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18 Best Aldi Finds This Week (2/21/24 – 2/27/24)

Aldi Finds – Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Every Wednesday, Aldi releases a handful of new products known as “Aldi Finds.” These items are limited, meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone. I went to Aldi to see what’s new this week (February 21 – February 27), and this week’s Aldi Finds feature fresh crab cakes, stuffed gnocchi, and even pork-flavored potato chips. If you’re wondering which are worth picking up for a taste, here’s my list.

New Aldi finds will drop next Wednesday, February 28. Make sure to come back here, and I’ll let you know which gems are worth trying.

1. Benton’s Mini Palmiers Original or Dark Chocolate – $2.49

Palmiers are a sweet French cookie made with puff pastry. This week, you’ll find two types of palmiers in the Aldi Finds aisle – one classic and one covered in a drizzle of dark chocolate. If you love a flaky, crispy, croissant-like dessert, these are worth trying.

2. Clancy’s Hot Salsiccia or Parmesan Pancetta Wavy Potato Chips – $2.19

Clancy’s is back in this week’s Aldi Finds with two new pork-inspired wavy chips. The first is Hot Salsiccia, which is a spicy Italian sausage flavor, and the other is Parmesan Pancetta, which is a savory, cheesy mix of cheese and Italian Ham.

Something about sausage-flavored chips doesn’t sit well with me, but I will admit that the Parmesan Pancetta flavor has potential.

3. Specially Selected Torino Cookies Double Chocolate or Mint – $2.99

This Aldi Find is similar to a Milano cookie. These cookies have a crispy, shortbread-esque exterior and are filled with creamy chocolate. The Double Chocolate Cookies are as close as it gets to Milano, while the Mint Chocolate flavor brings a Thin Mint vibe.

What’s even better? You can get a bigger bag of Torino Chocolate Cookies for about a dollar less than you’d have to pay for a smaller bag of Milanos. That money adds up fast!

4. Fremont Fish Market Chilled Crab Cakes – $5.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

These crab cakes caught my eye for a few reasons. Firstly, I was impressed by the “fresh, never frozen” claim on the packaging. I was also intrigued by the price, which is just under $6 for four crab cakes.

Now, these aren’t 100% real crab or anything you’d find at a fancy restaurant. They’re made with real and imitation crab, along with fish flakes. I was born and raised in Maryland, so I do love a high-quality crab cake, but these look pretty good for the price and convenience.

These would be great for topping a dinner salad or serving as an appetizer. A packet of cocktail sauce is included, but I’d serve these with melted butter or tartar sauce on the side instead.

5. Park Street Deli Herbs de Provence or Garlic Rosemary Herb Dips – $3.39

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Two new dips debuted in this week’s Aldi Finds. There’s the Herbs de Provence dip, which is made with Neufchâtel cheese blended with herbs like thyme, basil, rosemary, and oregano. There’s also the Garlic Rosemary dip, which is made with sour cream with Neufchâtel cheese, garlic, rosemary, and other herbs.

These dips are perfect for anyone looking to make veggie-eating a bit more fun. Try pairing either of them with carrots, celery, or cucumber slices.

6. Appetitos Sweet Pea or Mushroom Arancini – $5.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Arancini is an Italian street food made with rice that’s rolled in a ball, stuffed with meat or veggies, and then fried. There are two options to choose from at Aldi this week – one filled with mushrooms and the other with sweet peas.

Both arancini feature gooey cheese and a crunchy, golden-brown exterior. These would be perfect for popping in the air fryer and pairing with some marinara for dipping. The sizes vary, but these look like they’re one or two bite-sized.

7. Fremont Fish Market Parmesan Tilapia – $5.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Aldi has a few different crispy fish options this week. First up is the Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia, which consists of boneless, skinless frozen filets that can be popped in the air fryer or oven to cook.

These have a herby, umami-packed Parmesan crust around the fish itself, and the bag was pretty heavy, so these filets seem to be a good size.

8. Fremont Fish Market Catfish Filet – $6.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

The other crispy fish Aldi offers this week is the catfish filets. These are skinless, boneless, and individually wrapped. Each filet features a crispy breading.

When you’re craving fish and chips but don’t have the time, tools, or energy to fry up, this package might save the day.

9. Priano Filled Gnocchi Truffle or Tomato & Mozzarella – $1.19

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

I found two different types of stuffed gnocchi at Aldi today. The first is Tomato & Mozzarella, and the other is Truffle. At only $1.16 per pack, this is a crazy good deal (at least for gnocchi lovers like me).

Both need to be cooked for around two minutes before they’re ready. The packaging says they’re best served with sauce, but since these gnocchis are filled, you probably only need a little bit.

10. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Garlic Bread Sticks – $2.19

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

This Aldi Find will be the easiest appetizer you’ll ever make. Each box contains six Garlic Bread Sticks, which look like they’re brushed with some butter and Italian herbs.

Mama Cozzi’s is a consistently good Aldi brand that serves up all things Italian, so I was excited to see these breadsticks as the newest frozen option in their lineup. Who needs Olive Garden, right?

11. Priano Parmesan Chicken – $9.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

These chicken patties come coated with crispy parmesan and breadcrumbs. They’re uncooked, so you’ll have to pop these in the oven before enjoying them. They are the perfect size for making a chicken parmesan sandwich with some mozzarella and marinara sauce. They’d also be great for topping a salad or pasta dish.

12. Season’s Choice Pre-Portioned Herbs – $2.79

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

This Aldi Find is here to make flavoring your food easier than ever. These pre-portioned frozen cubes of garlic or ginger come with 24 cubes per pack.

Use these as you would use fresh ginger or garlic. Conveniently, one cube is equal to one teaspoon, so it’s easy to fit them into your favorite recipes. Plus, since they’re frozen, they can last way longer than fresh ginger or garlic.

13. Specially Selected Mushroom Mascarpone Pizza – $4.99

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Aldi’s pizza is always delicious, so I had to pick up this Mozzarella, Mushroom & Mascarpone pie. This pizza is imported straight from Italy, and it features sliced mushrooms, melty mozzarella, creamy mascarpone, and a thin, crispy crust.

14. Specially Selected Truffle Alfredo Fusilli – $7.49

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

This Aldi Find can be found in the freezer section. The Truffle Alfredo Fusilli is made with spiraled fusilli pasta, creamy white truffle alfredo sauce, and diced mushrooms. It’s fully cooked, so it can be warmed up in the microwave for a few minutes, and bam! Dinner is served.

15. Sundae Shoppe Italian Ice Cream Cups Mixed Assortment – $3.99

These perfectly portioned individual sundaes are layered with texture and flavor. There are three options: Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Cappuccino.

There are two cups per package, and each cup comes in at around 180 calories. All three flavors look like they have a whipped cream topping and chocolate sauce mixed in.

16. Sundae Shoppe Winter Gelato Mixed Assortment – $3.89

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Each week, Aldi features at least a few fun desserts, and these gelato tubs are definitely a winner. I came across Tiramisu, Amaretto Cherry, and Pistachio Biscotti flavors.

Each gelato tub has some fun toppings, just like you’d find in a display case of a gelato shop. The Tiramisu flavor looked like it had some espresso power, whipped cream, and bits of ladyfinger cookie.

17. Cook House Italian Simmer Sauce Assorted Varieties – $3.49

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

These Italian Simmer Sauces are here to make dinnertime easier. Choose between a marsala sauce that features mushroom wine and herbs, a piccata sauce featuring lemon, butter, and capers, and a scampi sauce made with lemon, butter, and garlic.

These sauces can be used to jazz up chicken, pasta, shrimp, beef – you get the idea.

18. Priano Bronze Cut Bucatini – $1.89

Credit: Samantha Jenkins/

Bucatini is like a thick spaghetti that’s hollow in the middle. This makes it an ideal shape for carrying the sauce. Aldi offers it bronze cut, so it has a rougher, more porous surface than regular pasta. Whichever sauce you use will cling to this bucatini, so your sauce-to-pasta ratio will be ideal.

Upcoming Aldi Finds Next Week

Next week’s Aldi Finds includes plenty of new and interesting products. Here are the top 10 items I’ll be looking for when I visit Aldi next Wednesday:

  1. Lofthouse St. Patrick’s Day Frosted Sugar Cookies – $3.95
  2. Clancy’s Lucky Crunch Snack Mix – $2.99
  3. Moser Roth St. Patrick’s Day Assorted Chocolate Truffles – $2.99
  4. Emporium Selection- Pesto Gouda, Sage Derby & Irish Porter Cheeses – $3.99
  5. Royal Greenland Snow Crab Legs – $16.99
  6. Breakfast Best Mini Stuffed Pancakes- Chocolate Hazelnut or Strawberry Jam – $3.99
  7. Sundae Shoppe- Shamrockin’ Swirl or Luck o’ the Cookie Dough Ice Cream – $2.29
  8. Fremont Fish Market- Pub Style Shrimp or Lobster Bites – $4.99
  9. Blue Hill Bay Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl – $7.99
  10. Bake Shop- Chocolate or Vanilla Cake Pops – $4.49

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