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10 Best Little Caesars Sauces, Ranked

Little Caesars is one of the best pizza chains that get it right when it comes to sauces. Their pizzas and sides can be further elevated with their delicious sauce options.

Little Caesars offers a variety of sauces with a diverse selection of flavors.

To upgrade your pizza, wings, or cheese breads instantly, look for the Butter Garlic, Cheezy Jalapeno, Crazy Sauce, BBQ, Crazy Style, and Buffalo sauces.

Other savory sauces include Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Ranch, Garlic Parmesan, and Ranch.

If you’re a sauce enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know the best sauces Little Caesars has to offer.

Let’s look at the 10 best Little Caesars sauces to help you decide which one to experiment with next!

10. Buffalo Sauce

Instead of starting with “Hot and Ready,” I’ll start this list with “Hot and Spicy!”

Coming on their Buffalo wings is the Little Caesars’ Buffalo sauce.

Just as expected, this sauce is hot and spicy. Unexpected, though, is the slight buttery taste it also comes with.

I’ve listed this sauce at number 10, not due to lack of flavor but customization.

Although it is tasty, it really can’t be paired well with other menu items besides the Buffalo wings.

The main ingredients in the sauce include:

  • Butter
  • Hot Pepper Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Ranch

The Buffalo sauce from Little Caesars contains 230 calories per serving.

9. Cheddar Cheese Sauce

The Cheddar Cheese sauce from Little Caesars is a less-known sauce compared to others.

It is filled with a creamy, fresh blend of mozzarella and muenster cheeses.

Similar to tasting the cheese on top of nachos or pretzels, this sauce combines great with a few entrees and sides.

If you want to add a cheesier flavor to your pepperoni pizza, Italian cheese bread, or even oven-roasted wings, the Cheddar Cheese sauce is a perfect choice.

I’ve listed this sauce lower in the ranking due to its similarities to other cheese sauces.

The main ingredients in this sauce are:

  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Milk

The Cheddar Cheese sauce contains 110 calories per serving.

8. Buffalo Ranch Sauce

Like the other sauces available at Little Caesars, the Buffalo Ranch sauce also has a hint of a buttery taste.

In addition to the buttery goodness, the Buffalo Ranch contains the herby, garlicky ranch taste mixed with some buffalo heat.

This sauce is a delicious addition to the Buffalo, BBQ, garlic parmesan, or oven-roasted wings for a little extra tang.

You can also dip your Italian cheese bread in it to add extra heat.

The main ingredients in this sauce include:

  • Butter
  • Hot Pepper Sauce
  • Ranch
  • Paprika

The Buffalo Ranch sauce contains 230 calories per serving.

7. Cheezy Jalapeno Sauce

The Cheezy Jalapeno sauce is similar to the Cheddar Cheese sauce in its texture and cheesiness.

The difference comes in taste. This sauce includes an extra bit of jalapeno heat.

If you want something more unique and flavorful than the typical Cheddar Cheese sauce, I suggest trying the Cheezy Jalapeno.

It pairs well with any thin-crust or deep-dished pizza options, as well as the Crazy Bread.

The main ingredients in this sauce are:

  • A mixture of cheeses
  • Ranch
  • Jalapenos
  • Green Chiles

The Cheezy Jalapeno sauce contains 210 calories per serving.

6. Garlic Parmesan Sauce

The Garlic Parmesan sauce already comes on the Little Caesars wings.

This mixture of cheesy, garlicky goodness also tastes incredible when mixed with other entrees and sides.

If you love garlic and cheese flavor, I’d suggest adding this sauce to your Crazy Bread for an extra garlicky, cheesy side.

Additionally, it pairs well with milder pizzas on the Little Caesars menu, adding a more pungent taste.

The Garlic Parmesan sauce includes the following ingredients:

  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan
  • A mixture of herbs

This sauce contains 370 calories per serving.

5. BBQ Sauce

Another sauce that comes already on the wings is BBQ sauce.

With the typical smoky, tangy taste, Little Caesars’ BBQ sauce tastes perfect with their Three Meat Treat or the Five Meat Feast pizzas.

It pairs well with the meats on these pizzas and also tastes yummy with the oven-roasted wings.

The main ingredients in this sauce are:

  • Tomato Paste
  • Onion Powder
  • Sweeteners

The BBQ sauce contains 230 calories per serving.

4. Ranch Sauce

Fresh and garlicky with a hint of herbs and buttermilk flavor, Little Caesars’s Ranch sauce is one of the most versatile options.

When you need a sauce to tone down the spiciness of the Buffalo wings or add extra flavor to the oven-roasted wings, choose the Ranch sauce.

It is also a great option if you need a sauce to dip your pepperoni or cheese pizza.

The main ingredients in this sauce include:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Buttermilk
  • Garlic
  • Sour Cream
  • Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Lemon Juice

The Ranch sauce contains 230 calories per serving.

3. Butter Garlic Sauce

Most pizza lovers I know love dipping their pizza in any type of garlic sauce. And the Butter Garlic sauce from Little Caesars is no exception.

It pairs well with the Detroit-Style Deep Dish, thin crust, stuffed crust, and regular pizzas.

Simply put, the Butter Garlic sauce adds just the perfect hint of garlic to all Little Caesars pizzas.

Although many people just use this sauce with pizza, it also tastes great with the Italian Cheese Bread.

If you love the garlic flavor, I suggest dipping the Stuffed Crazy Bread in the Butter Garlic sauce.

The main ingredients in this sauce include:

  • Butter
  • Minced Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Salt
  • Lemon Juice

The Butter Garlic sauce contains 370 calories per serving.

2. Crazy Sauce

Little Caesars’s Crazy sauce is a unique marinara that comes cold to maintain maximum freshness.

My favorite menu items to dip in the Crazy sauce include the Crazy Bread, the Italian Cheese Bread, and the Stuffed Crazy Bread.

All of these garlicky, cheesy sides pair well with the cold, sweet marinara.

Luckily, if you order the Crazy Combo, the Crazy Bread automatically comes with a side of Crazy sauce.

In addition, the Crazy sauce comes in the largest container of all sauces on the Little Caesars menu.

The main ingredients in this sauce include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Dried Basil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • A mixture of herbs

The Crazy sauce contains 30 calories per serving.

1. Crazy Style

It is not as well-known as the other sauces at Little Caesars, but the Crazy Style sauce is the best-kept secret on the menu.

A perfect blend of Parmesan cheese, garlic, and butter – the Crazy Style is the saucy mixture that typically comes on top of the Crazy Bread.

To make any pizza from Little Caesars 100 times better, I make it Crazy Style by adding this incredible mixture of butter and sprinkled Parmesan cheese over the crust.

It can also be added on top of the Italian Cheese Bread for additional flavor.

The main ingredients in this sauce include:

  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Butter
  • Garlic

The Crazy Style sauce mixture contains 50 calories per serving.


Whether you want to add some extra garlic, sweet marinara, ranch, or spicy Buffalo flavor to your meal, Little Caesars has a sauce for you!

No matter the menu item, Little Caesars’ sauces allow you to customize the taste and add their unique flavor to an already delicious side or entree.

Although I listed the Crazy Style as the best sauce, you may find one you love even more.

So the next time you’re looking for something new to pair with your meal, use this list to find your favorite sauce at Little Caesars.

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