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The Most Popular Breakfast at Denny’s

Is there anything more American than a diner that churns out bacon and eggs 24/7? I certainly don’t think so.

It’s no surprise that Denny’s, which is open 24/7 and serves breakfast all day, has been dubbed “America’s Diner.”

While not every single location is open 24 hours, you can count on the fact that when that OPEN sign is lit up, Denny’s is serving their iconic breakfast dishes.

With a variety of breakfast items ranging from crepes to omelettes to their iconic Grand Slams, Denny’s breakfast menu has something for everyone.

If you’re wondering which breakfast items are the best, read on for our definitive ranking of all items on Denny’s breakfast menu!

25. Country Fried Steak & Eggs

You’ve heard of fried chicken, but have you tried fried steak?

Country fried steak, also called chicken fried steak, is especially popular in the American south.

It’s made by breading and frying a steak in the same way you’d fry chicken.

This makes for a crispy, golden crust with tender, melt-in-your-mouth steak underneath. That’s the idea, at least.

Steak and eggs is a classic breakfast combo, so why mess with a classic by deep frying it?

All that deep-fried flavor takes away from the steak and eggs, which should be the main event of the dish.

Denny’s version of this breakfast classic features their country gravy, two eggs any style, hash browns, and your choice of bread.

If you’re a steak and eggs purist, I recommend skipping this one.

But if you like your steak country fried, this may be your favorite item on Denny’s breakfast menu.

One order of Country Fried Steak & Eggs contains 760-1,670 calories.

24. T-Bone Steak & Eggs

If you’re looking for a hearty all-American breakfast, look no further than Denny’s T-Bone Steak & Eggs.

A colossal 13 oz seasoned T-Bone steak is partnered with two eggs your way, hash browns, and your choice of bread.

Bread options include white toast, an English muffin, and buttermilk pancakes.

You can choose to have your steak cooked anywhere from rare to well done.

You can also add caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms for an upcharge.

The jury is still out on this dish. Many customers point out that it’s a hit or miss.

If you love a good old-fashioned steak and egg combo, it might be worth a shot.

One order of T-Bone Steak & Eggs contains 860-1,770 calories.

23. Santa Fe Bowl

The Sante Fe Bowl from Denny’s is like a breakfast-themed burrito bowl.

It’s made with chorizo, fire-roasted bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, red potatoes, cheddar cheese, and eggs your way.

This bowl is a good choice overall but lacks something to anchor it.

I recommend adding flour tortillas for an upcharge so you can make breakfast tacos.

These make the meal feel a little more cohesive.

The Santa Fe Bowl contains 850-1,070 calories.

22. Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast

The name “Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast” doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, but these pancakes aren’t boring.

Made with multigrain wheat, flaxseeds, cinnamon, and brown sugar, these flapjacks are a slightly less sweet and grainier version of the classic buttermilk pancakes Denny’s serves.

That being said, they’re not bad. The cinnamon and brown sugar give the pancakes some personality and spice.

As long as you know that these pancakes won’t taste like regular buttermilk pancakes, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy them.

This breakfast comes with eggs, hash browns, and your choice of bacon strips or sausage.

The Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast contains 660-1,360 calories.

21. Classic Benny Breakfast

As its name suggests, the Classic Benny Breakfast has all the makings of your typical eggs benedict.

A toasted English muffin is topped with ham, over-medium eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. It’s served with a giant crispy hash brown.

The Classic Benny Breakfast is solid and done well, but don’t expect it to blow your mind.

It’s great if you’re in the mood for an eggs benedict with a side of hashbrowns, but otherwise, I recommend trying one of their more exciting egg-based dishes.

While an eggs benedict typically comes with over-medium eggs, you can order your eggs done in any way you like.

The Classic Benny Breakfast contains 530-1,140 calories.

20. Fit Slam

The Fit Slam is Denny’s healthier take on their famous Grand Slam plates.

You will start by choosing between a regular or gluten-free English muffin.

You’ll get two strips of turkey bacon, an egg white scramble with fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes, and a cup of seasonal fruit.

While there are more decadent options on Denny’s breakfast menu, the Fit Slam is definitely one of the healthiest.

It’s a pretty great meal overall.

The egg white scramble and turkey bacon give you a feel of the classic ‘bacon and eggs’ breakfast without the added calories.

Each Fit Slam plate contains 410-420 calories.

19. Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl

The Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl features two warm open-faced biscuits topped with golden-fried chicken tenders, country gravy, cheddar cheese, and two eggs in any style.

This dish is reminiscent of KFC’s iconic bowls but is “breakfast-fied” with removing mashed potatoes and adding a biscuit and eggs.

The chicken in the bowl is perfectly fried and crispy, while the gravy is rich and peppery.

This makes for a cozy, comforting dish that keeps you full until your next meal.

The Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl contains 1,120-1,340 calories.

18. My Hammy Spice

My Hammy Spice is a breakfast and a ham sandwich wrapped into one.

It’s made with ham, chorizo, scrambled eggs, pickled jalapenos, and Swiss and American cheese.

