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Chick-fil-A’s New Cherry Berry Drinks: Taste Test & Review

Chick-fil-A’s Cherry Berry Spring Drinks – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

On April 8, Chick-fil-A released four new drinks in their seasonal Cherry Berry beverage line. These new spring drinks are made with sweet cherry, fruity blueberry, and tart cranberry flavors.

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, there’s never been a better time to cool down with these fruit-flavored treats. I taste tested all four of Chick-fil-A’s new Cherry Berry drinks to see which are worth your cash and which you should skip.

Taste Test

Cherry Berry Iced Tea – $2.39

Chick-fil-A Cherry Berry Iced Tea – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Chick-fil-A’s new Cherry Berry Iced Tea is a blend of their sweetened iced tea and the fruity flavors of cherry, blueberry, and cranberry. Chick-fil-A brews their iced tea freshly every day, which really shines through when paired with tangy cherry and berry flavors.

Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade – $5.25

Chick-fil-A Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Frosted lemonades are one of my favorite items on the Chick-fil-A menu, so I was thrilled to see a new flavor in the lineup. This drink is a mix of lemonade, soft-serve ice cream, and Cherry Berry flavoring.

This drink is basically a fruity milkshake but with a little bit more ice – hence the “frosted” descriptor. Of all the new Cherry Berry drinks, this one was my favorite by far.

Cherry Berry Sunjoy – $2.79

Chick-fil-A Cherry Berry Sunjoy – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

When Chick-fil-A refers to a drink as a ‘SunJoy,’ they’re talking about a mix of their signature lemonade and freshly brewed sweetened iced tea. This drink is a Sunjoy mixed with cherry, blueberry, and cranberry flavors.

I noticed that berry flavors are less pronounced in this drink than in the others since both lemonade and tea are competing for the spotlight.

Cherry Berry Lemonade – $2.79

Chick-fil-A Cherry Berry Lemonade – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The new Cherry Berry Lemonade from Chick-fil-A mixes their classic lemonade and the new Cherry Berry flavor. The chain’s lemonade has always been a fan-favorite for its simple ingredients (just lemon juice, sugar, and water) and its perfect balance of tang and sweetness.

This lemonade is sweet on its own, so the extra fruit flavoring pushed it slightly into “too sweet” territory for me. But I have to say it was still super refreshing!

Grab or Pass?

I’m happy to report that I’d grab all four of these drinks again! I usually don’t love cherry-flavored anything because it reminds me of medicine, but there was no medicinal flavor in any of these drinks. My favorite of them all was the Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade!

These new spring drinks from Chick-fil-A are available until June 8 or while supplies last, so be sure to snag one (or more) before they disappear.

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April 11, 2024