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Our 20 Favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors of All Time

Most people will know that Ben & Jerry’s is the ultimate ice cream. They have a flavor for everyone, whether you like classic favorites or want something more unique.

Every Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made with the highest quality ingredients and has plenty of added fun.

As the company thrives on being kinder to animals and the environment, they made sure to use only non-GMO ingredients, cage-free eggs, and fairtrade caring dairy products.

With 98 Ben and Jerry’s flavors available, deciding which ones to get can take time and effort.

Although you can try them one by one to find your favorite, there is an easier way.

As a lifelong ice cream lover, I compiled a list of the 20 best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors you should absolutely try!

20. Volun-Tiramisu

Ben & Jerry’s Tiramisu Ice Cream is a smooth, mascarpone-flavored base combined with crispy shortbread cookie bits and topped with espresso fudge chunks and exquisite chocolate ganache.

Tiramisu is one of the most beloved Italian desserts, and their version certainly does not disappoint.

It’s a creamy, indulgent treat that is perfect for any occasion.

The creamy mascarpone-flavored base perfectly complements the crunchy cookie bits and chocolate ganache to give you an unbeatable flavor combination.

The only complaint is that they didn’t add some liqueur to give it a boozy twist.

Still, I can never turn down this flavor!

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

390 calories, 5g protein, 46g carbohydrates, 22g fat

19. Pistachio Pistachio

Ah, pistachio ice cream. It’s one of the most beloved flavors around the world.

If you’re a fan of pistachio ice cream, you know that Ben & Jerry’s has some of the best around.

The concept of using pistachio for ice cream may sound weird.

But give it a try, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Their Pistachio Pistachio is an amazing combination of pistachio ice cream and roasted almond pieces.

It’s not overly sweet but still creamy and nutty. Simple but scrumptious.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

380 calories, 8g protein, 30g carbohydrates, 26g fat

18. Chubby Hubby

The story goes that the Chubby Hubby ice cream began as a prank when two employees tried to convince another that this flavor existed.

The prank recipe combined peanut butter, fudge, and pretzels into a batch of vanilla malt ice cream.

The creation was a success, and the prankster employees had their own flavor to put on store shelves.

Chubby Hubby is a unique and delicious combination of sweet and salty flavors.

The vanilla malt ice cream creates a creamy base for the mix-ins that doesn’t overpower the peanut butter and fudge swirls, further complemented by the crunchy pretzel pieces.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

320 calories, 5g protein, 34g carbohydrates, 19g fat

17. Whiskey Biz

I love good alcohol-infused ice cream, so the Whiskey Biz is one of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

This creamy concoction mixes brown butter bourbon ice cream with blondie brownies and whiskey caramel swirls.

The top is smothered with a layer of white chocolate ganache and white fudge crumbles.

The combination of flavors is a unique twist on the classic whiskey and ice cream pairing.

It’s the perfect way to end any special dinner or party.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

430 calories, 5g protein, 47g carbohydrates, 24g fat

16. Lights! Caramel! Action!

If you love the salty and sweet combo, you’ll love Lights! Caramel! Action!

This flavor combines smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream with salted caramel and graham cracker swirls, complemented by decadent chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.

This light ice cream has an incredibly creamy texture that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

The salted caramel swirls add just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the savory graham cracker pieces and cookie dough chunks.

Together they make for an indulgent treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

390 calories, 5g protein, 47g carbohydrates, 21g fat

15. Cannoli

The Cannoli ice cream is a unique flavor that combines the classic Italian dessert with smooth, creamy ice cream.

It features a mascarpone ice cream combined with chunks of fudge-covered cannoli shell pieces and a generous amount of mascarpone swirls.

The combination creates a creamy and crunchy treat with an intense, indulgent flavor.

The mascarpone ice cream contrasts beautifully with the chocolate and cinnamon flavors from the cannoli pieces, giving it a complex taste.

