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Everything You Need to Know About Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

There are very few things as iconic as the Whopper from Burger King. The famous fast-food giant has introduced its latest addition to its Whopper family. The Impossible Whopper is a meatless, vegetarian spin on the classic Whopper sandwich.

The Impossible Whopper includes all ingredients as the classic Whopper except the meat patty is replaced by a meatless patty from Impossible Foods. Ordered as is, the Impossible Whopper is not entirely vegan or vegetarian. An Impossible Whopper sandwich has 626 calories, and the sandwich price ranges from $5.99 to $8.

We’re diving deep into this new addition to the Burger King menu and providing you with all the details about the Impossible Whopper.

From ingredients to pricing, and everything in between, read on to discover everything you need to know about Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. 

What Are the Ingredients in an Impossible Whopper?

The Impossible Whopper features all ingredients as the classic Whopper sandwich, with one exception; a meatless patty from Impossible Foods replaces the traditional beef patty. The Impossible Whopper is a meatless patty topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onions, served on a sesame seed bun.

The key ingredient in the Impossible Whopper is the Impossible Burger. Created and sold by Impossible Foods, this burger patty is made from soy and potato.

The addition of the molecule heme is what Impossible Foods claims to be the secret for their burger to taste like real meat.

The heme in the Impossible Burger is plant-based and is made by fermenting genetically engineered yeast.

You can also find sunflower and coconut oil in the Impossible Whopper’s burger patty.

Is the Impossible Whopper Sandwich Vegan?

When ordered as is, the Impossible Whopper is not entirely vegan or vegetarian. Burger King recommends that guests looking for a meat-free option request a non-broiler method of preparation for their Impossible Whopper. In addition, to have a vegan Impossible Whopper, you can order it without mayonnaise.

Whether or not Burger King’s Impossible Whopper is vegan is a complicated answer. Veganism is a personal choice, and what is considered vegan varies significantly among the vegan community.

When you order an Impossible Whopper without mayonnaise, you will get a burger that does not contain any animal products or byproducts.

However, many vegans are opposed to consuming any products that were involved in animal testing as well.

The Impossible Whopper is made with the Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods. To obtain the FDA approval for the proprietary ingredient heme, the company was required to submit to animal testing.

In 2017, Impossible Foods released a statement titled, The Agonizing Dilemma of Animal Testing.

The CEO stated that “It is industry standard to perform rat-feeding studies to demonstrate that a food ingredient is not toxic and is safe.”

He concluded his letter by acknowledging that “Avoiding the dilemma was not an option” and added, “Hope we will never have to face such a choice again but choosing the option that advances the greater good is more important to us than ideological purity.”

Another variable to whether or not the Impossible Whopper is vegan or vegetarian is how you have it prepared.

If you do not request an alternative preparation method, the Impossible Whopper is grilled on the same surfaces as their meat products and will come in contact with meat.

Burger King suggests that you request a non-broiled preparation to order a fully vegan or vegetarian Impossible Whopper.

How Many Calories Is the Impossible Whopper?

The Impossible Whopper sandwich has 626 calories. With the addition of sides and a drink, your Impossible Whopper meal can range from 906 calories to 2234 calories, depending on your choice of side and drink option. Adding or removing toppings to the Impossible Whopper will also change the total calorie count.

Whether you order the Impossible Whopper alone or as an Impossible Whopper Meal, the calorie count will vary.

We’ve rounded up the average calorie count for all Impossible Whopper options below.

Impossible WhopperCalories
Sandwich only626
Small meal1694
Medium meal1914
Large meal2133

When you order an Impossible Whopper meal, you can choose between onion rings or fries as your side options.

This distinction will impact the total calories of your final meal. For example, a small Burger King onion rings are 472 calories, while the small fries are 320 calories.

You also want to be aware of your drink choice as well. For example, a small Coca-Cola has 266 calories, while a Diet Coke has one calorie, and a small Coke Zero adds 0 calories to your Impossible Whopper Meal.

The Impossible Whopper also contains the common allergens of wheat and soy, and egg products. The egg allergen is a result of the mayonnaise topping.

What Is the Impossible Whopper Sauce Made Of?