All that goodness rests between slices of grilled artisan bread.

Launched in January 2023, this is one of the newer breakfast sandwiches at Denny’s and already has loyal followers.

Guests love the My Hammy Spice for its breakfast burrito-y feel.

It’s the perfect breakfast sandwich that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The sandwich can be customized by adding avocado or bacon and is served with your choice of side.

The My Hammy Spice sandwich contains 1,300 -1,690 calories.

17. Double Berry Pancake Breakfast

The Double Berry Pancake Breakfast starts with buttermilk blueberry pancakes.

These are then topped with fresh seasonal berries and banana slices.

Like other Denny’s pancakes, the Double Berry Pancake Breakfast is served with eggs, hash browns, and bacon strips or sausage links.

If you want a sweet breakfast without all the cloyingly sweet frosting and toppings, this is the meal for you.

The natural sweetness of the fresh fruit makes for a refreshing yet filling breakfast.

The Double Berry Pancake Breakfast contains 790-1,490 calories.

16. Build Your Own Grand Slam

Denny’s Build Your Own Grand Slam is exactly what it sounds like – simply pick any four items and make your own dream breakfast plate!

You can choose between the following items: two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon strips, two sausage links, potatoes, an English muffin, toast, a grilled ham slice, and seasonal fruit.

You can also ‘Slam It Up’ by ordering two extra items for an upcharge.

This option has all the makings for a classic American breakfast, so what’s not to love?

The Build Your Own Grand Slam varies in calories. It can be anywhere from 360 to 1,980 calories, depending on what you choose to add.

15. Lumberjack Slam

The Lumberjack Slam is for the hungriest of diners. This slam comes with buttermilk pancakes, grilled ham, bacon strips, sausage links, eggs, hash browns, and your choice of bread.

It’s pretty much all your favorite breakfast staples on one plate.

Plus, it’s super customizable – you can sub regular pancakes for some premium flapjacks.

I recommend upgrading to the cinnamon roll pancakes!

You can also choose your egg’s cooking style, bread, and the ratio of bacon to sausage.

If you love your breakfast meat, the Lumberjack Slam is the way to go!

The Lumberjack Slam contains 1,020-2,660 calories.

14. French Toast Slam

French toast lovers, this is the slam for you!

Denny’s cooks the French toast until golden brown and tops it with butter and sugar.

You can choose to add fresh bananas or strawberries on top.

It’s served with eggs, bacon strips, and sausage links.

Denny’s is well known for its French toast, hence all the copycat recipes online.

If you want to give it a try, the French Toast Slam is a great place to start since you’ll get a little bit of everything.

The French Toast Slam contains 860-1,270 calories.

13. Loaded Veggie Omelette

The Loaded Veggie Omelette is filled to the brim with veggies.

Spinach, sauteed mushrooms, fire-roasted bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese make up this hearty omelet.

While it isn’t the most exciting, it’s a great option for those looking for a lighter meal.

Just like other Denny’s omelettes, this one is served with hash browns and your choice of bread.

The Loaded Veggie Omelette dish contains 550-2,020 calories.

12. Mile High Denver Omelette

The Mile High Denver Omelette contains ham, fire-roasted bell peppers & onions, and American cheese.

This omelet is a reliable favorite that appeals to the majority of diners.

It is served with hash browns and your choice of bread.

The Mile High Denver Omelette contains 720-2,190 calories.

11. Build Your Own Omelette

The sky’s the limit when you build your own omelette at Denny’s.

Start by deciding if you want a regular or an egg white omelette. Then, choose any four mix-ins.

The mix-ins can be split into three categories: cheeses, meats, and veggies.

Cheeses include American, cheddar, pepper jack queso, and Swiss.

Meat options are bacon, chorizo, crumbled sausage, diced ham, or turkey bacon.

Veggies include caramelized onion, diced tomatoes, fire-roasted bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, pico de gallo, sauteed mushrooms, and spinach.

With so many mix-in options, this is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t see an omelette on Denny’s menu that strikes their fancy.

Your omelette will be served with hash browns and your choice of bread.

A customized omelette can contain anywhere from 395-2,570 calories.

10. Southwestern Benny Breakfast

The Southwestern Benny Breakfast features a toasted English muffin topped with chorizo, over-medium eggs, Hollandaise sauce, five-pepper sauce, and pico de gallo.

This is like the classic eggs benedict but with a little extra spice.

The smoky chorizo is complemented by fresh pico de gallo, and all that is tied together with the spicy and bright five-pepper sauce.

You can customize it by changing the style that your eggs are served. You can also add avocado.

Your order will be served with hash browns.

The Southwestern Benny Breakfast contains 760-1,370 calories.

9. The Grand Slamwich

Denny’s Grand Slamwich somehow fits an entire plateful of breakfast items onto a sandwich.

It features scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, American cheese, and a maple spice spread on potato bread.

It’s also served with hash browns, in case you’re still hungry.

This sandwich has a lot going on in the pork department.

If you’re a lover of breakfast meats, this sandwich will be right up your alley.