Put all of this together with the creamy and smooth texture of the mascarpone, and it’s easy to see why this Ben & Jerry’s flavor is so popular.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

360 calories, 5g protein, 38g carbohydrates, 21g fat

14. Dublin Mudslide

The Dublin Mudslide is like a virgin Bailey Irish Cream made into ice cream with lots of chocolate chip cookie bits, and coffee fudge swirls added into the blend.

It’s a unique and delicious combination of flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

The coffee fudge is the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, while the chocolate chips add an extra layer of chocolatey goodness.

This flavor is surprisingly smooth, considering all its mix-ins, making it a great choice for those with refined palates.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

340 calories, 5g protein, 36g carbohydrates, 20g fat

13. Glampfire Trail Mix

The Glampfire Trail Mix is Ben and Jerry’s take on the rocky mountain recipe.

This flavor calls for chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirls and is topped with pretzel bits and fudge-covered almonds.

The marshmallow swirls a hint of sweetness that pairs well with the salty pretzel pieces and crunchy almonds.

This flavor is perfect for those who love to snack on trail mix but want to avoid dealing with all the mess that comes with it.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

390 calories, 6g protein, 45g carbohydrates, 21g fat

12. Coconut Seven Layer Bar

Ben and Jerry’s wants everyone to enjoy ice cream, and they understand the struggles of vegetarians and lactose-intolerant people.

So they created the Coconut Seven Layer Bar flavor, a vegan ice cream made with coconut milk filled with fudge chunks, graham cracker bits, walnuts, and caramel.

This flavor is perfect for everyone who loves a strong coconut flavor, and it’s also a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

420 calories, 3g protein, 50g carbohydrates, 24g fat

11. Chunky Monkey

The Chunky Monkey is a unique blend of banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts throughout.

The banana ice cream is made from real bananas blended with their signature creamy vanilla base.

This gives it a sweet and creamy taste that perfectly matches the crunchy walnuts and fudge chunks.

It tastes like a cross between a banana split and an ice cream sundae – the perfect combination.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

400 calories, 6g protein, 41g carbohydrates, 25g fat

10. Chocolatey Love A-fair

The Chocolatey Love A-fair is truly an intense experience for hardcore chocolate lovers.

This decadent treat combines chocolate ice cream with salted caramel chunks, caramel swirls, and sea salt fudge chunks.

For those who love a sweet comatose, the saltiness from fudge and caramel can be a distraction.

But Chocolatey Love A-fair is a must-try for those who can appreciate the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness.

The chocolate ice cream is incredibly creamy and rich, while the added ingredients provide just enough texture to make it interesting.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

360 calories, 6g protein, 39g carbohydrates, 21g fat

9. Change is Brewing

I love coffee ice cream, and Ben and Jerry’s Change Is Brewing flavor is insanely awesome.

Made with cold brew coffee, the ice cream is smooth, creamy, and full of coffee boldness.

Throw in fudge brownies and marshmallow swirl, and you’ll make this s’more-inspired treat.

The brownies provide a crunchy texture to the ice cream, and the marshmallow swirl adds a little sweetness without cloying.

Overall, it’s an absolute must-have for any ice cream lover.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

320 calories, 6g protein, 41g carbohydrates, 16g fat

8. Chocolate Milk & Cookies

If you throw everything chocolatey into ice cream, this Ben & Jerry’s flavor will probably be the result.

Featuring chocolate milk ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate syrup swirls, milk chocolate ganache, and fudge chips, this flavor has it all.

Not only is it creamy, but the texture of the cookies and chocolate chips give it just enough crunch to make it interesting.

The chocolate syrup provides an extra boost of sweetness, while the ganache and fudge chips add a nice fudgy, chewy texture to the rich flavor.

For some people, all that chewing can be slightly overwhelming or even give you a brain freeze.

But this flavor will fit the bill if you are looking for an extra chocolatey experience similar to eating an ice cream cake.

Nutritional Information:

430 calories, 6g protein, 45g carbohydrates, 27g fat

7. Cherry Garcia

If you’re an ice cream lover, you probably have heard of the Cherry Garcia flavor.

As a tribute to the Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia, Ben & Jerry’s created a unique flavor that combines tart cherries, fudge flakes, and chunks of dark chocolate.

