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20 Best Breakfast Items From Trader Joe’s

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Trader Joe’s is probably best known for their frozen dinner entrees, but their breakfast items are not to be skipped. Whether you prefer a savory or sweet start to your day, Trader Joe’s offers many breakfast options in their fresh bakery section and frozen foods aisle that can be whipped up in a few minutes with little to no effort.

I know it’s a dreadful feeling when your alarm wakes you up in the morning from a deep sleep, prying you from your cozy, warm bed. But on mornings like this, if you have one of these Trader Joe’s breakfast dishes waiting for you in the kitchen, it can make all the difference in attitude.

1. Chicken Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Breakfast Bake

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Whether or not you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there’s no denying that a hearty breakfast gives you a strong start to your day. If you’re looking for a Trader Joe’s breakfast item that will tide you over and energize you until lunch, look no further than their Chicken Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Breakfast Bake.

This dish is a savory bread pudding with all the classic American breakfast ingredients wrapped in one. The base is made with Italian bread studded with bits of cheddar cheese and chicken sausage. Everything is tied together with an egg custard and is baked to perfection.

After about 30 minutes in the oven, the texture of this breakfast bake is perfect. The edges are crispy, and the inside is fluffy with bits of gooey cheese. One package of these feeds four people, so it’s perfect for sharing with the family or cutting into fourths for yourself to have for breakfast throughout the week.

Just note that this is a seasonal item, so you’ll only find it at Trader Joe’s during the holiday season.

2. Mango Blueberry Chia Bowl

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Smoothie bowls and chia seed pudding have been hot breakfast items for quite a while now, so Trader Joe’s combined these two dishes to make their Mango Blueberry Chia Bowl.

This Trader Joe’s breakfast item is made with a base of chia pudding, whose ingredients are quite simple – passion fruit juice, coconut cream, mango purée, and chia seeds, to be exact. Chia seeds are crunchy on their own, but once they’ve soaked in liquid for long enough, they have a soft, plush texture similar to pudding or even tiny balls of boba.

The chia pudding is topped with blueberries and diced mango. The fruits both taste incredibly fresh with just the right amount of sweetness. I’m a huge fan of chia pudding, and this version has great coconut flavor and a silky texture.

Since it takes around 90 minutes to defrost, I usually pull it out of the freezer as soon as I wake up and pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds if it’s not fully defrosted by the time I’m ready to eat.

3. Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

I’m a bread girl through and through, so it took me a while to get around to trying a breadless breakfast sandwich. After all, carbs are one of my main motivators to get out of bed in the morning.

But I have to admit that after buying a few boxes of the Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwiches over the last year or so, it’s become my favorite breakfast sandwich-esque item Trader Joe’s ever offered.

This sandwich starts off fairly typically with a turkey sausage patty and a slice of American cheese. The outside of the bread is where things veer off course (in a good way). Instead of a regular English muffin or some other bread-based bun, this sandwich has two scrambled egg patties in its place.

The scrambled egg patties hold up shockingly well, even after being microwaved. They don’t get soggy or crumbly and hold their shape while remaining fluffy and soft.

These sandwiches remind me of a McMuffin but with more protein and no gluten in sight. Even without the added nutritional benefits, I would still love this sandwich because it lets the flavors of a true breakfast sandwich shine through (i.e., the eggs and the breakfast meat.)

4. Apple Overnight Oats

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has tried out a handful of overnight oats iterations throughout the years, but one of their newer flavors, Apple, is my favorite by far of their oat products.

These are made with gluten-free rolled oats, almond butter, apple purée, apple bits, dates, and cinnamon. The apple flavor here is authentic, and the little bits of apple mixed with cinnamon make this breakfast taste like a piece of apple pie.

The texture of these overnight oats is similar to thick, smooth oatmeal, but they’re served cold instead of hot for a refreshing take on the classic breakfast staple. These have just a dash of sea salt inside, balancing all the flavors for an oaty, fruity, warming bite.

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s always comes out with fun granola flavors – cookies & cream and cinnamon rolls are two of my favorites. But if I had to pick just one to recommend, I’d tell you to go with their Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola.

The base in this granola is made with peanut butter-flavored rolled oats, and chunks of dark chocolate are sprinkled throughout. The rolled oats in this granola bring a punch of salty, savory peanut butter flavor. The chocolate provides just the right hint of rich, sweet flavor, but the peanut butter is the star here.

The oats and chunks of chocolate are incredibly crunchy, making this ideal for sprinkling on some smooth vanilla yogurt or eating with your preferred milk, like a bowl of cereal.

6. Whole Grain Waffles

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Nothing beats a freshly made waffle, but there are some solid frozen varieties out there that are right up there with the real thing. Case in point: Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Waffles.

