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The Best Things to Order on the Shake Shack Menu

When it comes to fast food, only a few restaurants can match the deliciousness of Shake Shack’s menu items.

What started as a hotdog and burger stand in New York City quickly rose to its current status as an international phenomenon.

The secret to Shake Shack’s success is its emphasis on fresh and high-quality ingredients, which made them one of the best burger chains.

Although Shake Shack is famous for its burgers and shakes, the chain has developed other menu items over time, including sides, desserts, and drinks.

With an array of options on the Shake Shack menu, it can be hard to decide what to order.

To help you with your decision, here are the 23 best Shake Shack menu items ranked from good to absolutely fantastic!

23. Grilled Cheese

Shake Shack’s Grilled Cheese may not look like much, but the taste is everything.

The cheesy goodness melts nicely between two pieces of toasted potato bun, and you can customize it with bacon strips and tomato slices.

If you have any picky kids, this is the perfect item on the Shake Shack menu.

Nutritional Information:

320 calories, 14g protein, 25g carbohydrates, 18g fat

22. Creamsicle Float

If you love creamsicles, you’ll love Shake Shack’s Creamsicle Float.

This float contains orange-flavored soda coupled with their signature vanilla custard.

The orange syrup gives the float a sweet and citrusy taste, while the creaminess of the custard adds an extra layer of complexity to each sip.

The combination is nothing short of fantastic – it’s like eating a liquid creamsicle!

Nutritional Information:

440 calories, 7g protein, 75g carbohydrates, 15g fat

21. Vanilla Frozen Custard

The Vanilla Frozen Custard is the basis of all milkshakes at Shake Shack.

But if you think it is plain, think again.

The rich whole milk and the egg yolks in the custard create a velvety texture and incomparable creamy taste.

This is a must-try for anyone who enjoys a simple yet rich dessert.

Nutritional Information:

280 calories, 7g protein, 30g carbohydrates, 15g fat

20. Hot Dog

This is the item that started it all.

Sourced from Chicago’s famous Vienna Beef Sausages, these wieners are made from 100% beef.

They are then served on a potato roll.

You can also request cheese sauce and chopped bacon to add a smokey flavor to your hot dog.

Instead of munching down the bun, you can also request a lettuce wrap to make it a healthier option.

Nutritional Information:

350 calories, 16g protein, 25g carbohydrates, 22g fat

19. Chocolate Frozen Custard

If you love chocolate, you must try the Chocolate Frozen Custard.

It is made with rich dark cocoa powder and their Vanilla Frozen Custard.

While the texture is smooth and creamy, the taste is rich but not overly sweet.

I love the chocolatey flavor and the yolky aftertaste in this custard.

Nutritional Information:

280 calories, 6g protein, 32g carbohydrates, 19g fat

18. Blood Orange Lemonade

Blood oranges taste like a better version of grapefruits.

It has a sweet citrusy taste without the bitterness from the rind.

And when you blend this fruit with key limes, you get Shake Shack’s Blood Orange Lemonade.

It is a great drink to wash down the greasiness of the food and to quench your thirst.

Nutritional Information: (Small)

180 calories, 0g protein, 22g carbohydrates, 0g fat

17. Sunset Lemonade

The Sunset Lemonade is different from your regular fast-food lemonade.

Made with fragrant Meyer lemon juice, fresh strawberries, and orange zest, this house-made lemonade is full of flavors.

The combination of sweet strawberries and zesty citrus makes it a refreshing and delightful drink.

I especially love the hint of orange zest at the end, as it adds a layer of complexity.

Nutritional Information: (Small)

150 calories, 0g protein, 36g carbohydrates, 0g fat

16. Avocado Bacon Chicken Burger

Shake Shack’s Chicken Burger is already sensational, but adding bacon and avocado will take it to a new level.

This burger has it all: rich smoky bacon strips, creamy avocados complemented with shredded lettuce, and sweet pickles!