The tart cherries add extra sweetness to the ice cream without being overbearing.

Meanwhile, the dark chocolate pieces provide slight bitterness and contrast to the overall flavor profile.

This combination creates the perfect balance between sweet and tart flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Although I am not usually a cherry fan, I always dig into a pint of this flavor whenever it’s available.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

340 calories, 5g protein, 38g carbohydrates, 20g fat

6. Oat of This Swirled

Just because oats are in the recipe doesn’t mean it will be a boring ice cream.

The Oat of This Swirled flavor is a harmony of buttery brown sugar ice cream, fudge flakes, and oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls that will tantalize your palate with every spoonful.

This flavor is a great choice for those looking for something that is not chocolatey but still sweet and indulging.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

420 calories, 5g protein, 43g carbohydrates, 26g fat

5. Pumpkin Cheesecake

You don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy a scrumptious pumpkin cheesecake. Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream is an autumn-inspired treat all year round!

This flavor starts with a pumpkin cheese ice cream with a blend of graham cracker swirls to make it taste like the real deal.

The swirls provide a subtle crunch that pairs perfectly with the creamy pumpkin ice cream.

Whether you eat the ice cream as is or drizzle chocolate syrup and a dash of whip cream on top, it tastes amazing!

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

360 calories, 5g protein, 41g carbohydrates, 19g fat

4. Strawberry Cheesecake

As a lifelong strawberry ice cream fan, the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor from Ben and Jerry’s is one of my favorites.

It’s a classic combination of creamy strawberry ice cream and swirls of graham cracker crumbs.

The strawberry ice cream contains real strawberries blended into their signature creamy vanilla base.

The added crust gives it a crunchy texture, making this flavor unique.

The strawberry puree is also slightly tart, adding a nice tanginess to the creamy dessert.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

350 calories, 5g protein, 38g carbohydrates, 19g fat

3. Minter Wonderland

This mint chocolate ice cream means business!

Unlike the usual candy cane-like mint chocolate ice cream, Minter Wonderland features a blend of dark chocolate mint ice cream with swirls of marshmallows and chocolate cookie crumbs.

It’s a delicious combination of ice cream flavors that will leave you wanting more.

The dark chocolate gives this flavor its distinct minty taste, while the cookie crumbs and marshmallows provide an extra dimension of sweetness and crunch.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

360 calories, 6g protein, 42g carbohydrates, 19g fat

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Split

One of Ben and Jerry’s flavors stands out as an absolute classic – the Chocolate Peanut Butter Split.

This frozen treat is like a party in your mouth with every bite!

But what makes it so special?

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Split combines two Ben & Jerry’s flavors: chocolate and banana, in one delicious pint.

You get the ultimate peanut butter-banana combo by swirling the two flavors together and incorporating chunks of smooth peanut butter and chocolate into the mix.

The sweetness of the banana ice cream is balanced by the creamy peanut butter and chocolate chunks, creating a unique taste that makes you think you’re eating a peanut butter banana sandwich.

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

390 calories, 7g protein, 39g carbohydrates, 24g fat

1. Chocolate Therapy

If you love chocolate pudding, try this chocolate pudding ice cream!

So far, all chocolate fans can’t get enough of this interesting texture of throwing chocolate pudding into the mix.

The Chocolate Therapy flavor is made with rich chocolate ice cream mixed with chocolate cookie chunks and swirls of dark chocolate pudding ice cream.

This creates a delicious combination that satisfies any chocoholic’s craving.

For others, this may trigger a chocolate addiction that’s difficult to shake!

Nutritional Information: (Each Pint)

340 calories, 4g protein, 36g carbohydrates, 22g fat


Ben & Jerry’s has a wide variety of ice cream flavors, some of which have a cult-like following.

From classics like the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cherry Garcia to innovative options like Pistachio Pistachio and Whiskey Biz, Ben & Jerry’s has an ice cream flavor for everyone.

No matter which Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you choose, it will satisfy your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face.

So grab a scoop and enjoy!

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