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9 Best Totino’s Pizza Rolls Flavors to Try

One of the staple snacks of everyone’s childhood is Totino’s pizza rolls. They are crispy and golden brown on the outside, gooey and hot inside. Each roll is a miniature, bite-sized pizza that only takes a few minutes to prepare.

All these characteristics considered, it’s easy to see why Totino’s pizza rolls have become one of the most popular snacks in the US.

Totino’s pizza roll flavors are retired, and new ones are introduced all the time. However, there’s a solid group of about eight flavors that are pretty much guaranteed to be available at your local grocery store.

Today, I’ll take you through those flavors and rank them from worst to best. Read on to see if you agree with my picks!

9. Pepperoni & Bacon

These bad boys are exactly the same as the classic pepperoni pizza rolls but with the addition of bacon.

Many people say this is their favorite flavor, citing the smokiness of the bacon and how it brings that extra oomph to your classic pizza roll.

In my experience, the bacon tasted a little too processed for my liking.

It has that fake smokey flavor you know as soon as you taste it.

Plus, I just don’t think that bacon goes well with tomato sauce and cheese, so it threw off the whole taste of the roll.

Don’t let that keep you from trying these rolls, though.

I’ve read plenty of reviews where people said this is their favorite flavor, so it might all depend on what batch you get or how much you like bacon.

Totino’s Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza Rolls come in 50-count bags. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 230 calories.

8. Triple Meat

It wouldn’t be a pizza-themed snack without a meat lovers option, right?

In this Totino’s pizza rolls flavor, you’ll find a combination of pepperoni, a chicken and beef topping (similar to sausage), and a Canadian bacon-like topping.

While the box doesn’t come right out and say it, these pockets are basically filled with ham, pepperoni, and sausage.

My favorite part of a pizza roll is the cheese and sauce, and I felt like there was less of both because of the amount of meat in these.

If you’re the type of person who loves meat, though, then you won’t be disappointed by these.

Totino’s Triple Meat Pizza Rolls come in packs of 15, 50, 100, and 130. One serving contains six rolls, and each serving is 210 calories.

7. Buffalo Style Chicken

Buffalo Style Chicken is Totino’s latest and greatest pizza roll flavor added to their lineup.

Each pizza roll is designed to give all the big flavors of a buffalo chicken without any mess.

These rolls contain white chicken meat and buffalo sauce.

The chicken is roasted and diced, so you won’t get any giant chunks of chicken, but you’ll definitely get that classic chicken flavor.

The buffalo sauce is an aged Cayenne hot sauce, which actually has more of a kick to it than I was expecting.

The rolls also contain tomato paste, making them slightly reminiscent of a classic pizza roll.

Cheese-wise, these rolls contain mozzarella and a bit of blue cheese.

Totino’s Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls come in a bag of 50. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 200 calories.

6. Triple Pepperoni

Do you love a classic pepperoni pizza roll? How would you like to triple the amount of pepperoni per pocket?

Totino’s Triple Pepperoni Pizza Rolls are made with the same cheese and sauce combo as the classic rolls, but there’s a bunch of extra pepperoni in there for good measure.

The pepperoni is made with pork, beef, and chicken. It has a spicy, hickory flavor that gives some smokey bacon vibes.

The Triple Pepperoni rolls are basically the regular pepperoni pizza rolls on steroids.

I prefer the pepperoni ones because these are a little meat-heavy, so the cheese and sauce aren’t as front and center as I like them to be.

Totino’s Triple Pepperoni Pizza Rolls come in a pack of 50. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 220 calories.

5. Combination

Totino’s describes their Combination Pizza Rolls as the “King Kong of Pizza Rolls”.

I’m not 100% sure what they mean by that, but these rolls are delicious nonetheless.

They contain bits of sausage and pepperoni, made from a mix of chicken, pork, and beef.

Combination Pizza Rolls have a great balance of flavors.

The sausage and pepperoni provide some yummy salt, while the mozzarella cheese keeps things creamy and rich.

The meat and cheese are cut through with a bright tomato sauce, which lightens everything up.

These are definitely one of Totino’s most popular pizza roll flavors because they appeal to almost everyone.

Totino’s Combination Pizza Rolls come in 15, 50, 100, 130, or 160-count bag sizes. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 210 calories.

4. Supreme

This Totino’s pizza roll flavor definitely has the most going on inside.

The Supreme Pizza Rolls are filled with cheese, sauce, a few different meats, diced onion, and green peppers.

Basically, it’s filled with everything you’d find on a pizza that would be titled “The Works” at your local pizza shop. 

The addition of veggies to a pizza roll is something we don’t often see from Totino’s.

In fact, it’s the only veggie-filled option on this list.

The onions and peppers bring a fresh, bright note to the pizza pockets, which makes them stand out from the competition.

Totino’s Supreme Pizza Rolls come in 15 and 50-count bags. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 220 calories.

3. Cheese

Totino’s puts it best: “There are people who love cheese, and there are people who are wrong.”

It’s hard to beat something so simple and timeless.

The tomato sauce in Totino’s Cheese Pizza Rolls is zesty and full of bright flavor.

The mozzarella is silky and gooey, and the crust is crispy and golden brown.

Each element in these rolls plays a vital part in ensuring the perfect bite.

These aren’t the most exciting or inventive pizza rolls flavor, but they’re a solid option everyone at your party will be happy with.

Totino’s Cheese Pizza Rolls are available in 15, 50, and 100-count bag sizes. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 190 calories.

2. Triple Cheese

Why settle for a pizza roll with one type of cheese inside when you can have three?

Totino’s Triple Cheese Pizza Rolls feature Monterey Jack, cheddar, and their classic mozzarella.

The sharpness from the cheddar and slight sweetness from the Monterey Jack give these pockets a slightly more sophisticated flavor than those made with mozzarella alone.

Unsurprisingly, these pockets are melty, cheesy, and oh-so-gooey.

If you’re all about texture, the Triple Cheese pizza rolls will be right up your alley.

Totino’s Triple Cheese Pizza Rolls come in 50, 100, 130, and 160-count bag sizes. One serving is six rolls, and each serving contains 210 calories.

1. Pepperoni

Ask anyone about their favorite Totino’s pizza roll flavor, and I have a feeling the vast majority will tell you it’s pepperoni.

These pizza pockets are filled with just the right amount of pepperoni.

Each bite will give you the perfect ratio of meat, cheese, sauce, and crust.

You can’t beat the classics, and that applies to Totino’s pizza roll flavors.

This one has all the nostalgic flavors and textures you remember from your childhood, with a great mix of salty and smokey pepperoni, creamy mozzarella, zesty tomato, and golden toasted crust.

If you can’t decide which pizza rolls to buy on your next grocery store trip, the pepperoni is the way to go!

Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza Rolls come in 15, 50, 100, 130, and 160-count bags. One serving size is six rolls, and each serving contains 220 calories.


There you have it, folks – all of Totino’s pizza roll flavors ranked from worst to best.

I’d not consider any of these pizza rolls bad (I’d even eat the Pepperoni & Bacon flavor again in a pinch.)

The Pepperoni and Triple Cheese flavors are always a safe bet when buying for a large crowd, but I definitely recommend trying their more adventurous flavors if you’re popping some in the oven for a quick snack.

Totino’s pizza rolls couldn’t be easier to prepare since you have the choice between the microwave, oven, and air fryer.

I recommend one of the latter options if you want that truly crispy golden crust. Even in the microwave, though, I can easily house a few servings by myself, no questions asked.

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July 13, 2023