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20 Best Things to Order on the Jollibee Menu

Jollibee is a fast-food chain that originated in the Philippines but has locations worldwide, including the United States.

The restaurant has a rich history and has been around since 1975, when it was first created as an ice cream parlor by Tony Tan Caktiong.

Over time, Jollibee began to offer more menu items, ultimately becoming one of the best fried chicken chains it is known as today.

What makes Jollibee stand out from other fast-food restaurants is its unique menu items, which combine Filipino and American flavors to create unique dishes.

Some of the most popular items on the Jollibee menu include Filipino-style spaghetti, Chickenjoy (fried chicken), and Yumburger.

These items have become so beloved that they have developed a cult following among fast-food enthusiasts.

If you have never been to a Jollibee or are looking for something new to try, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best Jollibee menu items not to be missed!

20. Adobo Rice

Jollibee’s Adobo Rice is a traditional Filipino dish with a wealth of flavors from seasonings, including garlic, onion, and soy sauce.

The rice is cooked in the adobo sauce, giving it a rich, robust flavor that pairs perfectly with Jollibee’s chicken tenders and fried chicken.

It can also be enjoyed alone as a stand-alone light meal.

Nutritional Information:

230 calories, 4.5g fat, 54g carbohydrates, 8g protein

19. Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato is a creamy, comforting side dish on Jollibee’s menu with a flavorful gravy.

The mashed potato itself is made from freshly chopped potatoes and butter, giving it an irresistibly creamy texture.

The gravy adds a nice touch with its blend of spices and herbs that complement the dish perfectly.

You can enjoy it as a side dish or top it with Jollibee’s chicken pieces for an even heartier meal.

Nutritional Information: (Regular Serving)

170 calories, 4.5g fat, 33g carbohydrates, 3g protein

18. French Fries

Jollibee’s French Fries are a classic fast-food item that always hits the spot.

These crispy, golden-brown fries are made with freshly cut potatoes and fried to perfection.

The result is a light and crunchy bite that will satisfy any appetite.

When you order chicken tender or fried chicken, Jollibee’s fries make the best side dish.

They also make for a great snack when craving something salty and delicious.

Nutritional Information: (Regular Serving)

340 calories, 18g fat, 41g carbohydrates, 4g protein

17. Baked Cheddar Mac N Cheese

The Baked Cheddar Mac N Cheese is the perfect comfort food from Jollibee’s for any occasion.

It starts with macaroni cooked to al dente and smothered in a creamy cheese sauce made from real cheddar cheese.

The macaroni and cheese are then baked with a crispy panko breadcrumb topping to give it an extra crunch.

This dish is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Nutritional Information: (Regular Serving)

230 calories, 12g fat, 19g carbohydrates, 10g protein

16. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Jollibee’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a popular item on the menu that has gained much traction among spicy food lovers.

It is a hand-breaded fried chicken breast filet, topped with sriracha mayo sauce and complemented with fresh jalapenos.

The sandwich is served on a warm, toasty brioche bun that adds a delightful crunch.

I recommend avoiding this sandwich if you usually can’t take any spice!

Nutritional Information:

570 calories, 28g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 31g protein

15. Jolly Spaghetti

Jollibee’s Jolly Spaghetti is a famous Filipino-style dish loved by many people of all ages.

It is a staple item on Jollibee’s menu, made with a sweet tomato sauce mixed with ground beef, slices of ham, and diced hotdog.

It is an improved version of the original sweet spaghetti recipe with Filipino ketchup made from bananas.

Jollibee’s version is less sweet and catered more toward the American taste with the addition of savory meats.

Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth trying at least once!

Nutritional Information: (Regular Serving)

610 calories, 23g fat, 76g carbohydrates, 23g protein

14. Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

Jollibee’s Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich features a crispy chicken breast filet covered in sriracha mayo and topped with fresh sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapenos.

All of this goodness is sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun.

The balance between the fresh vegetables and the spicy mayo makes this sandwich stand out from the rest.

The heat from the jalapenos adds a subtle kick that will leave your taste buds dancing in heat.

