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The Best Burger King Side Menu Items

By Lana Kisner | November 25, 2023

Burger King serves a variety of sides to complement their burgers. From classic fries to chicken nuggets to chicken fries and onion rings, they have an option for every taste and appetite. I taste tested every item I could find on the Burger King sides menu to find out what makes each stand out.

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are one of the best side items to top off your BK meal. They provide an additional boost of protein and flavor to complement your burger. You can order them in 4 or 8 pieces at most locations. They’re always served tender and juicy with the right amount of breaded crisp on the outside. Pair them with your favorite dipping sauce, and you’re in for a tasty treat.

Cheesy Tots

Cheesy tots are often on and off the Burger King menu, so don’t get too attached to them. But if you happen to find them on the menu, I’d definitely recommend ordering these savory, bite-sized, cheesy goodness. I especially love to pair them with my burger. They’re filled with melted cheese and bits of potatoes covered in a crunchy breadcrumb coating.

Mozzarella Sticks

There’s a lot to love about Burger King’s mozzarella sticks when dipped in marinara sauce. They’re hot and gooey with melted mozzarella cheese on the inside while remaining perfectly crisp with seasoned breading on the outside. These also disappear from the menu every now and then to make room for new side items, but if you come across them, I’d recommend ordering them because they taste surprisingly good.

Chicken Fries

Want chicken in a fry from? Order the chicken fries for the best of both worlds. These breaded, crispy white meat chicken pieces are the ultimate Burger King side item to dip in your favorite sauce. You can order them in 4,8 or 12 pieces at most locations.

Onion Rings

This is a classic side item on the Burger King menu. Onion rings are sweet and crunchy and go great with your favorite dipping sauce. Wondering what sauce options are available? Burger King offers six dipping sauces, and my favorite is the zesty sauce to pair with these bad boys.

Classic Fries

Classic fries are a timeless side menu item at Burger King. They’re always hot and fresh and come with just the right amount of salt for that ultimate fast-food fries experience. Fries and burgers? Sign me up!


What if you wanted both fries and onion rings as your side options? Sure, you could order one of each, but Burger King has a better solution. Have-sies include half fries and half onion rings in each order to make it a double play. Genius!

MOTTS Applesauce

Although I can’t directly give Burger King credit for the great taste of MOTTS applesauce, I can praise them for including it on their side menu. Each cup is filled with 100% natural applesauce with no added sugar, which makes it an excellent alternative to all their fried side items.

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Lana Kisner is a writer on the team with more than 15 years of experience in the food service industry. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, listening to live music, and hiking with her dog.