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Postmates Gift Cards: What to Know About Buying and Using Them

When buying gift cards, we often forget about some of the most convenient and diverse ones, such as Postmates gift cards. Postmates gift cards make a great gift because they open up many restaurant options, rather than just offering cash to one restaurant.

Postmates gift cards can be bought online or on their app. There are no additional fees associated with Postmates gift cards, and they never expire. However, the only payment methods that can be used on Postmates are credit cards and gift cards. Third-party cards like Visa prepaid are not accepted.

Since gift cards to delivery services are used differently and can be used for many restaurants, they also come with more complexity.

If you’re thinking about buying a Postmates gift card and you aren’t clear on the logistics, this article will walk you through all you need to know about buying and using these cards.

Where Can You Buy Postmates Gift Cards?

Although Postmates is a widely used service, their gift cards are not sold in any stores. If you want to buy a gift card for this popular delivery service, you’ll need to do so either on the Postmates website or through their app.

If you’re buying a gift card for somebody else and you do not have a Postmates account, don’t worry because you don’t need one!

You can buy a Postmates gift card on their website or app without having an account or signing in and creating a login.

This makes online purchase faster without the hassle of creating an account just to purchase a gift card for another person.

How to Use Postmates Gift Cards

To purchase your Postmates gift card, you’ll first need to navigate the app and go to your profile.

Once there, tap the “Settings” icon, and you’ll be able to pick a gift card style and the amount and provide the information of whoever you want to receive this card.

Once you click “Send,” the gift card will either be redeemable for you or will be sent to whoever you are gifting it to.

This process is similar on the website, mainly differing in the terminology on the page.

Here’s the direct link to purchase a Postmates gift card, where you’ll be able to select to send a gift card right away.

You will again enter in all of your information and the information of whoever you are sending the card to, if applicable, then select to buy the gift card, and it will be sent.

The gift will arrive via email immediately, at which point it can be redeemed to have your balance applied to your payment method automatically.

To redeem your gift card on the app, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your profile icon
  2. Scroll down until you find “promos and credits”
  3. Enter the code on your gift card or email to redeem your funds

To redeem your gift card on the website, follow the similar steps below:

  1. Navigate to your profile icon
  2. Select “account settings” and scroll until you find “promos and credits”
  3. Enter the code you received on your email or gift card and hit “apply”

After following these steps, you will find your gift card balance in your payment section, and it will automatically be added to your next purchase until the gift card is used up.

It’s important to remember that this applies until the funds are gone. If you don’t want to use the card for a purchase, you will need to manually go in and enter your credit card details to avoid using the gift card.

Alternatively, you can enter your gift card code at checkout. However, it is recommended to redeem the card right when you get it to avoid losing the card and therefore losing all of the money that came with the gift card.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a secondary payment method like a credit card to complete a purchase using Postmates gift cards.

This is required in case the order total is higher than the available gift card balance. In that case, the remaining amount after using the gift card would be charged to your credit card.

Do Postmates Gift Cards Expire?

One of the most convenient aspects of the Postmates gift card is that it never expires. This is ideal for people who may not use the delivery service often but receive a gift card from somebody. Regardless of when you use it, your funds will still be on the card.

With that said, keep in mind that you can load your gift card balance onto your Postmates account at any point.

This will ensure you don’t lose the card and have the money already set up in your account.

This way, you don’t have to keep track of a card and instead will have your balance applied automatically the next time you go into the app to place an order.

Can You Use Restaurant Gift Cards on Postmates?

Recently, Postmates started offering merchant gift cards to be used on their platform. This makes it possible to use gift cards from restaurants on Postmates as long as the restaurant gift card was purchased through the Postmates website or the app.

However, there are some restrictions to ensure that Postmates can allocate the funds correctly.

First, you need to purchase your merchant gift card through the Postmates site or the app. You will navigate to the merchant of your choosing on the app and then select to buy a gift card from them.

After you choose the amount and enter your payment method, you will be given a code to redeem the card.

After receiving the merchant card code, you can add the code to your checkout field so that your funds will automatically be applied. Alternatively, you can send the code to somebody if the gift card is a gift.

It’s important to mention these funds will not be applied to any order. It has to be from the merchant that the card was purchased from because it’s specific to that restaurant.

Merchant gift cards open up a whole new world of payment options on Postmates and give customers the ability to support their favorite restaurants while still benefiting from the Postmates service and delivery convenience.  

Does Postmates Take Visa Prepaid Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Postmates does not accept any prepaid or debit cards as payment methods, including Visa gift cards. Although this can be inconvenient for some, these gift cards are paid directly to Visa and therefore need to be used in stores and establishments that Visa has pre-approved.

Since Postmates encompasses several restaurants, cafes, and shops, they cannot go through the process of using Visa cards and ensure all of their vendors take Visa.

This creates an additional fee and hassle for Postmates if they choose to accept other gift cards; therefore, not making it worth it on their end.

If you are looking to order on Postmates, you will need to either use your credit card or use a Postmates gift card purchased through their website. If you have any other payment method, it will not be accepted on the platform.


Postmates has leveled up its accessibility by allowing merchant gift cards to be used. However, like other delivery services, they have specific rules and regulations for the accepted payment methods.

Make sure that you’re clear on what you can and cannot use before placing an order. Once you have your gift card, be sure to redeem it and enjoy your meal!

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