I love spicy food, and this sandwich hits all the right spots!

But if you can’t take spice, I’d recommend skipping it.

Nutritional Information:

580 calories, 28g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 31g protein

13. Yumburger

The Yumburger is one of the most popular items on the Jollibee menu.

It is a classic burger filled with Filipino flavors that many people love.

It is made with a fresh bun and a signature dressing, which gives it its unmistakable flavor.

The patty is made from 100% beef, giving it a juicy, meaty flavor that is hard to resist.

The bun is freshly baked, ensuring the burger is always soft and fluffy.

The dressing is a secret recipe that sets the Yumburger apart from other fast food burgers.

It gives the burger a tangy, slightly sweet flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Nutritional Information:

360 calories, 21g fat, 30g carbohydrates, 13g protein

12. Burger Steak

Jollibee’s Burger Steak is an interesting dish that features two beef patties smothered with a delightful mushroom gravy and served on a bed of steaming hot rice.

If you love burgers and prefer rice over buns for carbs, this is the perfect meal for you.

The beef patties are seasoned with Jollibee’s signature spices, giving them a unique and flavorful taste.

The gravy is thick and creamy and complements the burger patties perfectly.

Nutritional Information:

570 calories, 28g fat, 56g carbohydrates, 24g protein

11. Original Chicken Sandwich

Jollibee’s Original Chicken Sandwich includes a crispy chicken breast filet topped with umami mayo and served on a toasted brioche bun.

This sandwich has captured the taste buds of many fast-food lovers and has become a staple on the Jollibee menu.

The chicken breast filet is coated with a blend of herbs and spices, then hand-breaded with a crispy coating to achieve that perfect golden brown color.

The umami mayo sauce has various ingredients, including garlic, onion, tomato, soy sauce, and vinegar, to create a unique flavor profile.

Nutritional Information:

620 calories, 34g fat, 43g carbohydrates, 31g protein

10. Cheesy Yumburger

I’m sure many people will agree that a little bit of cheese takes a great burger to the next level!

So if you’re looking for a cheesy burger at Jollibee, you should try the Cheesy Yumburger.

It is made with the same ingredients as the original Yumburger but with an added dose of melted cheese, making it even more indulgent.

The melted cheese adds an extra layer of creaminess that perfectly complements the beef patty and the signature dressing.

It’s a burger that any cheese lover will enjoy!

Nutritional Information:

410 calories, 25g fat, 30g carbohydrates, 16g protein

9. Peach Mango Pie

The Peach Mango Pie is a popular dessert at Jollibee with a delightful taste and texture.

It has a flaky, sweet crust that perfectly complements the fruity filling.

The pie includes a filling infused with fresh mangos that are tangy and sweet.

The filling is enveloped in a layered, buttery crust baked to a golden brown finish, providing a delightful crunch to every bite.

Nutritional Information:

270 calories, 11g fat, 40g carbohydrates, 3g protein

8. Palabok Fiesta

If you are unfamiliar with Philippine cuisine, you may wonder what a palabok is.

It is a noodle dish with rice noodles, shrimp, pork, and a special sauce.

The sauce is made from flour and shrimp, combined with seasonings such as garlic and onion.

The Palabok Fiesta is one of the most popular dishes on Jollibee’s menu.

It is made with thin rice noodles, a thick shrimp-based sauce, pork, shrimp, fried garlic, onions, and boiled egg slices.

The combination of flavors and textures makes it an enjoyable dish that has earned its place among the top dishes at Jollibee.

Nutritional Information: (Regular Serving)

410 calories, 15g fat, 49g carbohydrates, 20g protein

7. Chicken Tenders

Not everyone has time to sit down and savor the Chickenjoy fried chicken pieces.

That’s why Jollibee also offers chicken tenders – fried strips of juicy, tender chicken with just the right amount of crunch.

They come in a box with a side of gravy, so you can get your chicken fix on the go.

Pro tip: Pair your chicken tenders with the pineapple BBQ dipping sauce and the creamy sriracha and thank me later!

