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Can You Order Postmates for Someone Else? (Yes, Here’s How)

There are several food delivery services that changed the game of convenience and food, and Postmates is one of them. While ordering food for yourself and enjoying it, you might be wondering if you can also order Postmates for someone else. 

Luckily, you can order Postmates for someone else. To do this, you will need to change the delivery address to the recipient’s address and search for restaurants in close proximity. During the ordering process, you can leave special instructions for the Postmates driver that the food was ordered for someone else. 

If you are going to order Postmates for someone else, there are a few things to consider. Regardless of where the food is delivered, there is a chance it could end up at the wrong address, so it’s important to know what to do if this happens to you. 

Keep on reading to learn more about all the ins and outs of ordering Postmates for a loved one!

How to Order Postmates for Someone Else

It doesn’t matter if the person is in the same state as you; if you have their address, you can have Postmates deliver a food order to someone’s doorstep. It is always nice to include a note for the driver that this food was ordered for someone else.

This gives the driver a head’s up to potentially explain why they are delivering food to this person. 

Sometimes, people will order food as a surprise for a friend, and the driver ends up getting ignored, missed altogether, or even yelled at!

If the driver knows that they are approaching someone who might not know about the order, they can explain that it’s a surprise from a friend. 

That said, here are a few tips for how to specifically order Postmates for someone else:

  1. The address bar is located at the top of the main page on the Postmates website. This is where you will type in the address that you want the food sent to. 
  2. Once you’ve done this, the website will pull up all of the available restaurants in that area. 
  3. Then, you can order the food you would like to have delivered and continue with the payment process. 
  4. During the payment process, there will be a special instructions box. This is where you will enter that the food is for someone else. 
  5. Submit the order, and the process is complete.

The address change at the beginning is the most important part of this process. If you do not change the address, the food will be delivered to the address you already had set from your last order.

Can You Change Postmates Delivery Address After Ordering?

Unfortunately, once the order has been placed, there is no way to change the address on Postmates. The main reason for this is because the correct address might not have that restaurant available to them, or some food items might be out of stock. Therefore, the order must be canceled and re-ordered. 

Another reason is that the restaurant is notified of the order almost immediately after completing the payment process. 

Therefore, if you accidentally added the wrong delivery address, you must cancel the order through the Postmates app or on the website as soon as possible. You can then replace the order with the correct address. 

That said, if you have made it to the checkout screen but haven’t finished the payment process yet, you can click the address on the checkout screen and change it.

This makes the process easier, and you may not have to start over with your order. However, there’s still a chance that when you change the address, the restaurant isn’t available for your delivery address.

So, make sure to double-check your order to confirm everything is still available before you finish with the payment process.

What Happens If Postmates Delivers to the Wrong Address?

It is possible for a Postmates driver to deliver to the wrong address. Unfortunately, if the person at the wrong address accepts the food, there isn’t much that the driver can do at that point. When this happens, the only option left for the customer is to contact Postmates customer service directly to explain the situation. 

However, this is usually resolved before the food gets delivered because drivers will text or call the person who made the order when they arrive.

If the driver is at the wrong address, they will quickly deliver to the correct address before moving on. 

If you think the order has been delivered to the wrong address, it is important to first go to the app and double-check that the address and phone number were entered correctly.

There is also a chance that the delivery driver showed up but couldn’t reach you and was forced to leave.

Postmates drivers will wait five minutes for the person to come out before moving on to the next delivery. 

Can You Share a Postmates Account?

While you can share your Postmates log-in with someone else to use on their phone, it’s not recommended for security reasons. If you want to share an order with others, you can do so using the Postmates “Group Ordering” feature.

Group ordering is the easiest and safest way to share an account on Postmates. It also takes the hassle out of ordering for multiple people.

Simply log in to Postmates and select a merchant. There you will see the “Group Order” icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then, you can share the order with whoever you like.

This feature is highly convenient for parties or groups of friends that all want food from the same place without texting back and forth to figure out everyone’s orders!

With group order, each person adds their choice to the order. Once the order is complete, everyone in the group can track the order directly from their phones.

As mentioned previously, the only other way to do it is to give your login information to someone else and let them log in on their phone.

However, this is highly discouraged for many safety reasons. If you have your payment information saved to that account, the person can easily use your information to order food whenever they want.

In addition to that, they can give your login information to other people as well. This could result in your account being deactivated.

For everyone involved, Postmates accounts shouldn’t be shared with others. This keeps your information safe and minimizes confusion and problems in the future. 

How to Send a Postmates Gift Card

Postmates doesn’t offer gift cards directly on their site but teamed up with Uber Eats after the acquisition. All you have to do is go to Uber and purchase a gift card. This gift card will allow you to order from Uber, Uber Eats, and Postmates. You can choose to have the gift card sent via email or regular mail.

You can also purchase the Postmates gift card by going to the Postmates website. When you navigate to the gift card section and scroll down, you will see the option to “send a gift.”

This icon will redirect you to the Uber website gift card page, where you will purchase the card. 

If you want to give the person the gift card yourself, have the gift card delivered to your address.

Then, you can hand send the gift card how you wish. Otherwise, choose the paperless route, and the person can redeem their gift card directly from their email. 


Postmates makes ordering food for someone else just as convenient as ordering food for yourself. All you have to do is change the address before you start the ordering process, and the rest is the same as when ordering for yourself.

The company also has a special instructions box to let the driver know that the food is for someone else to ensure the order goes smoothly for everyone! 

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