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Review: Burger King’s New Philly Melt & Philly Crispy Wrap

Burger King’s Philly Melt and Philly Crispy Wrap – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Burger King’s newest menu additions, the Philly Melt and the Chicken Philly Royal Crispy Wrap, debuted on May 16th, and I visited my local Burger King as soon as they were available. As someone who lived in Philadelphia for four years and consumed a ton of cheesesteaks, I feel uniquely qualified to rate the authenticity and flavor of BK’s new Philly-inspired menu items. Let’s find out together if these meals are truly worthy of sharing a name with the City of Brotherly Love!

Taste Test

Philly Melt – $6.19

Burger King Philly Melt – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

BK’s new Philly Melt features two Whopper Jr. patties, flame-grilled peppers and onions, swiss cheese, royal sauce, and two slices of toasted bread. As you can probably tell from the picture above, the amount of flame-grilled peppers and onions was slightly lacking, especially compared to their promo photos.

I loved the swiss cheese and royal sauce, though. There was just the right amount to coat each patty, making for a cheesy, rich bite every time. I also liked the toasted bread that was used – it’s crunchier and a bit more buttery than a classic burger bun.

Besides the cheese and peppers, there wasn’t anything “Philly” about this melt, and I don’t think it tasted like a cheesesteak at all.

Chicken Philly Royal Crispy Wrap – $2.99

Burger King Philly Crispy Wrap – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The Chicken Philly Royal Crispy Wrap is made with white meat breast filet, royal sauce, swiss cheese, and flame-grilled peppers and onions. All of these are wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

This wrap had more peppers and onions than the melt, and the char-grilled flavor was more front and center. The chicken was nice and crispy, and the gooey cheese and royal sauce brought a slight cheesesteak vibe.

Grab or Pass?

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

I’m torn here. While there wasn’t anything wrong with Burger King’s new Philly-inspired menu items, neither of them blew me away. The “Philly” part is just a mix of peppers, onions, and swiss cheese. It’s a good combination, but it doesn’t have that unique flavor profile that can only come from a true Philly cheesesteak.

I also think the $6.19 price tag for a Burger King sandwich is a bit excessive. You can get a Cheeseburger, Whopper Jr., or even a Bacon Double Cheeseburger for less than that, and they all taste better.

If you’re into bell peppers or want to try something new, these new items might be worth the grab; otherwise, I’d recommend passing and picking up their Fiery Buffalo Nuggets instead.

About the Author

Samantha Jenkins is a food writer and digital marketing manager with a passion for storytelling, perusing grocery store aisles, reading menus, and eating really good food.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, performing in musicals, and cohosting the East Coast Haunts podcast.

May 16, 2024