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Review: Burger King’s 70th Anniversary Birthday Pie

BK Birthday Pie – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Everyone’s favorite (or second favorite) burger chain is turning 70 this year. What better way for Burger King to celebrate this momentous anniversary than with a birthday-themed treat? I guess they thought releasing a birthday cake would be too on the nose, so BK released a Birthday Pie instead! Available for a limited time starting on May 13th, this pie has a cookie crust, birthday cake-flavored filling, cake bits, whipped cream, and, of course, rainbow sprinkles. I decided to pick up a slice from my local Burger King to see if this is a treat worth celebrating or a real party pooper!

Taste Test

BK Birthday Pie – $2.79

BK Birthday Pie Slice – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

My first impression of this pie is that it certainly looks like a birthday treat, with bright rainbow sprinkles, dollops of whipped cream, and a bright yellow cream filling. There’s a thick layer of cookie crumb crust on the bottom, but the majority of this dessert is that pudding-like filling.

The pie has that nostalgic, artificial birthday cake flavor to it – in the best way possible. It’s pretty sweet, but since the slice isn’t too big, it didn’t feel like a sugar overload. It’s rich yet light and airy at the same time, and the chunks of cake on top add some textural interest.

Grab or Pass?

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

I’d definitely grab this treat again. It’s nostalgic and fun and can’t be found at any other fast food joints that I know of. The pie slice is perfectly portioned, too, and at less than $3, I’d say it’s a fair price.

About the Author

Samantha Jenkins is a food writer and digital marketing manager with a passion for storytelling, perusing grocery store aisles, reading menus, and eating really good food.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, performing in musicals, and cohosting the East Coast Haunts podcast.

May 16, 2024