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Is GrubHub Plus Worth It?

When it comes to ordering takeout, GrubHub is a popular option—and for a good reason. GrubHub has over 250,000 partnerships across the United States, from local diners to popular chains, and offers a diverse selection of cuisine that can satisfy every craving you can imagine.

GrubHub has launched its subscription-based program, GrubHub Plus (also called GrubHub+). Like its competitors, GrubHub Plus offers premium membership benefits, including unlimited $0 delivery fees, donation matching, and exclusive access to membership perks.

To determine whether GrubHub Plus is worth it, consider how much you have spent on delivery fees with GrubHub over the past month. If your monthly delivery fees exceed $9.99, then GrubHub+ is worth it. Meanwhile, if your total delivery fees are less than $9.99, you will save more without GrubHub+.

With a GrubHub+ membership, you can have your favorite dishes from local restaurants delivered right to your door—all you need to do is open the GrubHub app, choose a GrubHub Plus-affiliated restaurant, and place your order.

Let’s look at how the GrubHub+ subscription works, how much membership costs, and whether membership benefits apply to all restaurants.

What Is GrubHub Plus?

GrubHub Plus (also called GrubHub+) is GrubHub’s monthly membership program. With a GrubHub Plus subscription, you can enjoy $0 delivery fees on orders over $12 from restaurants enrolled in the GrubHub Plus program, as well as other membership benefits.

For $9.99 per month, a GrubHub Plus subscription offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited $0 delivery fees from GrubHub Plus-affiliated restaurants
  • VIP Membership access to Elite Care customer service teams for priority assistance
  • Exclusive access to membership perks, deals, and local events

The best part? GrubHub Plus allows you to enjoy premium benefits while matching your donations. With a GrubHub Plus membership, GrubHub matches donations to No Kid Hungry through Donate the Change to feed food-insecure children around the country.

How Does GrubHub Plus Work?

When you place an order from restaurants affiliated with GrubHub Plus, GrubHub automatically applies your membership benefits to your order, including free delivery.

After signing up for your GrubHub Plus subscription, search for the GrubHub Plus badge next to a local restaurant’s name or search for eligible restaurants with the GrubHub Plus tool on the app.

When placing your order, keep in mind that your order must exceed $12 to use your membership benefits.

If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, you can use the GrubHub app to filter restaurants by type of food and sort the results by rating, distance, delivery time, and price.

You don’t need any special promo codes to get free delivery from eligible restaurants, and there are no limits on how many orders you can use your benefits each month.

However, according to the GrubHub website, GrubHub+ membership benefits do not apply to orders containing alcohol.

Even if the restaurant you’re ordering from has a GrubHub Plus badge, you won’t be able to use your membership benefits for the order.

How Much Does GrubHub Plus Cost?

A GrubHub Plus subscription costs $9.99 per month. However, even with a GrubHub+ subscription, it’s important to remember that you’ll still have to pay taxes and service fees when placing an order. You’ll also have the option to tip your GrubHub driver.

If you’re on the fence about subscribing to GrubHub Plus, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to determine whether GrubHub Plus is right for you.

Additionally, students enrolled in classes at a campus that works with GrubHub can take advantage of a free GrubHub Plus membership.

How Do I Get Free GrubHub Plus with Lyft Pink?

In October 2020, Lyft announced that Lyft Pink members could access a free GrubHub+ subscription. To access your free GrubHub membership using the Lyft app, click the three bars in the upper left corner, tap Lyft Pink, and then click the ‘Free GrubHub+ Membership’ button.

Next, you’ll need to click ‘Activate,” enter your email, and enter the six-digit confirmation code to confirm your membership.

After activating your new membership, you’ll need to download the GrubHub app. On the Lyft app, you can check your status with GrubHub anytime using the ‘Order from GrubHub’ button to open the GrubHub app.

When the GrubHub app opens, you’ll see a message letting you know that your subscription has been activated successfully.

Can You Cancel GrubHub Plus Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your GrubHub Plus subscription anytime without facing any additional fees or penalties.

To cancel your GrubHub+ membership using the GrubHub app:

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings page and click on ‘GrubHub+ membership.
  2. Next, click ‘cancel membership’ toward the bottom of the page
  3. Confirm your cancellation on the following screen.

After you cancel, GrubHub will send a confirmation email to the email address linked to your account. If you’re currently paying for the subscription, you’ll be able to enjoy your GrubHub Plus benefits until the end of your next billing cycle.

Meanwhile, if you cancel during a free trial, your membership benefits will end as soon as you confirm the cancellation.

Does GrubHub Plus Apply to All Restaurants?

Unfortunately, GrubHub+ membership benefits do not apply to all restaurants. Even if you order takeout through GrubHub frequently, you’ll want to make sure your favorite restaurants have enrolled in the GrubHub+ program.

With GrubHub+, $0 delivery fees and rewards are limited to restaurants enrolled in the program. You should confirm your favorite restaurants are included in the program to make sure you’re getting the most out of your subscription.

According to GrubHub, over 100,000 local restaurants and chains across the U.S have enrolled in the GrubHub Plus subscription program.

To check whether your local favorites are part of the GrubHub+ program, use the GrubHub app to search for restaurants with a GrubHub+ badge.

GrubHub Plus vs. DashPass: Which Is Better?

At $9.99 per month, a GrubHub+ subscription costs the same as a DashPass subscription. Compared to DoorDash, GrubHub is more widely available across the United States, and the GrubHub+ subscription program offers a better deal than DashPash. If value and convenience are your priorities, opt for GrubHub Plus.

With that said, if you live in a major city, you most likely won’t experience any issues experiencing dozens of local restaurants through both DoorDash and GrubHub.

However, if you’re not in a major city, you’re more likely to have issues ordering from DoorDash. Although DoorDash is available in all 50 states, GrubHub has a significantly wider service area.

When it comes to fees, GrubHub+ typically charges lower service fees than DashPass but requires minimum orders of $12 to use membership benefits.

GrubHub+ also has more partnered restaurants across the United States, with more competitive pricing, donation matching, and exclusive membership promotions.


From convenience to value, signing up for a food delivery subscription comes with a wide range of benefits. Food delivery subscription services have become increasingly popular within the last year, and membership is expected to continue growing in the future.

For just $9.99 a month, you can take advantage of exclusive membership perks, including unlimited $0 delivery fees and donation matching on all orders placed through eligible restaurants.

If you’re unsure whether GrubHub+ is right for you, you can try out a 14-day free trial since there’s no risk of trying out the subscription.

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