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Dunkin’s Swoonworthy Two Valentine’s Donuts Are Back

Dunkin’s Brownie Batter and Cupid’s Choice Donuts – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Everyone’s favorite heart-shaped donuts are back at Dunkin! Dunkin re-released the Cupid’s Choice and Brownie Batter donuts on January 31, just in time for the Valentine’s season. Both donuts have been a mainstay of Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day menu for at least five years and have amassed quite the cult following. Of course, I had to pick up both of them to make sure they were as delicious this time around as they have been in the past!

Taste Test

Cupid’s Choice Donut

Move over, chocolate and strawberry – there’s a new Valentine’s Day combo in town! Dunkin’s Cupid Choice donut is a mix of sweet vanilla and fruity strawberry flavors.

The inside of this heart-shaped donut is filled with a generous helping of Bavarian Kreme, which has a similar taste and texture to vanilla pudding. The top is dipped in strawberry-flavored icing and finished with red, pink, and white sprinkles.

Brownie Batter Donut

Dunkin’s Brownie Batter Donut is for everyone whose favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate. Seriously, this donut is packedwith chocolate flavor!

It’s filled with rich, luscious chocolate icing that has a consistency almost identical to brownie batter. The top of the donut is dipped in chocolate icing and covered in festive sprinkles.

The photo I took doesn’t do this donut justice – it has SO much filling in there. I really did feel like I was eating a spoonful of brownie batter!

Grab or Pass?

Grab! While these donuts aren’t too different in taste from the other treats offered at Dunkin’, they’re such a fun seasonal menu item that I personally pick up every February.

If Cupid’s Choice and Brownie Batter aren’t your thing, don’t worry – you can still get in on the Valentine’s season fun! Until February 21, any sprinkled donuts will be “sprinkled with love,” which is Dunkin’s way of saying they’ll feature festive red, white, and pink sprinkles.

Plus, all of the filled donuts, like Boston Kreme, will come in a heart shape from today until February 21.

About the Author

Samantha Jenkins is a food writer and digital marketing manager with a passion for storytelling, perusing grocery store aisles, reading menus, and eating really good food.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, performing in musicals, and cohosting the East Coast Haunts podcast.

February 2, 2024