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How Hy-Vee Delivery Works and How to Order Using the Hy-Vee App

If you’ve been avoiding a trip to the grocery store, Hy-Vee’s Aisles online grocery delivery can save the day. Hy-Vee delivery is available at select locations in eight Midwestern states.

You can order Hy-Vee delivery on the Hy-Vee app or website. Hy-Vee Delivery fee is $9.95 with a minimum order of $24.95. While you can use digital coupons, paper coupons are not accepted. A 15-20% tip is recommended for Hy-Vee delivery, and EBT is not accepted. You can also order Hy-Vee delivery on Instacart and DoorDash.

In this article, we’ll cover how Hy-Vee delivery works and how to order using the Hy-Vee app.

How Does Hy-Vee Delivery Work?

Hy-Vee delivery can be ordered through the Hy-Vee website or the app. After creating a Hy-Vee Aisles online account, you can build your cart, add digital coupons, and select a timeslot for your order to be delivered.

To order grocery delivery from Hy-Vee, you’ll first need to create a Hy-Vee Aisles account online. Hy-Vee Aisles online account is free and will allow you to customize your shopping experience.

Hy-Vee offers delivery in select locations, so after adding your home address, you will be notified if delivery is available in your area.

When placing your Hy-Vee delivery order, you will be asked about replacements at checkout.

If any item in your shopping cart is out of stock, Hy-Vee allows you to replace it with a “Best Match” your shopper may find or choose a specific replacement. You can also select “no substitutions.”  

Hy-Vee charges the lower price of two items when a replacement is made, even if you choose your own substitution.

Note that you cannot add an item to your Hy-Vee delivery order after it has been placed. Therefore, make sure to review all items in your cart before checkout.

You can also opt-in to get text message notifications for order updates. You can instruct your shopper to add items via text message or create a second delivery order with the same delivery time.

If you create a second delivery order with the same delivery time, you will not be charged an additional delivery fee. 

Hy-Vee allows customers to reserve a delivery timeslot up to two hours before checkout. However, someone needs to be home to accept the delivery.

If no one is home to accept delivery, it may get rescheduled, and you may be charged additional delivery fees.

Hy-Vee also offers liquor delivery in select states. If alcohol delivery is available in your state, the person accepting the order must be 21 years of age or older and present a valid ID.

If a qualified adult is not available, your alcohol order will not be delivered and may be subject to a restocking fee.

For additional questions, you can call the Hy-Vee customer service number at 1 (800) 772-4098.

How Much Does Hy-Vee Delivery Cost?

Hy-Vee Delivery fee is $9.95 with an order minimum of $24.95. If you need your order delivered within 2 hours, you can choose the “Get it Faster” option with a $19.90 fee. If you’re frequently using Hy-Vee delivery, joining the Hy-Vee Plus Membership for $99/year may be advantageous to get unlimited free deliveries.

While the standard Hy-Vee delivery fee is $9.95 for each order, you can waive delivery fees by signing up for the Hy-Vee Plus membership.

Hy-Vee Plus membership costs $12.95/month or $99/year and offers free unlimited delivery for orders over $24.95.

According to Hy-Vee’s terms & conditions, there may be differences in the prices of items online when compared to in-store pricing.

The prices of your items will be available in your cart and are not finalized until your order is placed.

If you have a weighted item in your order, such as produce or meat, you will get an estimated price at checkout. The actual price will be displayed on your final receipt once the items are weighed. 

Hy-Vee also updates online prices in real-time, so the prices may change while you’re placing your delivery order.

If a price of an item decreases after placing your order, you typically pay the lower price. You also pay the lower price if the original item is out of stock and a replacement has been made.

Additionally, some in-store promotions may not be available through Hy-Vee delivery, and online promotions run for a limited time.

Also, note that you may encounter additional fees if nobody is available to accept your order at the time of delivery.

In this instance, Hy-Vee will reach out to reschedule your order, and you will have to pay a second delivery fee of $9.95. 

What Is Hy-Vee Plus Membership?

Hy-Vee Plus is a membership program that offers free delivery and express 2-hour pickups for orders over $24.95, fuel rewards, exclusive deals, and dedicated customer service support for $12.95/month or $99/year.

If you’re a frequent Hy-Vee shopper, the Hy-Vee Plus membership gives you access to a variety of savings opportunities.

Hy-Vee Plus Membership allows you to have unlimited free delivery and pickup for orders over $24.95 and 3 cents per gallon fuel savings on every dollar spent in-store and online.

Hy-Vee Plus members also receive a higher caliber of customer service, with an Aisles Online personal shopper giving you real-time updates as they shop the order.

Additional perks of the Hy-Vee Plus program include members-only deals and coupons and Red Line access for immediate customer assistance.

Lastly, you can cancel your Hy-Vee Plus membership at any time if you’re not satisfied with the service.

If you cancel within 30 days and have not used any membership benefits, Hy-Vee will give you a full refund.

How to Order Hy-Vee Delivery Online

Hy-Vee delivery orders can be placed on the Hy-Vee website or the app. After creating a Hy-Vee Aisles online account, you can add items to your cart, choose a delivery timeslot and pay at checkout using a credit or debit card.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to order delivery using the Hy-Vee app:

1. First, log in or create a Hy-Vee online account.

2. Select your preferred store under shopping preferences by clicking the profile icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Search for items by name in the search bar or by category in the dropdown menu or by browsing the ad associated with your store.

