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The Best Domino’s Dipping Sauces

Domino’s is one of the best pizza chains with a variety of delicious pizzas, but they also offer dipping sauces that go well with their breads and other side options.

All Domino’s dipping sauces are served in cups and include flavors like Ranch, Garlic, Blue Cheese, Honey BBQ, Sweet Mango Habanero, Marinara, Hot Buffalo, and Iced.

These dipping sauces taste great, especially when paired with their breads.

Most people stick to a dipping sauce they love after finding their favorite, but we encourage you to try their other flavors.

In this article, we’ve created a list of the 8 best Domino’s dipping sauces, including pairing recommendations for their breads.

Ranch Dipping Sauce

Ranch evokes strong emotions from those across the flavor spectrum. People either love the sauce or hate it.

After trying Domino’s version, you’ll be in the “love it” camp.

Domino’s Ranch Dipping sauce is made with soybean oil, water, vinegar, salt, buttermilk, corn syrup, onion, egg, and flour.

When getting the Ranch sauce, try pairing it with their Bacon and Jalapeno Cheesy Bread.

The spiciness of the jalapeno pairs exceptionally well with the creaminess of the ranch.

One Ranch-flavored dipping cup accounts for 200 calories.

Garlic Dipping Sauce

Several restaurants have tried spicing up the traditional “butter” over the years by adding new flavors.

And Domino’s Garlic Dipping sauce is one of the best alterations thus far!

This sauce’s ingredients aren’t well known, but it includes soybean oil, salt, natural flavors, butter, garlic, food coloring, and artificial flavors to add a stronger garlicky kick.

Parmesan Bread Twists and Garlic Bread Twists both make an excellent pairing with this sauce, but plain Cheesy Bread is the best flavor complement.

One cup of the Garlic Dipping sauce comes with 250 calories.

Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

Blue Cheese is one of those tricky flavor combinations to pair with food.

Its creamy yet tangy flavor can be hard to describe, but when you try it, you know how good it really is.

Of course, Domino’s Blue Cheese Dipping sauce meets this same description.

This sauce is made with oil, water, vinegar, salt, milk, cheese cultures, egg, and corn syrup.

Buffalo is the best flavor pairing for the Blue Cheese sauce, so try it with wings or Buffalo pizza.

In terms of bread, you can pair it with their Spinach and Feta Cheesy Bread.

One cup of the Blue Cheese sauce has 240 calories and will surely fill you up.

Honey BBQ Dipping Sauce

Similar to Blue Cheese, Honey BBQ is not a condiment you normally throw on a sandwich.

Unless there are chicken fingers or wings, the sauce typically goes untouched.

Domino’s has changed this idea by incorporating the Honey BBQ Dipping sauce into their pizzas, but it is best served with chicken.

This sauce is made with sugar, molasses, tomato paste, vinegar, honey, brown sugar, salt, red pepper, garlic, paprika, onion, and mustard seed.

Since the sauce already has an acidic kick, pairing it with other spices isn’t the best.

Try the Honey BBQ Dipping sauce with the Parmesan Bread Bites or the plain Cheesy Bread.

One cup of this sauce has 60 calories.

Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce

Domino’s lacks a Sweet and Sour or General Tso’s dipping sauce, so they make up for it with the fruity and spicy flavors in the Sweet Mango Habanero sauce.

This sauce contains water, sugar, corn syrup, orange juice concentrate, vinegar, mango puree, jalapeno peppers, lime juice concentrate, habanero peppers, and salt.

The Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce pairs very well with deeper, savory flavors.

Try it with either the Parmesan Bread Twists or the Parmesan Bread Bites.

One dipping cup pairs perfectly with a regular dish and comes with 80 calories.

You won’t need multiple containers because of the strong taste of the sauce.

Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce

Domino’s doesn’t lie when they say the Hot Buffalo Dipping Cup flavor is “hot.”

Unlike most restaurants, their “hot” sauce isn’t more on the mild side; it is spicy!

This sauce is made with vinegar, red cayenne pepper, water, salt, oil, cornstarch, garlic, paprika, natural flavors, and a variety of spices.

If you’re tastebuds love a challenge, try it with the Bacon and Jalapeno Cheesy Bread.

Alternatively, the Buffalo sauce goes very well with the plain cheesy bread.

It’s important to note that the Hot Buffalo Dipping sauce is different from the generic wing sauce.

At 50 calories a cup, this will give you a distinct Buffalo flavoring.

Marinara Sauce

As a little kid, many people have an infatuation with cheese sticks and Marinara sauce.

While this often wears off as we get older and our taste buds develop, it never completely disappears.

Domino’s is bringing back those memories with their homemade Marinara sauce.

This sauce is made from tomato puree, sugar, salt, garlic, and pure deliciousness.

When in doubt, Marinara sauce should be everyone’s go-to option!

It pairs well with every bread at Domino’s except for the Cinnamon Bread Twists.

One serving size is a “dipping cup,” and each cup has only 25 calories.

The Marinara sauce is one of the healthiest dipping sauces on the Domino’s menu.

Icing Dipping Sauce

The Icing Dipping sauce is the outlier of Domino’s dipping sauces, made to pair only with desserts.

It consists of sugar, water, corn syrup, oil, cream cheese, salt, cornstarch, and different kinds of gum.

It pairs perfectly with both their Cinnamon Bread Twists and Chocolate Lava Cakes.

So be sure to try it out for your next special treat!

One cup of the Icing Dipping sauce comes with 250 calories.

It is high in calories and sugar, so generally avoid this dipping sauce, though having it as a treat every once in a while won’t hurt.


When it comes to choosing Domino’s dipping sauces, no one sauce is perfect for every meal.

The flavor experience will vary depending on the pairing, and finding a favorite is really an experimental process.

Try some of the pairing recommendations on our list with their dipping sauces and breads.

If you’re uncertain where to start, use the Marinara or Garlic Dipping Sauce on the plain Cheesy Bread. You won’t be disappointed in either case.

For more information about Domino’s, check out the articles below.

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December 26, 2022