I recommend drizzling some honey mustard sauce on the chicken filet to add a hint of sweetness to give the burger an extra layer of flavor.

Nutritional Information:

1270 calories, 68g protein, 48g carbohydrates, 83g fat

15. Vanilla & Chocolate Frozen Custard

If you want a bit of chocolate without getting overwhelmed, the Vanilla & Chocolate Frozen Custard is the perfect menu item.

This Shake Shack dessert features a swirl of their signature vanilla and creamy dark chocolate frozen custard.

The two flavors create a unique yet balanced flavor that isn’t too heavy on either side.

Nutritional Information:

280 calories, 6g protein, 31g carbohydrates, 27g fat

14. Shack-Made Lemonade

The Shack-Made Lemonade is full of lemon goodness.

Made from fresh-squeezed lemon juice and real cane sugar, it is not too sweet and full of fresh citrus flavor.

It’s the perfect Shake Shack drink to cool you off on a hot summer day!

Nutritional Information: (Small)

120 calories, 0g protein, 37g carbohydrates, 0g fat

13. Draft Root Beer

Shake Shack’s Draft Root Beer is made with all-natural organic ingredients.

With a hefty dose of ginger roots and real Louisiana cane sugar, this drink is the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness.

It’s a great way to end your visit, as it has a nice, light aftertaste.

Unlike store-bought root beers, their root beer has a ginger beer taste that is more zingy and less sweet.

Nutritional Information: (Small)

170 calories, 0g protein, 42g carbohydrates, 0g fat

12. White Truffle Shroom Burger

Shake Shack has embraced a different approach to plant-based alternatives, and the White Truffle Shroom Burger is evidence of that.

This vegan burger features a deep-fried portobello mushroom steak topped with melted fontina cheese, shredded lettuce, and white truffle oil-infused sauce.

The meaty mushroom patty has all the flavors and textures better than most fake meat burgers.

Nutritional Information:

570 calories, 19g protein, 50g carbohydrates, 33g fat

11. Pomegranate Sweet Basil Lemonade

For a less citrusy and more floral flavor, try the Pomegranate Sweet Basil Lemonade.

This house-made lemonade includes juicy pomegranate juice, lemongrass, and sweet basil leaves.

The combination of the three creates a pleasant flavor that is sweet and herbaceous.

The addition of honey also helps to balance out the flavors.

Nutritional Information: (Small)

160 calories, 0g protein, 19g carbohydrates, 0g fat

10. Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Treat yourself to a delectable experience with Shake Shake’s Cookies and Cream Custard Milkshake.

This treat is made with delicious ingredients, including premium vanilla custard and Oreo cookie pieces.

It is then hand-spun for an unbeatable taste that most will prefer over the McDonald’s McFlurry.

The secret ingredient, egg yolks, makes this milkshake smooth and creamy that you would want seconds!

If you want seconds, just spring for a double scoop.

Nutritional Information:

850 calories, 19g protein, 98g carbohydrates, 44g fat

9. Shroom Burger

With its delicious portobello mushroom patty, this vegetarian burger from Shake Shack will delight your taste buds with a flavor-packed party.

Stuffed with savory muenster and cheddar cheese, the veggie patty is irresistible to any mushroom lover!

Topped off with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and the signature Shake Shack Sauce, it elevates the vegetarian burger experience.

Nutritional Information:

510 calories, 18g protein, 49g carbohydrates, 27g fat

8. Bacon Cheese Fries

There is something heavenly about mixing bacon, cheese, and fries.

The Bacon Cheese Fries certainly bring out the best of all three ingredients.

The fries are crispy and well-seasoned, with a generous helping of melty cheddar cheese and bacon crumbles on top.

In a way, this reminds me of breakfast hash browns.

So if you are craving comfort food, this is the perfect Shake Shack menu item.

Nutritional Information:

840 calories, 24g protein, 65g carbohydrates, 52g fat

7. Root Beer Float

The Root Beer Float from Shake Shack is a timeless classic.

