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Dunkin’s Spring Menu 2024 Review: Churro Lattes, Breakfast Empanada, and Energy Drinks

Dunkin’ Spring Menu – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Spring has sprung! Well, at least according to Dunkin’, it has. I tried every Dunkin’ spring menu item for 2024 on the day they launched nationwide. The new menu consists of cinnamony churro-inspired treats, bubbly energy drinks, and a breakfast empanada (my personal favorite!). Here’s my taste test and full review.

Taste Test

Breakfast Empanada

We’re starting off super strong with Dunkin’s new Breakfast Empanada. This breakfast item is served hot and features a flaky, buttery crust. Inside, you’ll find fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, and cheddar cheese.

The Breakfast Empanada is successful because it has all the elements of a classic fast food breakfast sandwich. It’s served inside the most luscious, buttery crust, which elevates everything inside of it.

The size is also perfect – it’s filling enough to start your morning with a full stomach, but it’s still portable and convenient for eating on the go.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Dunkin’ serves the Banana Chocolate Chip bread as individually wrapped slices to maintain moisture and freshness. And having tried it, I can confirm that this method was successful!

This banana bread is really good. It has real banana flavor, and the chocolate chips bring a little bit of texture to an otherwise soft, pillowy treat. I’d choose the empanada over this, but I can see this becoming a popular menu item for those who prefer a sweet breakfast.

Churro Donut

Dunkin’ Churro Donut – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Another sweet addition to Dunkin’s spring menu is the Churro Donut. I was impressed by how much this donut reminded me of an actual churro, both in taste and texture. There’s plenty of cinnamon sugar on top, and the outside is crunchy while the inside remains soft, just as a churro should be.

I really enjoyed the churro donut, but mine was a bit stale. To be fair, I ordered this in the afternoon, so the staleness could be because it was sitting in a display case all day.

Iced Churro Signature Latte

Dunkin’ Iced Churro Signature Latte – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The Iced Churro Signature Latte is pretty yummy but doesn’t taste very different from the other iced lattes on Dunkin’s menu. A medium size comes with espresso, three pumps of churro syrup, whole milk, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and a caramel drizzle.

If this drink sounds super sweet, that’s because it is. The good news is you can still taste the espresso in the drink, which balances out a lot of that sweetness.

Hot Churro Signature Latte

Dunkin’ Hot Churro Signature Latte – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The Hot Churro Signature Latte was just as sweet as its iced counterpart. It’s made with the same ingredients but without ice, of course.

The warm temperature of the drink brought out that cozy cinnamon flavor even more, making it the perfect end-of-winter drink to start those cold mornings with.

Peach Sunshine Spark’d Energy

Dunkin’ Peach Sunshine Spark’d Energy – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

In their press release, Dunkin’ describes their new Spark’d Energy drinks as having a “revitalizing burst of energy, made with vitamins, minerals and a kick of caffeine”.

I didn’t drink enough of this to tell how much of an energy boost it can give you, but I did drink enough to tell you that it’s really sweet.

I love Dunkin’, but it’s notorious for sometimes serving cloyingly sweet beverages. This one definitely had an in-your-face-peach flavor, and the bubbles made it super refreshing. There’s also a sweet, subtle touch of lychee in this new drink.

Berry Burst Spark’d Energy

Dunkin’ Berry Burst Spark’d Energy – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The final drink released as part of Dunkin’s spring 2024 menu is the Berry Burst Spark’d Energy. This drink has a combination of raspberry and strawberry flavors and contains bubbles for a little bit of fizz.

Between the two Spark’d Energy drinks, this flavor was much more natural-tasting, and I’d be more likely to order this again over the peach.

Grab or Pass?

I’d pass on the Spark’d Energy drinks. Both are overly sweet and taste like fake sugar to me.

I’d grab both the Iced and Hot Churro Signature Latte again. They have a cozy cinnamony flavor, which is perfect for getting through these last few weeks of winter. Next time, I’ll order mine with one pump less of syrup because both were a little too sweet for my taste.

I’d grab the Banana Chocolate Chip Bread again but wouldn’t make a trip to Dunkin’ specifically to pick it up. It has a nice, natural banana flavor and is the perfect portion size for a quick breakfast.

I’d definitely grab the Breakfast Empanada again. Not only is it super filling, but everything from the crust to the filling tastes high-quality and delicious.

Finally, I’d grab the Churro Donut again, no question. It’s super cinnamony, and I love the crunch on the outside. I recommend getting it in the morning, though, so you can be sure you’re getting a fresh donut.

About the Author

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February 28, 2024