And don’t fret – just because these waffles are made with whole grains doesn’t mean they have a gritty, boring taste. Quite the opposite, in fact. These are nutty and rich with that classic sweet waffle flavor we all crave in the morning. Texture-wise, these are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just as any good waffle should be.

I usually put a bit of butter and maple syrup on these when I prepare them, but they’re also great topped with fruit and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

7. Cheese, Spinach & Kale Egg Bites

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Eggs may just be the most iconic breakfast staple of all time. If you prefer a savory, egg-filled breakfast to a sweet one, give the Cheese, Spinach & Kale Egg Bites a try.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I eat these egg bites at least once a week. I stock up every time I visit Trader Joe’s and freeze when I need to, but luckily, they have a long refrigerated life.

These are made with cage-free eggs, cottage cheese, and butter, which give the egg bites a jiggly, soft texture similar to soufflé. Inside the egg base are bits of spinach leaves, kale, and feta cheese.

Once you’ve had a Trader Joe’s egg bite, you’ll never look at other egg breakfast items the same way again. I wish every omelet, quiche, and frittata could have the same heavenly texture as these bites. Just pop them in the microwave for a minute, and you’ve got two mini omelets to enjoy!

8. Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Just like eggs, bread is synonymous with breakfast. From regular toast to French toast to avocado toast, a good bread base is essential if you want to make great toast in the morning. My favorite breakfast bread at Trader Joe’s is their Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread.

This bread has all the makings of the ultimate French toast – all it needs is some batter, and you’re golden. This is a thick, dense bread that’s chewy and fluffy at the same time. It’s fairly sweet and cinnamony but not overwhelmingly so.

Like I said, it would be perfect for French toast, but I usually cut a thin slice of this, toast it, and just put some butter on top. It’s a quick, easy breakfast that feels indulgent without the effort.

9. Maple Poffertjes

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Poffertjes are essentially miniature pancakes from the Netherlands with a puffy, pillowy texture and light, sweet flavor. Trader Joe’s offers plenty of great pancake products, but these are my favorite, not only for their adorable looks but for their convenient size and delectable flavor.

These can be eaten in just one bite, and each has maple sugar syrup in its batter to give that classic taste of maple syrup to every bite. They are thicker and more spherical than your average pancake, so the inside is even fluffier than regular pancakes. I usually top mine with a bit of butter and powdered sugar.

10. Egg Frittata

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Of all the frozen selections of Trader Joe’s breakfast items (and trust me, there are dozens), my favorite has to be their Egg Frittata. As Trader Joe’s notes in their product description, each frittata is mainly made up of egg and cheese. Specifically, it’s 41% egg and 25% Swiss cheese.

Also added to the mix are fried onion and cauliflower. All that mixed together makes for a savory, cheesy concoction that’s light and fluffy yet hearty at the same time.

Each frittata is perfectly sized to be used in a breakfast sandwich, but they’re just as good on their own with a bit of hot sauce. The cauliflower and onion bring just a bit of sweetness and earthiness to the frittata, and the Swiss is mild and creamy, so the flavors here will appeal to almost anyone.

If you want a quick, easy breakfast that you can’t take out of the freezer in the morning and have ready in minutes, the Egg Frittata is my recommendation.

11. Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Quiche

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Most of us don’t have time to casually whip up a quiche in the morning, even if it’s for a special occasion. When you’re looking to impress guests (or yourself) with a breakfast that seems homemade, try out Trader Joe’s Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Quiche.

The inside of the quiche is made with eggs, broccoli, and lots of cheddar cheese. The mixture is fluffy and pillowy, similar to the texture of those souffle-like egg bites I mentioned earlier. The wheat flour crust of the quiche is my favorite part – it’s flaky, crispy, and super buttery.

If I’m making this for myself as a quick breakfast, I pop it in the microwave. But if you’re serving this quiche to guests, I recommend putting it in the oven to get that perfectly crunchy golden brown crust.

12. Super Nutty Oat Clusters Cereal

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran Crunch (I know it has a reputation for being the cereal of the elderly, but give it a chance!) Trader Joe’s Super Nutty Oat Clusters remind me so much of them.

There are a couple of different elements to this cereal. There are the flakes, the oat clusters, and the nut trio, which are almonds, brazil nuts, and pecans.

The oat clusters are my favorite element of the cereal – they’re satisfyingly crunchy and sweet. The nuts and cereal flakes are also super crunchy and keep their crispness for an impressive amount of time after being covered in milk.

The cereal has a molasses or toffee-like flavor to it without being overly sweet. By far, I find this to be the best Trader Joe’s cereal on shelves.

