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The Best Mozzarella Sticks From Fast Food Chains

Mozzarella sticks are among the most favorite fast food snacks. They are crispy and golden on the outside and gooey and cheesy on the inside, making them the perfect vehicle for warm marinara sauce.

Luckily, many fast food menus include mozzarella sticks as a side item to complement your meal.

If you’re craving mozzarella sticks, you’re in the right place! I’ve compiled a list of the best mozzarella sticks from fast food chains.

These crispy and cheesy mozzarella sticks will make the perfect afternoon snack or side to your fast food lunch or dinner entree.

10. White Castle: Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

White Castle is a fast food chain known for popularizing mini hamburger sliders.

There are nearly 400 White Castle locations in the US, most of which are in the Midwest or New York state.

Although White Castle is famous for its burger sliders, they also offer a variety of delicious sides, including mozzarella sticks.

White Castle’s mozzarella cheese sticks are made with real mozzarella cheese and served with zesty marinara dipping sauce.

They’re available in three sizes: small (3 pieces), medium (5 pieces), and sack (10 pieces).

A medium size has 760 calories and contains 55 grams of fat, 1,560 milligrams of sodium, and 30 grams of protein.

9. Sheetz: Mozzarella Sticks

Sheetz is an East Coast-based convenience store and coffee chain that offers an extensive menu of made-to-order foods.

There are nearly 700 Sheetz locations in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Sheetz’s award-winning made-to-order menu is full of delicious American fast food classics, including mozzarella sticks.

Sheetz’s mozzarella sticks are pretty basic, with gooey mozzarella in the middle and a crispy fried layer outside.

They come with ketchup, but for a $0.90 upcharge, you can order a variety of dipping sauces, including marinara sauce, ranch, and garlic sauce.

They come in two sizes: regular and bucket.

You can also order an App Sampler from Sheetz, with a combination of three appetizers of your choice, including mozzarella sticks.

A regular order of mozzarella sticks has 410 calories and contains 14 grams of fat, 1,000 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of protein.

8. Dairy Queen: Cheese Curds

Dairy Queen is best known for its ice cream treats, like Blizzards and Dilly Bars, but many locations also serve food.

There are nearly 4,500 Dairy Queen locations in the US; however, only some of them sell food.

To find out whether your local Dairy Queen serves food, go to their website and enter your zip code.

Click on the location you’re interested in visiting. If it says “Treat Only” under the address, that location only offers ice cream. But if it says “Food and Treat,” that location serves food.

Although Dairy Queen doesn’t offer traditional mozzarella sticks, they do sell cheese curds, which are very similar.

Dairy Queen’s cheese curds are nugget-sized pieces of cheese, battered and fried to be gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside, just like a mozzarella stick.

They are available in two sizes: regular and large.

A regular size has 500 calories and contains 34 grams of fat, 990 milligrams of sodium, and 24 grams of protein.

7. Captain D’s: Mozzarella Sticks

Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen is a fast food chain that specializes in seafood. They operate over 500 locations in 24 states.

Although Captain D’s is most famous for seafood dishes made with fish and shrimp, that’s not all they offer.

You can find mozzarella sticks in the appetizers section of their menu.

Captain D’s mozzarella sticks are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside and are served with a side of zesty marinara dipping sauce.

One order has 380 calories and contains 24 grams of fat, 800 milligrams of sodium, and 16 grams of protein.

6. A&W: Cheese Curds

You might know A&W for its signature root beer, but it is a popular fast food chain with over 500 locations in 38 states.

The A&W menu features a variety of American fast food classics.

Although they don’t offer mozzarella sticks, their menu includes a delicious rendition of cheese curds.

A&W’s cheese curds are made from 100% real Wisconsin cheddar cheese, breaded, and fried to a perfect golden color and crispy texture.

They’re available in two sizes: regular and large.

A regular size has 570 calories and contains 40 grams of fat, 1,220 milligrams of sodium, and 27 grams of protein.

5. Burger King: Mozzarella Sticks

Burger King is one of the most popular fast food chains globally, with over 7,000 locations in all 50 states.

The Burger King menu mainly has burgers, but it also features a variety of delicious sides, including mozzarella sticks.

Burger King’s mozzarella sticks are crispy on the outside and stretchy on the inside, making the perfect pairing with their marinara sauce.

One serving comes with four mozzarella sticks and contains 330 calories, 14 grams of fat, 820 milligrams of sodium, and 13 grams of protein.

4. Checkers/Rally’s: Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Sticks

Checkers and Rally’s seem like different restaurants, but in practice, they’re the same fast food chain operating under two names.

There are over 550 Checkers locations and over 300 Rally’s locations in the US.

The Checkers and Rally’s menu is the same between locations, featuring a variety of delicious American fast food classics.

Checkers and Rally’s mozzarella sticks are called Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Sticks.

They’re made with mozzarella, breaded and coated using their famous fry seasoning, fried to a perfect golden brown, and served alongside their marinara sauce.

They’re available in two sizes: 4-piece and 6-piece.

A 4-piece order with a side of marinara sauce has 280 calories and contains 17 grams of fat, 1,060 milligrams of sodium, and 12 grams of protein.

3. Arby’s: Mozzarella Sticks

Arby’s is a fast food chain famous for its roast beef sandwiches and curly fries.

There are over 3,300 Arby’s locations in the United States.

Although Arby’s most popular side dish is curly fries, they offer many other delicious sides, including mozzarella sticks.

Arby’s mozzarella sticks are made from mozzarella cheese strips, battered, fried to a golden crisp, and served with a marinara dipping sauce.

They come in two sizes: 4-piece and 6-piece.

All Arby’s meal combos are served with a default side of curly or crinkle-cut fries, but for a $1.00 upcharge, you can swap the fries out for mozzarella sticks.

A 4-piece order has 440 calories and contains 23 grams of fat, 1,410 milligrams of sodium, and 19 grams of protein.

2. Culver’s: Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Culver’s is a Wisconsin-based fast food chain famous for serving ButterBurgers, frozen custard, and cheese curds.

There are nearly 900 Culver’s locations in 25 states.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds are one of the signature items on Culver’s menu.

They’re made from fresh, un-aged yellow and white Wisconsin cheddar cheese, deep fried to a golden brown color, crisp exterior, and buttery, cheesy interior.

The cheese for Culver’s Wisconsin Cheese Curds is sourced from La Grander Hillside Dairy in Stanley, Wisconsin.

They are available in two sizes: medium and large.

A medium order has 510 calories and contains 25 grams of fat, 1,230 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of protein.

1. Sonic Drive-In: Mozzarella Sticks

Sonic Drive-In is a 1950s drive-through-themed fast food chain specializing in American fast food classics.

There are over 3,500 Sonic Drive-In locations in 46 states.

The Sonic menu has an extensive Snacks & Sides section, which also includes mozzarella sticks.

Sonic’s mozzarella sticks are a true classic, made with real mozzarella cheese, breaded and fried to be crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

They’re served with a side of marinara dipping sauce.

They come in three sizes: small (4 pieces), medium (6 pieces), and large (8 pieces).

A medium order has 590 calories and contains 29 grams of fat, 1,490 milligrams of sodium, and 23 grams of protein.


There you have it – the best fast food mozzarella sticks!

Whether you’re in the mood for mozzarella sticks or cheese curds, you will surely find one of your new fast food favorites on this list.

If you want something gooey, cheesy, crispy, and savory, any of these delicious mozzarella sticks will satisfy your craving.

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