Nutritional Information: (1 piece)

180 calories, 11g fat, 13g carbohydrates, 9g protein

6. Pineapple Quencher

The Pineapple Quencher is a refreshing beverage from Jollibee, perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.

It is made with pineapple juice and has a sweet, tangy taste that’s hard to resist.

As a bonus, the drink has no food coloring, added sugar, or preservatives.

Nutritional Information:

180 calories, 0g fat, 46g carbohydrates, 0g protein

5. Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

The Deluxe Chicken Sandwich from Jollibee satisfies the palates of most chicken lovers.

It includes a crispy chicken breast filet smothered with umami mayo and topped with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, all served on a toasted brioche bun.

It is a perfect blend of taste, texture, and flavor, leaving your taste buds craving more.

The chicken filet in the sandwich is marinated in special seasoning to give it a rich taste.

It is then hand-breaded with a crunchy outer layer that seals in the juiciness of the chicken.

The fresh tomatoes and lettuce add a refreshing and crunchy texture to each bite.

The toasted brioche bun is the perfect carrier that combines all flavors, making it the best sandwich at Jollibee.

Nutritional Information:

630 calories, 34g fat, 43g carbohydrates, 31g protein

4. Chickenjoy

The Chickenjoy is Jollibee’s signature crispy fried chicken that has earned its place in the hearts of fast food enthusiasts worldwide.

It is a favorite menu item that stands out as a crispy, juicy, and flavorful bone-in-fried chicken.

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is made with high-quality ingredients to bring out the best flavor and texture.

The chicken pieces are marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices before being coated in a crispy batter and fried to perfection.

One of the reasons Chickenjoy is so good is because of how well it is cooked.

The chicken is fried until crispy on the outside while maintaining its tenderness and juiciness on the inside.

The blend of herbs and spices gives the chicken a savory taste that is addictive and satisfying.

Depending on how many people you’re feeding, you can order a Chickenjoy meal with up to three pieces and two sides or a bucket meal with ten pieces.

Nutritional Information: (1 piece)

220 calories, 14g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 20g protein

3. Big Yumburger

Jollibee’s Big Yumburger is a large burger that includes a freshly baked bun and two beef patties.

The burger is topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, giving it a crunchy and refreshing taste.

Jollibee’s signature dressing also adds a unique, tangy flavor to the burger.

If you find the original Yumburger too small, the double beef patties in the Big Yumburger will fill you up, making it a great choice for those with a big appetite.

Nutritional Information:

670 calories, 47g fat, 39g carbohydrates, 27g protein

2. Coconut Pineapple Pie

The Coconut Pineapple Pie is a delicious dessert from Jollibee made with a crispy crust and a creamy filling infused with coconut and pineapple flavors.

It is a delightful pastry perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth after a meal.

The flaky and crispy crust is the perfect base for the creamy filling.

The pineapple adds a tropical flavor, while the coconut gives it a rich, nutty flavor.

All the ingredients blend so well to create Jollibee’s best dessert!

Nutritional Information:

300 calories, 12g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 3g protein

1. Aloha Yumburger

Jollibee’s Aloha Yumburger combines sweet and salty flavors in one scrumptious bite.

It features two beef patties with a juicy pineapple slice, crispy bacon strips, fresh lettuce, and Jollibee’s special Aloha dressing.

The Aloha dressing is a blend of mayonnaise, pineapple, and relish that adds a sweet tanginess to the burger.

The Aloha Yumburger is the best burger at Jollibee by far!

You get sweetness from the pineapple, saltiness from the bacon, and tanginess from the dressing that all come together to create a special taste.

If you’re looking for a unique burger experience, you should definitely try this one!

Nutritional Information:

770 calories, 52g fat, 49g carbohydrates, 30g protein


Jollibee’s menu is full of tasty and unique dishes that cater to a variety of palates.

From Chickenjoy to Yumburger to Palabok Fiesta, there’s something for everyone on the Jollibee menu.

And if you want to finish your meal with a dessert, I highly recommend their Coconut Pineapple Pie!

So next time you’re looking for a delicious meal or a snack, head over to Jollibee and try one (or all!) of the 20 best menu items on this list.

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