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The Most Popular Wing Flavors at Wingstop

If you’re looking for some delicious wings, you can’t go wrong with Wingstop.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic Original Hot or prefer something a little more adventurous, there are many Wingstop flavors to choose from.

Wingstop offers boneless wings, bone-in wings, or a combination of both in various sizes and flavors that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

In addition to a variety of wing flavors, you can also ask for dipping sauces at Wingstop, including homemade ranch, blue cheese, jalapeno cheese, and honey mustard.

With so many flavors to choose from at different spiciness levels, it may be difficult to decide what to order – but we’ve got you covered!

To help you skip over the disappointment and go straight to the good stuff, here are the 12 best Wingstop flavors ranked from ordinary to extraordinary.

12. Plain (Not Spicy)

This flavor is perfect for those who prefer their wings without any spice.

The Plain wings are lightly seasoned with just enough salt and pepper to give them that signature Wingstop taste without any added heat.

These wings are not spicy at all, making them great for kids and those who don’t like too much heat.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

140 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 8g fat

11. Mild (Level 2 Spicy)

For those who prefer something on the lighter side yet still packed full of bold flavors, the Mild flavor could be just what you need.

It has less spice than other flavor options.

With Level 2 spiciness on the Wingstop scale, these wings have just enough kick to satisfy your craving without burning off your mouth.

The sauce comes packed full of herbs, such as oregano and basil, to provide extra depth and texture to the wings.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

120 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 13g fat

10. Original Hot (Level 3 Spicy)

Original Hot wings take us back toward spicier territory.

It is made with 100% all-natural chicken wings marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, including garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, and black pepper.

Combined with buttermilk and butter, this sauce has a nice creamy texture and packs just enough heat to make your tongue tingle without being too overpowering.

Although not quite up there with Atomic, these wings still pack enough punch.

This is a great flavor option for those seeking something with moderate spiciness yet not too overwhelming.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

142 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 9g fat

9. Lemon Pepper (Level 1 Spicy)

Lemon Pepper is great if you’re looking for just a hint of spice without too much heat.

The Level 1 spiciness rating makes it mild but still flavorful enough to make your mouth water.

The lemon pepper seasoning gives this flavor an extra zing that will keep you coming back for more!

And unlike some other flavors on this list, the Lemon Pepper is a dry rub that coats the wings instead of a wet sauce.

The dry rub is the way to go if you are looking for a lower-calorie option.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

130 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 7g fat

8. Louisiana Rub (Level 3 Spicy)

Louisiana Rub takes things in another direction.

Combining classic Southern flavors like cayenne pepper and paprika, Wingstop also made sure to throw in a heavy dose of garlic and other spices for a rich flavor profile that hits halfway between Levels 2 and 3 on the spiciness scale.

If you are seeking some heat but don’t want to go all the way with Atomic, this is an excellent alternative.

The Louisiana Rub also gives you that nice Southern flavor that will remind you of a summer day in the South.

I always love pairing these wings with sweet tea to get into that Southern vibe.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

171 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 12g fat

7. Garlic Parmesan (Not Spicy)

This classic flavor combines garlic with parmesan cheese to provide a savory yet mellow flavor that won’t set your mouth on fire like some of the spicier options.

The perfect balance of cheesy goodness and savory garlic makes this one of Wingstop’s most popular flavors.

Even though the flavor doesn’t sound as exciting as some other choices, that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

The Garlic Parmesan wings at Wingstop are always cooked to perfection and will have you licking your fingers in no time!

As a matter of fact, it is one of my go-to options when I want some feel-good comfort food.

I often get a blue cheese dipping sauce to power up the flavor even more!

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

137 calories, 16g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 15g fat

6. Cajun (Level 4 Spicy)

If you are looking for something unique that packs a lot of heat and robust herby notes, look no further than the Cajun flavor.

The spice blend in this sauce includes paprika, onion powder, oregano, and black pepper, all working together harmoniously to create that intense flavor.

With the added butter and milk, the sauce becomes an extra creamy marinade that fully coats every inch of the wings to ensure the meat is juicy and tender.

Make sure you have plenty of napkins in hand, as this sauce can be messy!

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

142 calories, 15g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 8g fat

5. Hickory Smoked BBQ (Level 2 Spicy)

Hickory Smoked BBQ scores Level 2 Spicy according to Wingstop’s Spicy Scale.

These wings are the perfect choice if you are craving some BBQ wings hot off the grill.

With a smoky flavor that is not too overpowering and just enough spice to keep your taste buds tingling, this flavor hits the spot.

Coated with a heavy slather of BBQ sauce, paprika, brown sugar, and oregano, these wings capture the full smoky and sweet BBQ flavor with a mild kick of heat as an aftertaste.

These wings are one to try out if you love BBQ sauce.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

171 calories, 15g protein, 8g carbohydrates, 8g fat

4. Atomic (Level 5 Spicy)

Atomic is the hottest of all Wingstop flavors.

With a Level 5 spiciness rating, this one is not for the faint of heart!

For those who can handle the heat, Atomic features a hot and spicy blend of habanero and chili peppers with garlic and lemon.

It’s sure to give your taste buds an unforgettable kick.

I recommend getting some ranch or cheese sauce if you want to scale down the spiciness.

The cream in these dipping sauces can help tone down the spiciness and give it a more balanced flavor.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

144 calories, 15g protein, 2g carbohydrates, 9g fat

3. Mango Habanero (Level 4 Spicy)

Mango Habanero comes in at Level 4 on the spiciness scale, meaning it packs quite a punch.

This flavor is perfect for those who love wings but want something fruity and sweet.

The mango habanero mix combines fresh mango puree with fiery habanero powder to create a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors.

The wings are coated in a sticky and sweet glaze, along with hints of ginger and garlic, to give the wings an extra depth of texture.

This flavor is one of my top choices, as the mango puree gives off this irresistible honey-like aroma and taste that makes me want to keep eating.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

159 calories, 15g protein, 6g carbohydrates, 8g fat

2. Spicy Korean (Level 3 Spicy)

Spicy Korean takes it down a notch with its Level 3 spiciness rating.

This Asian-infused flavor offers a balance between sweet and spicy that everyone can enjoy.

These wings are smothered in a sauce made from sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, giving it an exotic and unique taste that sets it apart from the other Wingstop flavors.

It’s perfect for those who like a little heat but don’t want to burn their palates off.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

165 calories, 16g protein, 7g carbohydrates, 8g fat

1. Hawaiian (Not Spicy)

If you love Hawaiian pizza, you’ll most likely love Wingstop’s Hawaiian flavor.

The Hawaiian wings consist of succulent chicken wings coated in a sweet, tangy pineapple glaze, topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for added texture.

The sweetness of the glaze nicely complements the juicy chicken wings without being too overwhelming.

And if you’re worried about spice levels, don’t worry – these wings are not spicy!

Both kids and adults can enjoy the Hawaiian wings.

Nutritional Information (2 Wings):

155 calories, 15g protein, 5g carbohydrates, 8g fat


Wingstop offers a variety of wing flavors at different spiciness levels to satisfy every palate.

Each flavor adds its unique twist to the traditional chicken wings, making them great to enjoy with friends and family.

Whether you’re looking for something mild and savory, hot and spicy, or sweet and tangy, you will surely find a Wingstop flavor that suits your taste.

Next time you’re craving some delicious wings, head to your nearest Wingstop and try one of their unique flavors.

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