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Can You Order Food With Cash App? (Yes, Here’s How)

Cash App is a great tool to transfer money, but many people wonder if they can pay for food deliveries using the app. This would be a great way to pay for online food orders for those who may not have a credit or debit card.

So, can you order food with Cash App?

Yes, you can order food with Cash App. After opening your Cash App, you will see that you can access your Cash App card. This is where you will go when you want to order food delivery and pay via Cash App. You can also link your Cash App card to Google Pay and use Google Pay at checkout when ordering food.

Although Cash App offers a convenient way of paying for food deliveries, it is not available to use on every popular delivery service.

If you’re not sure which services accept Cash App payments or how to use it for your next purchase, this article will walk you through finding food delivery services that accept Cash App and explain how to use it.

How to Access Your Cash App Card

Accessing your cash card in Cash App is easier than you may expect. When you open the application on your phone, you will see a row of symbols across the bottom of the screen. The second from the left is a rectangle and is the symbol used for the cash card.

Once you click on this symbol, you will get to your cash card screen. If you have never used the cash card, click “Get Cash Card” and follow the steps to get your card up and running.

Cash App will ask you to choose a color and then customize your card. You can even choose whether or not you want your Cash App tag to show on the card.

You’ll then need to submit a signature and address, and your card is ready to go! You will be given the number of your card, and a physical copy will be mailed.

This is basically Cash App’s version of having a debit card through the app where you can spend without waiting for money transfers every time.

Keep in mind that to apply for this, you must be 18 years or older. However, it’s completely free and can be customized to your liking!

Cash App card gives all users the ability to use it anywhere a visa card can be used, which allows more flexibility in spending.

Within the card, there are also deals and boosts for various stores, restaurants, and food delivery services to earn cashback on each purchase.

If you want to use your Cash App funds through Google Pay, you can follow the steps below to get your accounts linked:

  1. Go into your Cash App and select the card-shaped icon on the bottom second to the left of your screen. This is the same step as what you did previously to get the Cash Card.
  2. Once you’ve registered a Cash App card, you will be able to scroll down and see “Add to Google Pay”
  3. Once you click on that, you’ll be redirected straight to the Google Pay website to finish linking the card.
  4. Once it’s linked, you can pay for items directly through Google Pay using your Cash App card.

Keep in mind this process will look similar on both your mobile device and your desktop. The main difference is when you open Cash App on your desktop, the menu will show on the left side of your screen rather than across the bottom.

To select your Cash Card, look to the left, and the second item on the list will say “Cash Card” with a dollar sign button next to it. Once you click that, follow steps 2-4 above.

This is a simple process and can save you time in the long run by using Google Pay rather than a debit or credit card when ordering food. This option also allows your Cash App card to be received more readily, especially if you do not have your physical card yet.

Unfortunately, Samsung Pay will not support a Cash App card being linked. You will be able to enter your details and card information; however, an error message will come up at the end saying that Samsung Pay was unable to save your card information.

This is not because you entered your information wrong. It is because the card is supported by Cash App and is simply not on Samsung Pay’s list of supported banks for processing payments.

Food Delivery Services That Accept Cash App

Keep in mind that if you are unable to get a Cash App card for some reason, you will not be able to use Cash App at any restaurant or pay for any food delivery services. With that said, any service that takes Visa will mostly accept your Cash App card.

Food Delivery ServiceAccepts Cash App (Directly)Accepts Cash App (Google Pay)
Uber EatsNoNo

These major delivery services all have different policies around the types of cards they will and will not accept.

Policies frequently change as well, so it’s important to check back as often as possible to ensure your card will be taken without a problem before placing an order.

Where Else Can I Order With Cash App?

If you’re looking to order directly from a restaurant rather than a delivery service, you may do so. If the restaurant takes Visa cards, then they will be able to process your Cash App card. If this information is not readily available, be sure to inquire whether they will take your card.

If they do not accept the card itself, look further to see if they’ll accept it via Google Pay, as this will process differently in their system and could make a difference.

Since Cash App cards are a bit different from other credit and debit cards, it is important that you stay up to date on where you can and cannot use the card to ensure you do not wind up being unable to pay for delivery when it arrives.

Final Thoughts

You will be able to use your Cash App payment in more places by linking the card directly to Google Pay. Since Google Pay is being accepted at more and more establishments, this will open more doors for you. Once Samsung Pay starts accepting Cash App cards, this will also enable more options.

Unfortunately, if you’re unable to receive a Cash App card for some reason, you will be unable to make purchases through your Cash App account. Since you need a credit or debit card number to pay for any item, signing up for a card is the only way to do this. If you find that you’re unable to get a Cash App card, look into ordering from places like GrubHub, which accepts cash on delivery.

Although Cash App cards cannot be used on every platform, it is still a great option if you don’t want to be limited to other types of payment methods, such as PayPal, or don’t want to apply for a traditional credit or debit card.

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