13. Greek Yogurt With Honey

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

This Trader Joe’s breakfast item is my favorite of all their yogurts. The Greek Yogurt with Honey is so smooth, thick, and velvety that it turns breakfast into something that feels like a real treat.

Greek yogurt is naturally tart, so adding honey to the mix brings in some much-needed sweetness. When I buy plain Greek yogurt, I always sweeten it with honey, so when I buy this, it saves me a step.

This yogurt is also great paired with any Trader Joe’s granola and some fresh fruit for a quick and easy parfait.

14. Potato Pancakes

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

How do you take your breakfast potatoes – hash browns, home fries, or tater tots? How about in pancake form? Latkes are potato pancakes traditionally served during Hanukkah, but they’re delicious enough to eat all year round.

The outside of these pancakes is crispy and golden brown, and the potato filling is fluffy and soft with classic onion, salt, and pepper flavors.

If you’ve never had potato pancakes but love another form of breakfast potatoes like hash browns, give these a try. They’re similar, but these are a little more flavorful and fluffy, in my opinion.

15. Blueberry Muffins

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s bakery section is chock full of freshly baked goods, many of which are breakfast items. My favorite muffin is their Blueberry flavor. It’s made with real wild blueberries and lemon zest for a fresh, bright flavor. The blueberries are plentiful, so you’ll get one in almost every bite.

The texture is cakey, fluffy, and light, with just a little chew to it. There’s also a light sprinkling of sugar crystals on top of the muffin, which brings a crunchy finish. Microwave your muffin for ten to fifteen seconds if you want that warm, just-baked temperature.

16. Quiche Lorraine

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

If you’re looking for a Trader Joe’s breakfast item to seriously impress your guests and bring an air of fanciness, pick up the Quiche Lorraine from the frozen breakfast section. Just like the Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche I told you about earlier, this one has a buttery, flaky crust on the outside.

The inside is filled with a generous helping of salty, smokey, uncured ham. There’s also some melty Swiss cheese spread throughout, all wrapped in an egg custard filling. The egg base is velvety and souffle-like.

If I was served this quiche at a nice brunch restaurant, I’d be more than happy with it, so I still sometimes can’t believe how good and budget-friendly this option is.

17. Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

I’m more of a savory breakfast girl, but sometimes, a sweet treat is just what you need to ensure a good day ahead. For days like this, I recommend reaching for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait.

If you’ve never tried one of these before, it’s a milk bread, which is basically a sweet brioche bread roll. It’s not nearly as sweet as a doughnut or beignet and is much moister than your typical breakfast bread or toast.

The bread is studded with mini chocolate chips, which bring that extra bit of sweetness and chocolatey flavor to the otherwise mildly sweet flavor. Oftentimes, it seems like the only sweet breakfast options are packed with sugar, so Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait is a happy medium.

18. Double Chocolate Croissants

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Just like the Quiche Lorraine, the Double Chocolate Croissants are one of those Trader Joe’s products that seem like they were lovingly and painstakingly baked just for you.

If you’ve ever had their iconic Chocolate Croissants, these are the same, but with cocoa powder added to the dough. The addition of cocoa powder brings a subtle yet rich chocolate flavor. The dough is laminated with butter, which means that once it’s baked, there are tons of layers of super thin, flaky pastry. Inside each piece of pastry are two sticks of semi-sweet chocolate.

Note that before you pop these in the oven, you have to proof the croissants overnight. That means you need to take them out of the package and leave them on the counter overnight to rise before you put them in the oven.

If you eat them as soon as they come out of the oven, these croissants will be insanely crispy on the outside with delicate, flaky layers and an ooey gooey chocolate center. Perfection!

19. Pumpkin Bagels

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has a great selection of fresh bagels but my favorite of them all is the pumpkin bagel they debut every fall. These are satisfyingly chewy with just the right amount of pumpkin spice flavor.

There’s cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger in these bagels, which give them a sturdy (but not overwhelming) pumpkin pie flavor. The obvious route, which I highly recommend taking, is to pair a toasted pumpkin bagel with their pumpkin cream cheese. It seriously tastes better than a piece of pumpkin pie.

As with most Trader Joe’s pumpkin products, these bagels are seasonal and only available during the fall and winter.

20. Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

A breakfast burrito is one of the heartiest, most filling breakfast options. You can find a delicious take on this classic breakfast item in Trader Joe’s prepared food section. Their Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito is filled with white cheddar, scrambled eggs, potatoes, sauteed onions, and, of course, chicken sausage.

This mix of all the breakfast classics makes for a super savory, jam-packed burrito. The scrambled eggs in this burrito are fluffy and fresh tasting, and the flour tortilla holding everything together has the perfect chew to it. My favorite part of this dish is the chicken sausage, which is salty and smokey and seasoned with sage and thyme.

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