won’t know the final cost of your custom cake until you place the order on the phone or at a bakery.

Here are the base prices for each H-E-B custom cake size with minimal customizations:

6-inch Round10$14.98
8-inch Round20$18.98
10-inch Round30$25.98
⅛ Sheet12$9.98
⅛ Bar12$9.98
¼ Sheet24$16.98
½ Sheet48$23.98
Full Sheet96$42.98

Does H-E-B Make Wedding Cakes?

H-E-B makes wedding cakes at many locations. You can set up a tasting appointment to sample cake flavors and a private consultation to make sure that you pick the perfect cake for your big day. H-E-B has many design options for wedding cakes, and you can fully customize the flavors, fillings, frostings, and size.

To see if your local H-E-B bakery makes wedding cakes, you can check this store list or call your local store. There are quite a few locations throughout Texas that can provide a wedding cake, so you shouldn’t have to go too far to find your perfect celebratory dessert.

Like with the custom cakes, H-E-B has a cake catalog for all wedding cake options. You can also view the wedding cake designs online as you decide on what you want.

Additionally, you can reference the wedding cake serving guide to determine how many people your ideal cake will serve.

Most of the H-E-B wedding cake designs involve 2-4 tiers of round cakes. However, there are also a few more unconventional designs. For example, the “Savvy Cake” design uses rectangular sheet cakes decorated with intricate icing details.

You can also get a stacked display of H-E-B cupcakes to make a “cupcake cake.”

In total, there are five categories of wedding cake designs and a couple of different groom’s cakes. If the groom is a huge football fan, H-E-B bakeries can make a custom “Football Fancy” cake.

There is also a “King of Hearts” cake made with a chocolate sheet cake (though this is changeable).

Once you figure out your wedding cake’s general structure and design, you can work with the H-E-B bakery to add any custom details.

You can also meet with a baker at a private consultation to discuss decoration options. These include initials that stick out of the cake, fresh flower toppers, decorative accents, and beautiful colors that match your wedding’s color palette.

Does H-E-B Bake Their Own Cakes?

H-E-B does not bake all of their own cakes. Some of the small, round, premade cakes and other desserts are baked fresh every day. However, the sheet cakes are all ordered from an outside source. Therefore, you must order your custom cakes at least a day in advance so the H-E-B bakery can order fresh sheet cakes.

Many H-E-B bakeries make fresh Mexican pastries as well as cakes and other desserts. Additionally, H-E-B provides fresh bread daily. Some stores also have a tortilleria to prepare fresh tortillas – perfect for Tex-Mex cuisine.

Finally, a few H-E-B stores have a Kosher bakery, and all their baked goods are made with Kosher ingredients. 


If you live in Texas, you should check out what H-E-B bakery offers. This bakery sells delicious cakes, cookies, and other desserts almost every day of the year. And don’t forget about the H-E-B custom cakes for any celebration, including weddings. There are H-E-B bakeries across Texas that are ready to create a tasty treat for you!

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