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Sam’s Club Pickup: How It Works and Tips to Get Started

Sam’s Club pickup option allows customers to skip the lines and save some time on their grocery haul. This convenient rollout has caught on with shoppers to bring all the decision-making online, so they don’t have to walk aisle after aisle looking for the items on their shopping list.

Sam’s Club members can order online and pick it up at their local club within 24 hours. Pickup hours start as early as 7 am for Plus members and 10 am for Club members Monday through Saturday. Members need to check in when they arrive, and an associate will bring their order. Tips are not allowed for Sam’s Club pickup.

With Sam’s Club pickup, customers can save time on their shopping trips. If you’re new to the process and placing an order for pickup at Sam’s Club, this article will walk you through the process from start to finish!

How Does Sam’s Club Pickup Work?

With Sam’s Club pickup, members can log in to their online account and browse products available for pickup from their club location. With Sam’s Club pickup option, members can add items to their cart and pay as if getting a delivery; however, the order will be packed in the club for customer pickup.

The first thing that’s important to remember is you must be a member to place an order for pickup from Sam’s Club.

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you will not be able to complete an order as the site requires each user to log in to their account to checkout.

In addition, while Sam’s Club Plus members enjoy the benefit of free curbside pickup, regular Club members pay a $4 pickup fee.

After navigating to the Sam’s Club website, members can begin right away by clicking “Shop Now” at the top of the screen.

When shopping, be sure to filter for items that are labeled eligible for pickup. If you do not search for this label, you will have difficulty during the checkout process as some of your items will not be packaged in store for you.

Keep in mind that you cannot edit or update your Sam’s Club pickup order once you’ve placed it.

After checking out and paying for your groceries through their online platform, Sam’s Club will notify you when your order is ready.

The notification is sent through an email confirmation, text, or a message through the Sam’s Club app, depending on what you opt for.

Once you arrive at Sam’s Club, simply check in to let customer service know that you’ve arrived. This can be done on the website or through the Sam’s Club mobile app.

You’ll want to park in a spot that is specific to curbside pickup (usually towards the front of the parking lot), and once you check in, your groceries will be brought to your car.

When the employee arrives at your car with the groceries, allow them to load and stay in your vehicle to complete the process quickly.

By following these few simple steps, you can have your groceries in no time without the fuss of shopping in clubs!

What Are Sam’s Club Pickup Hours?

Sam’s Club pickup hours differ between Club members and Plus members. If you’re a Sam’s Club Plus member, you can arrive as early as 7 am Monday through Saturday for pickup. If you’re a Club member, pickup does not begin until 10 am Monday through Saturday.

If you’re using Sam’s Club pickup, double-check your membership type to confirm what time can go to pick up your order.

Also, be sure that you can get to the club within pickup hours. Keep in mind that when placing a pickup order online, the order must be picked up within 24 hours of placing it.

If the order is not picked up, it will be discarded by the club as there are many fresh items packaged. Fresh items can go bad quickly, and therefore, they cannot be kept.

Does Sam’s Club Take Coupons?

Sam’s Club does not take coupons; however, one of the best parts of being a Sam’s Club member is the ability to save more through their Instant Savings program. This does not require customers to find or clip any coupons, as all deals are automatically applied at checkout.

With Sam’s Club Instant Savings program, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal all the time.

Sam’s Club also does not accept any coupons that are from other retailers or manufacturers.

This is against Sam’s Club’s policy; therefore, any coupons that are brought into the store or entered online will not go through.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Sam’s Club Order?

If you’re unable to pick up your Sam’s Club order yourself, you can have someone else pick up the order for you. However, you need to enter their information at checkout, so be sure to know who is picking up the order from the time you begin placing your order.

To have somebody else pick up your Sam’s order, you will need to enter that person’s name, email address, and phone number when checking your items out.

You can do this by entering their information using the “additional pickup person” feature on the website. Whoever’s information is entered at checkout is who will be expected at pickup.

If a non-member is picking up the order, instead of an employee bringing the groceries out to them, they will need to go inside to the member services desk and provide the order number and their ID.

If you do not enter an additional pickup person during your checkout process, you will not be able to go back later and change this information.

Whoever’s information is submitted during the checkout process will need to pick up that order at Sam’s Club.

Does Sam’s Club Take EBT for Pickup?

While Sam’s Club takes SNAP/EBT at all of their club locations, at this time, they do not accept EBT as a payment method for online and pickup orders.

When placing an order for Sam’s Club pickup, one of the following payment methods must be used:

  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Walmart or Sam’s Club gift card
  • Visa card
  • Debit card
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Discover card
  • Prepaid credit cards

These are the easiest payment methods to use for Sam’s Club online orders. Whereas with EBT, customers must go inside the club to enter their PIN, which defeats the convenience of the pickup option.

Therefore, to use EBT for Sam’s Club pickup, remember to go inside the store to complete your shopping.

Do You Tip Sam’s Club Pickup?

Sam’s Club employees are not allowed to receive tips from customers for the services they provide. This is against Sam’s Club rules and guidelines because it would not be fair to other employees if front-of-house workers were the only ones who received tips.

Since the efforts of many employees go into packing orders, stocking shelves, and making your pickup order possible, Sam’s Club has a no-tipping policy for pickup orders.

If only the employees who brought the order to your car were to receive a tip, it would be unfair to the other employees working at the Club.


Sam’s Club pickup is ideal for members who still have time to make it to a club but simply do not want to deal with lines, aisles, and browsing for products.

With contactless pickup and easy online payment methods, members can limit their contact with others and minimize the time spent at Sam’s Club within their day!

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