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11 Best Burger King Desserts, Ranked

Burger King has several tasty desserts, and they frequently introduce new flavors and variations to their dessert menu. Although most desserts are built upon their classic vanilla soft serve ice cream, they also offer tasty candy bar-themed pies and fun takes on their classic shakes.

The Burger King dessert menu includes soft serve vanilla ice cream, shakes, sundaes, cookies, and pies.

All desserts come in one standard size, and most are available to order online for pickup or delivery. However, dessert availability changes, and not all dessert options will be available at every location.

On this list, we’ll rank all desserts available at Burger King and let you know about their flavors, textures, and calories!

11. Soft Serve Cup

Sometimes you just want some ice cream, plain and simple.

The soft serve cup lets you enjoy the creamy goodness of Burger King’s vanilla soft serve, and it comes in a plastic cup that’s easier to take on the go than a cone.

It’s not dressed up like some other desserts, but with the least number of calories of all orders, it’s a great way to sneak in a sweet bite.

The Burger King’s soft serve cup comes in one standard size and has 170 calories.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next to soft serve ice cream, warm chocolate chip cookies are our favorite classic dessert.

They’re sweet and chewy and always hit the spot.

Although chocolate chip cookies may not be available to order online for pickup or delivery, you’ll often find them sitting on a warmer in restaurants, ready for you to enjoy.

They’re easy on the go, and they pair great with a cup of soft serve on your cheat day.

Each chocolate chip cookie from Burger King has approximately 160 calories, and they’re sold in pairs for a total of 320 calories per order.

9. Strawberry Shake

The strawberry shake is on the sweet side, but it’s great for anyone who loves strawberries.

It combines vanilla soft serve with strawberry flavor, resulting in the perfect dessert for those hot summer months.

The strawberry shake at Burger King comes in one standard size and has 640 calories.

8. Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge Sundae

This sundae is the perfect combination of chocolate fudge and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Although it isn’t mixed like the shake, we enjoy the contrast of scooping a bit of soft serve with chocolate syrup.

The Hershey’s chocolate fudge sundae comes in one standard size and has 260 calories.

This sundae isn’t available online, and it may not always be on the menu.

If you’re craving a chocolate sundae but don’t see it on the menu, you may be able to pay an additional charge and have chocolate syrup added to your soft serve cup.

7. Chocolate Shake

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate shake from Burger King.

It’s smooth, velvety, and decadent, and it has all the chocolatey goodness you could want in a dessert.

This hand-spun shake starts with a delicious vanilla soft serve.

Next, chocolate syrup is added, and the two are blended until perfectly combined.

The Burger King’s chocolate shake comes in one standard size and has 610 calories.

Although there aren’t any customization options, this shake is tasty enough to enjoy without guilt.

6. Vanilla Shake

Some may consider the vanilla shake simple, but we think it’s classic.

It’s sweet and refreshing, and the creamy texture makes you want more with each sip.

While the vanilla soft serve ice cream is already delicious, this shake takes it a step further.

The additional vanilla sauce blended into the mix brings a strong vanilla flavor and makes this dessert delicious.

The vanilla shake at Burger King comes in one standard size and has 580 calories.

It has the least calories of all Burger King shakes on this list, but we don’t think any flavor is compromised for it.

5. Caramel Sundae

The caramel sundae is a tasty take on the classic soft-serve cup.

The addition of buttery caramel tastes heavenly mixed into creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

While the chocolate sundae is tasty, we appreciate the change of pace this caramel dessert brings to the table.

The Burger King’s caramel sundae comes in one standard size and has 240 calories.

This sundae isn’t available online, and it may not always be on the menu.

However, you may be able to pay an additional charge and add caramel syrup to a soft serve cup, where available.

4. Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake

If you have a chocolate craving, then the chocolate Oreo cookie shake is your best bet.

Not only does it have all the goodness that comes in the classic Oreo cookie shake, but it blends in a chocolate sauce that makes this dessert rich and fulfilling.

To create this dessert, Oreo cookie pieces are blended with velvety vanilla soft serve and sweet chocolate sauce.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with any whipped topping that would have served as a creamy contrast, but we guess that helps keep the focus on the chocolate. 

The chocolate Oreo cookie shake comes in one standard size and has 740 calories, the highest of all Burger King desserts.

There is no whipped topping on this one, but you could always ask for two straws and share it with someone to reduce calories.

3. Soft Serve Cone

Burger King’s vanilla soft serve ice cream is velvety smooth and delicious, but it’s taken up a notch when served in a crisp sugar cone.

Although this is a simple dessert, it hits the spot without being too much of a sugar bomb, and it’s a staple that we’ll always get excited about.

The Burger King’s soft serve cone comes in one standard size and has 190 calories.

With only 20 calories more than the soft serve cup, the additional flavor and texture are well worth feeling like a kid again!

2. Oreo Cookie Shake

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between cookies and ice cream for dessert, but with the Oreo cookie shake, you don’t have to.

Oreo cookie pieces and vanilla soft-serve ice cream are the main ingredients in this tasty dessert.

However, the vanilla sauce also added to the mix makes the flavor stand out.

Top it off with a sweet, whipped topping, and you get a shake that’s both filling and delicious.

Burger King’s Oreo cookie shake comes in one standard size and has 720 calories.

You can slightly reduce the calories by leaving off the whipped topping.

1. Hershey’s Sundae Pie

The Hershey’s sundae pie is crunchy, creamy, and deliciously decadent.

It’s the ultimate dessert for chocolate lovers, and the flavor is offset perfectly with layers of vanilla cream.

Despite its flavor, it also has fewer calories than several other Burger King dessert options, making this our number-one pick.

A crunchy chocolate crust is paired with two layers of cream filling, making this pie so delicious.

On top is a chocolate creme filling with a soft, mousse-like texture, and below is a vanilla cream to offset the abundance of rich chocolate flavors.

It’s also garnished with a whipped topping and Hershey’s chocolate chips.

The Burger King’s Hershey’s sundae pie has 310 calories, and the allergens found in it include milk, wheat, and soy.

Although there are no customization options to reduce calories, it’s big enough for two people to get a few sweet bites, or you can take it with you and put it in the fridge for later.


Burger King doesn’t have the most creative dessert menu among fast-food restaurants, but they offer enough variation that nearly anyone can find something they’ll enjoy.

In addition to the standard options, they also feature seasonal and other limited-time desserts.

Popular options that have appeared in the past include the peppermint Oreo shake, the Twix pie, and the Lucky Charms shake, so it’s always good to keep your eyes peeled for fun new additions!

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Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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