The Impossible Whopper is served with two sauces; ketchup and creamy mayonnaise. They are the same sauces included in the classic Whopper sandwich. However, unlike limited edition Whoppers like the Angry Whopper, which features its own signature sauce, the Impossible Whopper does not have its own sauce.

There is great debate surrounding whether the classic Whopper was ever served with a signature Whopper sauce.

However, when you order any Whopper on the Burger King menu, including the Impossible Whopper, it is only served with ketchup and creamy mayonnaise.

Burger King does have a sauce menu that features six sauces, though. These sauces include BBQ, Zesty, Ranch, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, and Sweet and Sour.

What’s the Price of an Impossible Whopper?

The price of an Impossible Whopper will vary based on your local Burger King restaurant. Prices for the Impossible Whopper can range from $5.99 to over $8. You can upgrade to an Impossible Whopper meal for an additional cost. Check your local Burger King for the exact price of an Impossible Whopper near you.

Burger King locations are almost all franchise-owned. This results in a large variation in pricing on individual menu items, including the Impossible Whopper.

However, you can always check the most accurate price for an Impossible Whopper at your local Burger King by visiting or downloading the BK App on your iOS or Android device. 

Below are the prices for the Impossible Whopper and the Impossible Whopper Meals at a Burger King restaurant in Connecticut.

Impossible WhopperPrice
Sandwich only$6.59
Small meal$9.29
Medium meal$10.29
Large meal$10.79

The Impossible Whopper meal comes with the choice of one side and one drink, each in the corresponding meal size.

You can choose between onion rings and fries as your sides and select a drink option from any of the fountain drinks available at your local Burger King.

What’s the Difference Between a Whopper and an Impossible Whopper?

The main difference between the Impossible Whopper and the classic Whopper is the patty. The Whopper features ¼ pound all-beef patty, while the Impossible Whopper is made with the Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods. Both Whopper and Impossible Whopper have the same toppings.

In addition to the patty, there are a few other small differences between the Whopper and the Impossible Whopper.

The Impossible Whopper has about 31 calories less than the classic Whopper Sandwich and, on average, costs about $1 less. However, remember that prices vary by location.

You can also order your Burger King Impossible Whopper to be vegetarian or vegan by requesting an alternative preparation and ordering it made without mayonnaise.

The chart below shows the most notable differences between a Whopper and an Impossible Whopper sandwich.

 WhopperImpossible Whopper
Ingredients¼ pound all-beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions, sesame seed bunOne plant-based patty, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions, sesame seed bun
Sandwich Price$5.59$6.59
VeganNoNo (can be ordered without mayonnaise and with alternative preparation)
MealSmall, Medium, LargeSmall, Medium, Large

Can You Get the Impossible Whopper With Cheese?

You can order the Impossible Whopper however you like. Burger King wants you to have it your way, and this means you can have an Impossible Whopper with Cheese or even add bacon for a Bacon and Cheese Impossible Whopper. Both add-ons will come with an upcharge, and the final price will vary based on location.

When you place an online order for an Impossible Whopper through the BK app or in person, you can add whatever you’d like to your sandwich.

Once you select the Impossible Whopper, you can decide to add American Cheese or bacon.

Each item will be an additional charge to your order and vary based on your local Burger King.

On average, you can add American Cheese and bacon to the Impossible Whopper for about $1 apiece.

You can also choose to add extra of any of these additional toppings:

  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Pickle

Can You Get a Double Impossible Whopper?

To order a Double Impossible Whopper, you will need to customize your order by adding an extra Impossible Burger patty. You can do this either by requesting one in person or from the add-on page during an online order. An additional Impossible Whopper patty will add 206 calories to your sandwich and will increase the price.

Each Impossible Whopper meatless patty has 206 calories. When ordering a Double Impossible Whopper, you can also expect to pay around $2 more for the additional patty. Prices will vary depending on your location.

In addition to adding another Impossible Burger patty to your order, you may also choose to add mustard as a condiment that is not featured as a standard ingredient.

You can also add extra condiments to your Impossible Whopper at no cost.


The Impossible Whopper is just another way that Burger King expands its menu to be more inclusive of people’s dietary restrictions and choices.

So if you’re looking for a plant-based way to enjoy the classic flavors of one of the most iconic burgers, be sure to pick up an Impossible Whopper today at your local Burger King.

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