For me, it’s just a little too much. I’d rather try it with just bacon, sausage, or ham.

You might also love this sandwich if you’re a fan of savory and sweet combos.

The maple spread is slightly spiced and tones down all that salty breakfast meat.

You can customize your Grand Slamwich by adding avocado, more bacon, or more cheese for an upcharge.

The Grand Slamwich contains 1,240-1,630 calories, depending on the toppings you add.

8. Ultimate Omelette

The Ultimate Omelette features all the classics: sausage, bacon, bell peppers, onions, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, and cheddar cheese.

The freshly grilled veggies and smokey breakfast meats make for a familiar yet unique combination of flavors.

The egg-to-topping ratio is perfect – you get a bite of egg, meat, and veggies with every forkful.

The Ultimate Omelette comes with hashbrowns and your choice of bread. It contains 720-2,240 calories.

7. Philly Cheesesteak Omelette

The Philly Cheesesteak Omelette is made with grilled prime rib, fire-roasted bell peppers, onions, sautéed mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.

As far as Denny’s omelettes go, this is as good as they get.

The fire-roasted bell peppers and onions are sweet and perfectly charred, while the prime rib is rich and tender.

Melty Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms add depth to this deceivingly simple omelette.

This omelette comes with hash browns and your choice of bread.

The Philly Cheesesteak Omelette contains 760-2230 calories.

6. It’s Bananas Salted Caramel Pancake Breakfast

The name may be a mouthful, but the It’s Bananas Salted Caramel Pancake Breakfast is worth the order.

This Denny’s breakfast dish is made with two buttermilk pancakes and topped with shortbread pieces, vanilla cream, bananas, and salted caramel.

The buttermilk pancakes are soft and fluffy.

The vanilla cream and bananas are rich and sweet, but the salt from the caramel cuts into the sugar to keep it from becoming over-the-top.

It’s served with eggs, hash browns, and your choice of bacon strips or sausage, containing anywhere between 1,180-1,880 calories.

5. Choconana Pancake Breakfast

To make their Choconana Pancakes, Denny’s starts by cooking Ghirardelli chocolate chips into their classic buttermilk pancakes.

The pancakes are then topped with more Ghirardelli chocolate chips and fresh banana slices.

This pancake is simple, classically breakfast-y, and delicious.

The double chocolate chip means you’ll get whole and some melted chips in every bite, making this a perfect dish for chocolate lovers.

The pancake is served with eggs, hash browns, and bacon strips or sausage links.

Each Choconana Pancake Breakfast contains 1,120-1,820 calories.

4. Moons Over My Hammy

Moons Over My Hammy is one of the most iconic items on Denny’s breakfast menu.

It’s a breakfast sandwich and grilled cheese hybrid – what more could you possibly ask for?

Smokey ham, fluffy scrambled eggs, and creamy Swiss and American cheeses are melted between two pieces of artisan toast.

Moons Over My Hammy is fairly simple, but each aspect of the sandwich is executed perfectly.

Plus, it appeals to picky eaters, those looking for a late-night snack, and families dropping by for a quick breakfast.

For these reasons, Moons Over My Hammy has been a staple breakfast option at Denny’s for around 30 years.

This sandwich is served with hash browns and contains 1,150-1,540 calories.

3. Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast

The Berry Vanilla Crepe is the only crepe on Denny’s breakfast menu.

Once you taste this crepe, you’ll understand why it’s a shame there aren’t more.

The crepe itself is super thin and cooked until perfectly golden.

Folded inside is rich vanilla cream, and on top is a strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, and fresh seasonal berries.

The fresh berries brighten up an otherwise rich vanilla pastry cream, making for a decadent and light breakfast at the same time.

The Berry Vanilla Crepe is served with two eggs, hash browns, and your choice of two bacon strips or sausage links.

Its calories range from 520 to 1,480.

2. All-American Slam

The All-American Slam features three scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon strips, sausage links, hash browns, and your choice of bread.

Like other Denny’s Slams, this dish offers a little bit of everything.

It gets extra points for the cheesy scrambled eggs (yes, they’re that good), and you can sub your bread for specialty pancakes for less than $4 in most locations.

The All-American Slam contains 730-1,310 calories.

1. Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast

The Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are one of the most iconic dishes at Denny’s and the best item on the breakfast menu!

They are made with Denny’s classic buttermilk pancakes studded with cinnamon crumbs and topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting.

The tang from the cream cheese brings the overall sweetness of the dish down, so these pancakes aren’t cloyingly sweet.

Plus, the pancakes come with hash browns, eggs, and your choice of bacon or sausage, so you don’t have to choose between a sweet or savory breakfast.

The Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast contains 1,280-1,980 calories.


From omelettes to pancakes to Slams, Denny’s breakfast menu features all the American classics.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner, Denny’s is a great spot.

Since most locations are open 24/7 and all locations serve breakfast all day, you’ll have no problems finding time to try each dish.

So, which option from Denny’s breakfast menu is your favorite?

For more information about Denny’s, check out the articles below.

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