It features their signature vanilla custard and root beer.

The combination of flavors creates a unique yet nostalgic taste.

Unlike grocery store root bears, this one has less sugar and more natural spices, giving it a more complex and robust flavor.

The custard’s creaminess adds an extra layer of flavor and texture to the float to balance the gingery and sweet notes.

Nutritional Information:

430 calories, 7g protein, 70g carbohydrates, 15g fat

6. Vanilla & Chocolate Milkshake

The Vanilla & Chocolate Shake is like a whirlwind of creamy bliss to create the perfect combination of flavors.

This is the ideal milkshake for those who crave something more unique than a classic Chocolate Shake.

The vanilla undertone mixed with the chocolate flavor is just the right balance.

Nutritional Information:

760 calories, 18g protein, 77g carbohydrates, 43g fat

5. Chicken Bites

Shake Shack’s Chicken Bites are a unique take on the classic deep-fried chicken.

The crispy yet flavorful breading coats the chicken breast to protect the meat from getting overcooked and losing its juiciness.

The result is these delicious chicken nuggets that are perfect as a snack or a full meal.

Although these pieces taste great by themselves, you should still try their dipping sauces.

My favorite is the Honey Mustard sauce, but the Shack Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Cheese Sauce are also great options.

Depending on your hunger, you can choose the 6-Piece and 10-Piece options.

Nutritional Information: (6-Pieces)

300 calories, 17g protein, 15g carbohydrates, 19g fat

4. White Truffle Parmesan Fries

You don’t have to visit a fine-dining restaurant to feast on tasty truffle fries.

The White Truffle Parmesan Fries features Shake Shack’s signature crispy crinkle-cut fries tossed in a creamy parmesan cheese blend.

The fries are then served with white truffle sauce.

The infused organic Regalis white truffle oil makes these fries decadent to the very last bite.

Nutritional Information:

750 calories, 12g protein, 67g carbohydrates, 49g fat

3. Avocado Bacon Burger

Prepare to savor an Angus beef cheeseburger with premium toppings.

The creamy avocado, smoky applewood-smoked bacon, and the Shack Sauce over the delicious beef patty make this burger stand out.

The combination of fresh vegetables and protein-rich ingredients will keep you full for the rest of the day.

Those on a low-carb diet can forgo the potato bun and opt for a lettuce wrap instead.

Nutritional Information: (Single Patty)

610 calories, 35g protein, 25g carbohydrates, 29g fat

2. Tiramisu Shake

Cake lovers, rejoice! Shake Shack has introduced a liquid Tiramisu to their menu, which is simply divine.

This creamy concoction starts with the signature vanilla custard, followed by layers of bold espresso and decadent mascarpone cheese.

The fluffy whipped cream, deep cocoa powder, and crunchy ladyfinger cookie bits top this shake for a combination of textures and flavors that hit all the right places.

The coffee will give you a slight energy boost while the custard and mascarpone cool it down.

Although this milkshake is amazing, the espresso infusion makes it a no-go for youngsters.

Nutritional Information:

840 calories, 20g protein, 101g carbohydrates, 40g fat

1. Shack Stack

Need help choosing between a beef patty or a portobello mushroom patty? Why not have them both?

Imagine biting into a deep-fried mushroom and grilled beef patty, accompanied by melted muenster cheese, cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, and the Shack Sauce, all sandwiched in toasted potato buns.

The perfect balance of flavors and textures makes for a restaurant-level gourmet burger experience.

The Shack Stack is definitely the best item on Shake Shack’s menu, making it a must-try burger.

Nutritional Information:

770 calories, 40g protein, 50g carbohydrates, 45g fat


Shake Shack has a variety of menu items made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. 

From burgers to milkshakes to drinks and sides, Shake Shack’s menu offers something for every appetite.

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal, head to a Shake Shack near you and enjoy some of the best fast food around.

For more information about Shake Shack, check out the articles below.

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