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How Does BJ’s Delivery Work? (And What It Costs)

BJ’s has long provided its members with great deals and discounts on their selection of grocery and home items. Now with the ability to do pickup and delivery, BJ’s has enhanced its offerings for members and made its services even more appealing for those prioritizing convenience.

If you have an Inner Circle, Business, or Perks membership, you can get BJ’s delivery by linking your membership login to Instacart. There is a $10 minimum order and a $14.99 flat delivery fee. Delivery is offered to customers within a 15–20-minute radius of a BJ’s club, and some states accept EBT payments.

This article will cover how to qualify for delivery, EBT payments, and types of coupons you can use for BJ’s delivery for those looking to utilize this service with their memberships.

How Does BJ’s Delivery Work?

BJ’s delivery is a service offered to certain membership tiers that enables grocery orders to be delivered straight to customers’ doors. Their online delivery platform works in conjunction with Instacart to add items and checkout like any other store on the Instacart platform.

After logging onto BJ’s website with your membership account, you will be able to access the Instacart extension to place the delivery order and choose what day and time you’d like your items delivered.

With the flexibility of the service, you can plan out your shopping and get the items delivered to your door right when you need them.

BJ’s Same-Day Delivery

The same-day delivery option offered through the BJ’s membership brings your grocery orders of over $10 to your door in as quickly as two hours. To get the same in-store prices, you will need to go through BJ’s website and not directly to Instacart.

Before beginning your order process, keep in mind to put in your address to ensure that you are within the delivery radius.

As of now, BJ’s delivers through Instacart and therefore enforces a radius of 15-20 minutes from your selected club.

After you put your zip code in, you will be notified if you qualify for delivery or are located too far out for Instacart’s delivery.

If you are within the radius of your club, these are the steps to follow to place your same-day delivery order:

  1. Enter your zip code, and you will be matched with the closest club
  2. When the BJ’s popup comes onto your screen, enter your account email and password to sign in
  3. You will then be redirected to Instacart, which will be linked to your BJ’s account
  4. Add the items you need to your cart. Keep in mind the order minimum is $10 to qualify for delivery
  5. When you’re ready, navigate to your cart and either enter or choose your address
  6. You can then select a delivery window based on what day and time you’d like to receive your order
  7. Continue to enter your payment method
  8. Once your order is placed, a personal shopper will do your in-store shopping and deliver your items at your selected time!

You need to order a minimum of $10 to get your items delivered. Also, keep in mind that while BJ’s offers same-day delivery, you can still choose a timeframe that is a day or even a week in advance.

This can be used to schedule your grocery orders or get them delivered to your door within hours of placing the order.

BJ’s Online Delivery

For BJ’s members ordering online delivery, it’s important to note which membership type you have. This is critical because not every membership tier can access online delivery services, as the perks vary between membership levels.

For example, BJ’s Online Access Membership does not include access to the same-day delivery services offered on other memberships.

Therefore, you can get a good idea of the perks included in your account by reading further into your specific membership type.

How Much Does BJ’s Delivery Cost?

If you’re opting for delivery from BJ’s, you will be charged a delivery fee of $14.99 on your order. There’s an order minimum of $10. This is a flat fee and will not fluctuate depending on the number of items or specific products purchased. However, there’s an additional service fee if your order contains alcohol.

For any BJ’s member with access to same-day delivery, the fee of $14.99 is what you should expect to see on your receipt for every order placed through Instacart.

Since this is a flat rate and does not take into account how much you spend, you will get the most for your money by buying more items per order.

If your order contains alcohol, there’s an additional $4 service fee for orders up to $35. For orders between $35 and $75, the service fee is $8. And it goes up to $12 if your order is between $75 and $110.

Can You Get BJ’s Delivery Without a Membership?

Unfortunately, you need to have a membership to get BJ’s delivery. You also need a specific membership type, as not every membership level covers grocery delivery. To get BJ’s delivery, you must have an Inner Circle, Business, or Perks membership.

If you have a different membership type, such as a college or online membership, you will not have access to delivery orders through Instacart.

Therefore, you can either upgrade to one of the above three membership types or go to your closest club to get all of your grocery items.

Can You Use Coupons for BJ’s Delivery?

BJ’s members can use coupons for delivery; however, the applicable coupons must be in conjunction with Instacart to apply. Meaning in-store coupons will not always qualify for online orders since Instacart will likely not recognize them.

If you have coupons clipped to use in-store, be sure to check the fine print to see if they can be used for online purchases before trying to enter all of your coupon information.

If you’re looking to save money on your delivery, be sure to check online for BJ’s Instacart codes for discounts on your order and delivery, as many codes circulate for free delivery based on an order minimum.

These coupons are not usually specific to an item but rather a code to take a percentage off of your order as a whole.

Do You Tip BJ’s Delivery?

While many grocery delivery and pickup services do not take tips, you are encouraged to tip deliveries from BJ’s. BJ’s delivery comes from Instacart and therefore uses Instacart employees to get your groceries to your doorstep, and generally, it is encouraged to tip Instacart drivers.

When adding a tip, it is encouraged to tip a minimum of $2. However, on larger orders, it is recommended to tip at least $5 to get closer to the 15-20% tip that you’d likely give to other service workers.

If you forget to add a tip or feel it needs to be adjusted, you have up to 24 hours after your delivery has been completed to add or change the tip amount you left for your driver.

Does BJ’s Take EBT?

All of the BJ’s clubs take SNAP/EBT cards for in-club purchases. Those living in Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island can also use EBT as a payment method for pickup and delivery orders.

If you do not live in one of these qualifying states, you cannot use EBT for pickup or delivery orders.

However, BJ’s is working to increase the number of states taking EBT, so in the future, all states should be able to utilize SNAP/EBT to pay for pickup and delivery services.


While having a delivery fee, BJ’s delivery service brings convenience and low prices straight to their members’ doors. Due to their partnership with Instacart, deliveries can be placed the day of or planned out further into the future.

For those relying on using SNAP payments, be sure to check if your state qualifies for EBT payments for deliveries.

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