4. Select an item and click “Add to Cart.” Then, tap the plus or minus sign to adjust the number of items added to your cart. 

5. Tap the shopping cart icon to review items in your cart, and click on the “Checkout” button to begin the checkout process.

6. Select your store to determine which location will be delivering your order.

7. Choose your timeslot to finalize your delivery details.

8. Enable or disable substitutions based on your preference.

9. Review your Order Summary and input any relevant promotional codes.

10. To finalize your order, enter your payment information and tap “Place Order.”

Can You Use Coupons for Hy-Vee Delivery?

While Hy-Vee does not accept paper coupons for online orders, you can use digital coupons loaded to your Fuel Saver + Perks card for Hy-Vee delivery. In addition, you can browse digital coupons on the Hy-Vee website or the app.

To access digital coupons and other savings when shopping at Hy-Vee online, you need to activate your Fuel Saver + Perks card.

Hy-Vee does not accept paper coupons for online orders, but you can use digital coupons for delivery orders.

You can browse digital coupons and available offers on the Hy-Vee website or the app.

When shopping online at Hy-Vee, your discounts may not be reflected in your shopping cart immediately.

However, any loaded coupons will be applied when your store puts your order together, and all discounts will be reflected in the final charge. You will also see these discounts on the paper receipt attached to your order.

Make sure your Hy-Vee Plus Membership is linked to your card for additional benefits. This can be done online or with a customer service rep in the store.

Can You Use EBT for Hy-Vee Delivery?

Unfortunately, SNAP/EBT or WIC are not accepted for Hy-Vee delivery. Hy-Vee accepts EBT only for curbside pickup orders in select locations. You can use most credit and debit cards and Hy-Vee gift cards to pay for Hy-Vee delivery orders.

To use your SNAP/EBT card at Hy-Vee online, you must place a curbside pickup order at an eligible store.

You will also be required to include a second form of payment to pay for any ineligible items that are not covered under SNAP/EBT benefits.

You can find out if EBT payments are accepted for pickup orders at your local Hy-Vee store by reviewing the list of eligible store locations.

Hy-Vee grocery delivery currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Hy-Vee gift cards are also accepted.

When paying with a Hy-Vee gift card for delivery, a credit card will also be required as a second form of payment.

Your Hy-Vee gift card will be charged first, and any remaining balance will be charged to your secondary payment method

Do You Tip Hy-Vee Delivery?

While tipping your Hy-Vee delivery driver is optional, we recommend tipping 15-20% of your order total, which is the standard in the service industry. Since there is no option to tip drivers on the Hy-Vee website or the app, you will need to tip your driver in cash. Hy-Vee delivery drivers keep 100% of the tip amount.

The Hy-Vee app or the website do not currently accept electronic tips. However, you can tip your delivery person in cash when they drop off your order.

Note that cash tips are best delivered by hand instead of left outside for your driver to take.

If you’re using a third-party delivery service like Instacart or DoorDash, you have more options.

You can electronically tip on your card using their app or the website or tip your driver in cash at the door. Tips are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged.

How to Change or Cancel a Hy-Vee Delivery Order

To change or cancel your Hy-Vee delivery order, you will need to call the Hy-Vee store at the phone number provided in the confirmation email. Hy-Vee does not allow changes online after placing an order, and cancellation and change requests will be processed depending on where they are in the fulfillment process.

Upon receiving your request, your local Hy-Vee store will determine whether they can make the order changes you requested.

Depending on where they are in the fulfillment process, they may make the adjustments to your order as requested.

However, note that if you change your Hy-Vee delivery order, your delivery timeslot may also change due to the additional time required to adjust your order.

If the store is unable to change your order or your order has already been prepared, you may be charged a restocking fee for cancellations.

The cancellation fee varies depending on your local Hy-Vee store’s policies and location.

After canceling your order, Hy-Vee will reverse the preauthorization on your card, and you will receive a refund for the order amount minus any additional fees or charges if applicable.

Can You Order Hy-Vee Delivery on Instacart?

You can order Hy-Vee delivery directly on the Instacart website or the app, with delivery fees starting at $3.99 for orders over $35. In addition, Instacart Express members get free delivery from Hy-Vee for orders over $35.

Instacart’s same-day delivery starts at $3.99 for orders of $35 or more, though prices vary based on your location.

When ordering Hy-Vee delivery on Instacart, you will see the delivery fees clearly stated when selecting your delivery window.

In addition to Instacart’s standard delivery fees, there may be other service charges when ordering heavy items, alcohol, or an order that is less than $35.

Shopping with Instacart doesn’t require a membership. However, if you’re frequently ordering from Hy-Vee or other stores on Instacart, you may want to consider signing up for Instacart Express.

Instacart Express members save $7 per order on average and get free delivery for orders over $35.

The cost of an Instacart Express membership is $9.99/month or $99/year, though Instacart offers a free trial before signing up so you can decide if a membership is right for you.


Hy-Vee grocery delivery is affordable and offers additional benefits through the Hy-Vee Plus membership program. You can order Hy-Vee delivery on the Hy-Vee website or the app or through a third-party delivery service like Instacart or DoorDash.

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