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GrubHub Pickup: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Using delivery services like GrubHub can be majorly convenient, but what about when you would like to get out of the house? Or save a few dollars?

This is when the pickup feature on GrubHub can come in handy for users. Regardless of your reasons for using it, it brings a new kind of food delivery experience to your fingertips.

GrubHub pickup is an easy way to get notified when your food is ready and pick it up in your car at the restaurant. It does not take any portion of the restaurant’s profit and does not charge users a delivery fee, making it a great option to save money and time. While tips are always appreciated, they are not expected.

If you’re still not clear on how to use GrubHub pickup or why you would stray from the delivery service, this article will walk you through why you should use the pickup feature, what fees to expect, and more.

How Does GrubHub Pickup Work?

For those looking to get out of the house or save a little money, using GrubHub pickup is a great tool. It is a simple process with only one minor change from your normal checkout process.

To place your pickup order, below are the steps that you’ll need to follow:

  1. Log into your GrubHub account
  2. Before beginning your order, look at the filters and choose the toggle that says “pickup”
  3. Apply this change, and you’ll see the list of restaurants may have changed slightly
  4. Proceed to select your food and checkout as usual
  5. You will receive an estimated time that the food will be ready for pickup, and the app will let you know when to head to your restaurant
  6. Once prepared, wait in your car in the restaurant and simply call the restaurant using the number you’re provided with on the GrubHub app
  7. After letting them know you’ve arrived, your food will be brought out to your car.

This hassle-free pickup option is made simple by GrubHub without even having to leave your vehicle. You can maintain a distance from others while still getting out of the house to pick up your order.

By choosing the pickup option, you can be more in control of your order and when to receive it, making for a different level of convenience.

This feature is a great way for GrubHub to appeal to all customers, depending on what they prioritize most in a delivery service.

Does GrubHub Charge for Pickup?

You will not be charged a delivery fee on your pickup orders. When ordering through GrubHub, you’ve most likely noticed that you get charged a delivery fee. This is required to ensure all delivery drivers get paid. However, this is not the case for pickup orders.

If you see fees when checking out, it is because GrubHub charges all customers a small marketing and processing fee.

This helps them cover the additional expenses that come with the service but are not related to delivery. Therefore, you are saving money on delivery fees and potentially even tips by using the pickup service.

When Should You Use GrubHub Pickup?

There are several reasons for using the GrubHub pickup feature, most importantly to save time and money. While delivery services are pretty quick, you can get your food faster by being your own driver. If you’re in a hurry to receive the food, you will be better off picking it up on your own.

This is especially true if you live very close to the restaurant you’re ordering from.

In this case, you’ll be able to get to the restaurant to take the order a lot faster than a delivery driver will be able to. Because of this, you could cut a significant amount of wait time off of your delivery.

Likewise, if you’re looking to save a few dollars on each of your orders, using the pickup option is a great way to do this.

By using the pickup service, you are not charged delivery fees, and you generally do not need to leave a tip. This could save you upwards of $10 on each order.

GrubHub pickup is also a great option for those who are looking for less contact in the delivery process.

Although GrubHub delivery can do a contactless drop-off, your food is being passed through more people’s hands when you use the delivery feature.

Alternatively, if you use the pickup feature, you will be getting your food directly from the source.

Additionally, you can avoid crowds by waiting for the order in your car and can have the restaurant put the food in your trunk to prevent any close interactions.

Pickup is a great option for those who want to keep a safe distance from others or simply don’t want to get out of their vehicles to receive their food.

Does GrubHub Charge Restaurants for Pickup?

When ordering through delivery services, platforms like GrubHub charge restaurants 10% of the total order to cover the cost of their delivery driver. However, when placing a pickup order, the restaurant does not get charged a fee from GrubHub because they are not covering a driver.

Therefore, if you are looking for the convenience of a delivery service platform but want to support a specific restaurant, try using the pickup feature.

This way, you’ll provide the restaurant with your entire order but will still be able to use the hassle-free GrubHub platform.

By adding this pickup feature, GrubHub is looking out for customers and restaurants by taking away the commission fees that each restaurant is required to pay GrubHub to drive more customers to them.

This helps increase the income of the restaurant, which can be very helpful during slower seasons.

Do You Tip GrubHub Pickup?

Adding a tip on a GrubHub pickup order is not required or necessary. When ordering GrubHub delivery, 100% of your tip goes to the delivery driver. In a pickup order, you are your own driver, and therefore the tip is not an essential part of your order process.

However, you always have the option of leaving a tip, and even if you tip for a pickup order, your tip will be received just by a different employee.

Generally, on pickup orders, the tip will go to the employee at the restaurant who handled your order.

Whether they’re the ones who put in the order or packaged it up, whoever made sure your order got to you is who will receive your tip.

This is a nice thing to do when and if you are able to add the extra money to your order, as all restaurant employees rely on their tips.

However, unlike GrubHub delivery, tips are not expected on pickup orders.


Utilizing the pickup feature on GrubHub’s platform can bring you added benefits where the convenience may be lessened.

By choosing to be your own delivery driver, you can save money on fees and time and reduce the contact you and your food have with other people. Simply choose pickup as your delivery option before placing your order and give it a go!

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