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5 Best Wegmans Prepared Foods: Taste Test & Review

Wegmans Prepared Foods – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

If you’re shopping at Wegmans, you’ll know that their prepared foods are pretty popular. Inside each store, you’ll find a miniature pizzeria, sub shop, sushi counter, and more. I’d estimate they have at least one hundred prepared meals to grab and go at any given time.

I’ve tried many prepared foods from Wegmans in the past and rounded up my favorites in each category. Here’s the scoop on their best pizza, salad, sandwich, soup, and sushi that are always fresh and ready to eat when you need a quick lunch or dinner.

1. Best Pizza: Mushroom & Truffle

Wegmans Mushroom & Truffle Pizza – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

First up on my list, we’re tackling the Wegmans ready-to-eat pizzas. Wegmans has a handful of premade frozen pizzas that you can pick up and heat at home, but they also have a mini pizzeria that serves fresh slices. My personal favorite is their Mushroom & Truffle pizza.

This pizza is made with their classic dough and a rich truffle parmesan sauce, which is topped with mozzarella and fontina cheeses and finished with a handful of roasted mushrooms.

This slice is bursting with earthy, umami flavor and has that fancy truffle taste that’s hard to find in a pizza (especially one from the grocery store). The sauce is creamy and rich but not overpowering. If you’re a mushroom lover or want to try something a little different than your classic pepperoni pizza, give this slice a try.

Wegmans’ fresh pizzas are best enjoyed right after they’re served, but I’ve refrigerated and reheated this slice in the past, and the flavors and textures still hold up.

2. Best Sushi: Crunchy California Roll

Wegmans Crunchy California Sushi Roll – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Out of all the Wegmans prepared food options, I’ve spent the most money at the sushi counter. It’s one of my favorite foods, and I think a handful of Wegmans’ sushi rolls could easily compete with rolls from a sushi restaurant.

While any sushi roll from Wegmans is pretty much a home run, I especially love their Crunchy California Roll. This one is made with the classic white rice and seaweed combination, which is filled with crab sticks, cucumber, and avocado. It’s then topped with spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, fried shallots, and tempura crisps.

There’s a ton of different flavors going on here – you’ve got the classic, fresh California roll, plus a little bit of spice and umami from the sauces, finished off with some crunch. Your roll comes with a packet of soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger.

Wegmans’ sushi is best eaten as soon as possible. As you can probably tell from my photo, I waited until I was home to eat mine, and unfortunately, it was crushed in my car ride home. Still tasted 10/10, though!

3. Best Salad: Classic Caesar

Wegmans Caesar Salad – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Let’s face it: Grocery store salads don’t have a great reputation. They tend to have limp lettuce and soggy croutons, not to mention highly processed dressing, which negates the whole point of a salad.

Wegmans’ prepared foods section, however, has slightly restored my faith in grab-and-go salads. While they offer a variety of solid options, the classic Caesar salad has never let me down. It’s available in a large size with chicken or a regular size on its own (the latter is pictured above.)

This salad is crisp, crunchy, and incredibly fresh. It’s made with fresh romaine lettuce, with some leafier and some crunchy parts. There are also croutons for even more crunch, plus grated Imported Parmigiano Reggiano (fancy!) and Wegmans’ Amore Caesar dressing.

The Amore Caesar dressing is one of my favorites. Made with olive oil, white wine vinegar, and some anchovies, it really brings the lettuce and croutons to another level flavor-wise.

The cheese amps up the umami, proving that you don’t need much more than lettuce, bread, and dressing to create a flavorful and memorable salad. I also want to give a shout-out to the croutons, which stayed crunchy even after being left in my fridge for a day.

4. Best Soup: Tuscan-Style Lasagna

Wegmans Tuscan-Style Lasagna Soup – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Another of my favorite Wegmans prepared foods is their soup. Depending on the day, the choices vary, but most days, you’ll be able to pick up the best soup of them all: the Tuscan-style Lasagna Soup.

This Wegmans soup is made with mini lasagna noodles, turkey sausage, cheese, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Just like its name suggests, it does taste almost identical to a rich, comforting slice of lasagna.

The mini lasagna noodles add a super fun texture to this soup, and the cheeses (asiago and Pecorino Romano) bring some salt and nuttiness. Even though there’s only a dash of cream in here, it’s just enough to keep things feeling indulgent without encroaching on overly rich.

5. Best Sandwich: Spicy Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Wegmans Spicy Turkey Avocado Sandwich – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The final category of Wegmans prepared foods I want to mention is sandwiches. By far, the best sandwich at Wegmans is their Spicy Turkey Avocado. Don’t let the name fool you – this sandwich is far from spicy, but it’s still delicious.

The bread used here is 6-seed, and inside, you’ll find oven-roasted turkey breast, havarti cheese, avocado, spicy mayo, lettuce, and a pinch of Cyprus sea salt. This sandwich is like a fancier version of the turkey and cheese sandwiches you know from your childhood.

The avocado and lettuce keep the sandwich feeling fresh, while the mayo and cheese bring a creamy element. Havarti is one of my favorite cheeses, and its smooth, buttery flavors pair perfectly with the smoked turkey slices in this sandwich.

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January 18, 2024