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Can Uber Eats Drivers Rate Customers? (Yes, Here’s Why)

When using delivery services, it is common to think of ratings just as being relevant for the drivers. However, it is just as important to services like Uber Eats to understand what their employees are experiencing with each customer. This is the only way to ensure safety and security.

So, can Uber Eats drivers rate customers?

Yes, Uber Eats drivers can rate each experience they have on the app. This may include information about their delivery, such as the overall ease of delivery to aid Uber Eats in bettering their service. Uber Eats drivers can also leave ratings specifically about customers when necessary.

While you, as a customer, may not always be rated or reviewed in the same way customers can review a driver, Uber Eats drivers do have constant support from the platform to improve their experience. Keep reading to get a closer look into how you can better navigate Uber Eats as a customer.

Can Uber Eats Drivers Decline an Order?

Uber Eats drivers can decline a customer’s order. Generally, this will occur when a driver goes into the app without being actually prepared to start delivery.

However, this impacts the driver because drivers need a minimum delivery acceptance rate, so it is highly suggested that drivers avoid declining requests.

The good news for you as a customer is that if one driver declines your order, it will simply be picked up by another driver nearby. However, if you are consistently rated poorly by drivers, your orders may be declined simply for this reason.

Similar to rideshare services, Uber Eats drivers can choose not to interact with customers who are rude or constantly tip-bait.

This is something to be aware of as you continue using these popular services. It is important to treat drivers respectfully, or you may become a customer they do not want to deliver to at all.

How Does Uber Eats Select Drivers?

When an order is put through the app, Uber Eats selects a driver that is close to the restaurant being ordered from. This is designed to create the fastest delivery possible while giving drivers a route that doesn’t take them too far from their original location.

Location times often vary or are extended when there are no drivers within a few miles radius of the restaurant. In this case, you will find that Uber Eats must select drivers who are further away, which results in longer wait times and potentially a higher delivery fee.

Can You Get a Refund If Uber Eats Order Takes Too Long?

Uber Eats considers all orders that arrive before the latest arrival time an on-time delivery and will not issue a refund if you contact customer service.

Uber Eats does not guarantee that their latest arrival time is 100% accurate due to several factors that are out of their control and might cause the driver to be delayed with the order.

Customers are given two time estimates when they place an order on Uber Eats. The first time is the estimated time of delivery, and the other is the latest arrival time. Of course, there are several factors that can cause these times to be delayed.

Whether it be a traffic issue, adverse weather, or the merchant you ordered from being extremely busy, it is not uncommon for the estimated delivery time to get pushed back as you wait for your order.

If your order arrives after the latest arrival time, you may be subject to a refund or credit. However, this is up to the support member you interact with when contacting the company. So, while you can sometimes get a refund if your order is taking too long, this is not a sure thing.

If you have an order that arrived after your latest arrival time, there is a good chance you will be refunded when you contact customer service. However, if you are basing this on the estimated time of delivery, you may not always meet their requirements for a refund.

What Happens If No One Picks up Your Uber Eats Order?

Generally, if there are no drivers available in your region, your Uber Eats order simply will not go through. The app will often tell you to check back in a few minutes to see if they can find any drivers.

If you live in an area where there are not many drivers, this may be a common problem. Luckily, in most places, there is an abundance of available drivers to pick up orders. Therefore, you should not often find yourself in a situation where nobody is available to pick up your order.

If you get into a situation where your order goes through, your account is charged, but you never receive your food, then you can contact Uber Eats directly, and they will issue you a refund or credit for your account.

Can Customers Get Banned From Uber Eats?

As a customer, you can get banned from Uber Eats for inappropriate behavior. Getting banned can come from things like:

  • Requesting too many unwarranted refunds
  • Harassment of drivers
  • Stalking drivers

Uber Eats will ban customers who they find out received refunds when there was actually no issue with their order, as this is a violation of the terms and conditions.

Uber Eats will often not ban customers who cancel orders too frequently as they choose to charge a fee for those who cancel orders too late.

Although, if there are too many orders being canceled, you may eventually be banned by Uber Eats as it is a waste of their driver’s and merchant’s time and resources.

How Can You Reactivate Your Uber Eats Account?

There are several reasons why your account may need to be reactivated. This can be a result of being suspended from using the services due to one of the reasons outlined above or because you have chosen to deactivate your account for a period of time.

If your account was deactivated by Uber Eats for a violation, you can fill out a request on the company website to have your account reviewed. Customer service will verify if there was a mistake made when Uber Eats deactivated your account. Keep in mind this may not result in reactivation.

If you deactivated your account yourself, you can do this through the login screen on the app or by calling Uber Eats to request reactivation.


In this article, we covered how the rating system works on Uber Eats and learned that Uber Eats drivers rate customers, similar to how customers rate drivers. We also explained that customers are subject to a refund or credit if their orders are taking too long to deliver.

As a customer of Uber Eats, it can often be easy to overlook the fact that you, too, are being reviewed and rated by the service. Since Uber Eats is interactive between restaurants, drivers, and customers, the only way to keep the service safe is to allow all parties involved to rate others.

If you don’t follow the terms and conditions that you agree to when signing up for the service, it is possible to get banned from using the app. In this case, you may not be able to reactivate your service.

However, if you follow the Uber Eats rules, only cancel orders when necessary, and treat all drivers with respect, you should not run into any issues when using the service.

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