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The Absolute Best Oreo Flavors

By Sara Brown

Oreo cookies are delicious, but some flavors are definitely better than others. If you’re wondering which are the best, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top 20 picks for the best Oreo flavors. 


The Lemon flavor is a fan favorite and one of the best fruity options they offer. It starts with golden Oreo cookies layered with tangy lemon creme filling.


Peanut Butter

These cookies feature two chocolate wafers with a layer of peanut butter creme. The combination may sound simple, but it definitely packs in a lot of flavor.



Mint and chocolate is a fun flavor pairing that can be seen in many desserts. Oreo’s version of this flavor includes two chocolate wafers with a sweet mint creme in between.



This flavor features vanilla cookies filled with the original Oreo creme for a lighter and more mellow treat. If you want to try the vanilla version of an Oreo cookie, I recommend it.


Double Stuf

If you think the creme is the best part of Oreo cookies, this is the flavor for you. Whether you just eat the creme or the whole cookie, the Double Stuf will satisfy your cravings!


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