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Does Trader Joe’s Have Delivery? (No, but This Option Works)

With the increase of grocery delivery options, it feels like every place you know and love can bring your groceries to your door. If they can’t, third-party options come to the rescue and fill in the gap.

Trader Joe’s is an establishment that many people are die-hard loyal shoppers. If you are the type who doesn’t want to go to the grocery store, whether because time is tight, it is too far, or you just don’t feel like it, you may be wondering if you can get Trader Joe’s to deliver.

Trader Joe’s does not have their own delivery service. Even during COVID-19, you cannot order online from their website or do curbside pickup. If you want to get your Trader Joe’s groceries delivered, you will have to use a third-party delivery option. Specifically, Dumpling Grocery is the service that you can use.

Many grocery stores implemented an online order and curbside pickup option in the past year after the pandemic hit. Trader Joe’s strictly limited capacity and continued to be an in-person shopping store.

In this article, we will dive deeper into why Trader Joe’s does not have delivery or pickup and how you can use Dumpling Grocery to work around that fact.

Why Doesn’t Trader Joe’s Have Delivery or Pickup?

Trader Joe’s doesn’t have delivery or pickup because they invested their resources in their people rather than investing into processes and systems to build an online grocery shopping platform.  

Many grocery stores have online ordering options and curbside pickup. If they didn’t have them before 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed that quickly, as people stayed away from going anywhere and lockdowns were in order.

Trader Joe’s was asked many times why they stayed an in-person operation and didn’t transition online. The answer was because of resources.

Building the website and getting the online ordering operating system into place takes time and money. Many times, it doesn’t yield positive results. It also takes away from the people.

Trader Joe’s was adamant that they decided to invest in their people. While other stores were letting their employees go, Trader Joe’s was adamant about keeping everyone on and figuring out how to make it work.

Their following is strong enough that they will always have supporters. Matt Sloan, the Vice President of Marketing for the grocery store, stated:

“Well, at Trader Joe’s, the reality is that over the last couple of decades, we’ve invested those resources in our people rather than build an infrastructure that eliminates the need for people.”

Trader Joe’s used to have delivery in New York City, and its cost was too high in a city where delivery is easy. They have since discontinued it and don’t have it at any other location.

Does Postmates Deliver Trader Joe’s?

No, Postmates no longer delivers Trader Joe’s. Postmates is a well-known food delivery service that delivers not only from restaurants but sometimes from grocery stores as well.

Trader Joe’s used to be on their roster under grocery stores that you could place orders from. However, that has changed, and Postmates doesn’t deliver from Trader Joe’s anymore.

How to Get Trader Joe’s Delivered

Trader Joe’s has a very loyal customer base. If you are in that customer base and don’t want to go to the grocery store for whatever reason, you can utilize Dumpling Grocery to help you get groceries delivered.

Dumpling Grocery is a platform where people can start their own personal shopping business. If you are a shopper, you are more in control of your earnings and can choose where you shop.

You may be wondering what the difference is between Dumpling Grocery and other grocery delivery services such as Instacart.

The main difference is that with a platform such as Instacart, the store needs to be registered with the platform in order to shop there.

On the other hand, Dumpling grocery has more autonomy, and individual shoppers can go where they want. This is why shopping at Trader Joe’s through Dumpling Grocery is a possibility.

How Does Dumpling Grocery Delivery Work?

Dumpling Grocery considers itself a personal, ethical, and local way to get groceries to your door. With Dumpling Grocery, you are able to commit to a shopper that you know and trust.

Dumpling Grocery shoppers consider themselves local businesses, so you support a local cause by shopping through that platform.

To start shopping on the platform, go to the shopping section and enter your zip code. You can find a shopper that is local to you who can get your groceries.

After typing in your zip code, you will be able to see what shoppers are available for your area.

Each shopper profile shows their reviews, repeat customers, the location they service, their name, profile, and any keywords that apply to their shopping.

Keywords are things such as “grocery,” “pharmacy,” and “farmer’s market.” This lets you know the type of places that the shopper tends to frequent.

Once you click on the shoppers’ profile, you will get more details about them, including the stores that they shop at.

The main downside to Dumpling Grocery is that it is a platform that you can only shop through if you have the app.

You can browse shoppers available on their website, but you need to have the app on your phone if you want to shop.

Shopping through the app is easy enough. You can choose what you want at the store that you want to shop at. Some shoppers will go to multiple stores, allowing you to get a full shopping trip with them.

Do You Tip Dumpling Grocery Delivery?

Yes, you should tip your Dumpling Grocery shopper when they bring your groceries. The recommended amount is 10 – 20%, which is the standard in the service industry.

Similar to other delivery services, such as Shipt and Postmates, be sure to tip your delivery person. We have spoken about tipping etiquette in other articles in the past, but here is a quick refresh:

  • For general grocery delivers, tip 10 – 20%
  • If the weather is bad when the shopping happens, consider tipping a bit more
  • If you have a small order, make sure to tip at least $3 – $4. If you are buying groceries, your order probably won’t be small, but it is something to keep in mind if you forgot one item and didn’t want to run out and get it.

Dumpling Grocery allows for you to reach places that you may not be able to shop at normally – such as Trader Joe’s. It is a very viable option if you don’t want to go to the store in person.


When it comes to grocery delivery, you want to have your local, weekly place available for your food. But if your place is Trader Joe’s, it becomes a little bit more difficult for that to happen.

Getting groceries delivered from Trader Joe’s just means you need to utilize third-party options you may not have known about before. Trader Joe’s does not seem like the type of place to transition to an online ordering option any time soon. They are committed to their people.

If you love that grocery store and can’t imagine a week without it, going in person is the easiest route, even if there are lines during COVID-19 times. If you really don’t want to deal with any of that, you can try Dumpling Grocery.

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